7 Legendary Teachers We’re Bringing You This Year At Mindvalley U In Tallinn, Estonia

7 Legendary Teachers We’re Bringing You This Year At Mindvalley U In Tallinn, Estonia

7 Legendary Teachers We’re Bringing You This Year At Mindvalley U In Tallinn, Estonia

Think of the best teacher you ever had. Someone who taught you a lesson that stuck with you.

They were most likely not researchers. They were probably not lecturers either. They didn’t just pick up their knowledge by flipping the pages. They were people who are out in the world doing epic stuff and creating an impact.

And then bringing their personal experience back to you.

These are the people we were looking for when we decided to reinvent education and give it a twist.

We asked Miriam Gubovic, our Director of Events Programming at Mindvalley to bring the most brilliant minds together from all walks of life and ask them to share this wisdom with our tribe.

Miriam Gubovic

Scientists. Serial entrepreneurs. Artists. And a monk who trains Hollywood stars.

This is what Miriam said when we asked her about this year’s line-up:

These are the people you want to hang out with. And in fact, they want to hang out with you too after the sessions because they love people who are passionate about their growth.

The skills you need in today’s world are not about recalling the names of tectonic plates or doing a long division.

It’s about building your personal brand and mastering the art of vlogging. It’s about discovering your purpose and learning how to form meaningful connections in your network. It’s about biohacking your own body to double your lifespan and learning how to raise extraordinary children.

All in one month in the “e-city of Europe”: Tallinn, Estonia.

Here are some of the most aspiring speakers you’ll meet this summer at Mindvalley U, introduced by Miriam Gubovičová.

Jim Kwik

1. Jim Kwik On Unleashing Your Inner Genius

One of the most popular teachers of the Mindvalley community is Jim Kwik, who will train you to have an incredible memory and learn anything in half the time.

After all, how would we expect ourselves to grow if we don’t know how to learn?

Jim went from being called the “boy with a broken brain” in school to one of the top coaches on brain performance in the world. Today he’s teaching the top Hollywood stars on memorizing their scripts.

Shefali Tsabary

2. Dr. Shefali Tsabary On Conscious Parenting

When Miriam called up Shefali Tsabary for the first time, she was a little nervous. After all, she has a Phd, she appeared on Oprah, and she’s a sought-after keynote speaker and coach with clients all over the world.

But when Dr. Shefali picked up the phone and said “Hi sweetheart!”, all of that formality melted away. She was just so… real.

Shefali didn’t just learn the developmental stages of children from psychology books — she has studied the challenges modern age kids face by visiting their homes and understanding their family dynamics.

At Mindvalley U, she will share how you can infuse personal growth into your parenting and raise extraordinary children.

Nassim Haramein

3. Nassim Haramein On The Bridge Between Science And Spirituality

Nassim is a legendary physicist-mystic.

He has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in mathematics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations.

In short, he’s a genius.

And yet, if you sit down with him at the dinner table, he will patiently explain to you complex theories of science without making you feel any smaller.

“He’s so welcoming and down-to-earth. The most open person I’ve ever met.” said Miriam. At Mindvalley U, he will talk about how science and spirituality are on the same side, proving that we are all one.


4. Vishen Lakhiani On Silva UltraMind & Culture Hacking

Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley and the bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is well-known our community for his talks on consciousness and new models or reality.

But this time, he will teach something that he has never done before in the Mindvalley tribe.

He will give two full days of training on The Silva Mind Method. It is a way to access altered states of consciousness, tap into your intuition, and access heightened levels of creativity.

Once you train your mind to use it, you can basically manifest anything. And it’s all rooted in science.

Ben Greenfield

5. Ben Greenfield On Health & Longevity

Ben is an athlete, nutritionist, biohacker, speaker, New York Times Bestselling author, and a coach on longevity. Or as they say, “The Brain” of triathlon.

He embodies what he teaches even when he’s cooking a healthy dinner with his family or when he’s out in the world teaching people on how to train their bodies.

To give you an idea, this is how Vishen introduced him on his Facebook page:

Love the fact that Ben can’t sit still and will be doing yoga, squats or in this case, dangling upside down during a perfectly serious business meeting. It’s like meeting with Batman.

Learn his secrets and live long.

Gelong Thubten
Image source: Wales Online

6. Gelong Thubten On Mindfulness In The Modern World

Gelong Thubten was a movie actor turned Buddhist monk who then went on coaching Hollywood stars on meditation and mindfulness.

Including the crew of the Marvel hit, Dr. Strange.

Gelong is not your ordinary monk. He’s not sitting in a cave mumbling mantras and he’s not vegetarian either. But when he starts teaching, the room goes quiet… and something interesting happens.

His lovely English accent is not the only reason you would just want to listen to him over and over again. As Miriam said:

I had the most amazing conversation with him last time at Mindvalley U. I was so tired after the event, I just wanted to go to sleep but he gave me so much energy, he really opened my mind about things.

Marisa Peer

7. Marisa Peer On How To Be Your Own Coach

Marisa Peer has proven multiple times that the human mind has no limitations. During her 33 years of experience as a coach and hypnotherapist, she has been the cause of many miracles.

She cured people of cancer, she helped women with infertility have babies, and she empowered people with clinical depression to develop striking confidence.

“I understand the rules of the mind.” she said in an interview given to Mindvalley. And so she can teach you how to train your brain to do absolutely anything you desire.

Join her session at Mindvalley U and become your own coach.


Which session are you looking forward to the most? Share it with us in a comment below.