Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: 7 Differences You May Not Know

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: 7 Differences You May Not Know


Twin flame versus soulmate – is there a difference? Here’s how you can tell and which type of relationship is better than the other.

Human beings are wired for connection, and it’s paramount for our overall health and wellbeing. On top of that, we long for a profound, soulful union with another person we would call a twin flame or a soulmate.

Though these terms are used interchangeably to describe someone you love or feel passionate about, there is a distinction between a soulmate and twin flame connection. 

So twin flame vs. soulmate, how can you tell the difference?

This article explains:

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: 7 Key Differences

I think a soulmate is your mate that helps you find your soul.

— Jay Shetty

Firstly, let’s debunk the widespread perception of twin flames as one soul split into two halves. As many spiritual teachers and healers reassure, it’s a common misconception, as we are all whole as we are.

With that being clarified, here are seven key differences between twin flame and soulmate.

1. Self-mastery vs. self-transformation

A twin flame comes into your life when you are ready for self-mastery, says Dr. Harmony, intuitive energy healer and author of Twin Flame Codebreaker. They are present to bring soul growth and personal transformation.” 

Your twin flame is meant to catalyze your fullest potential in all possible aspects. Hence, the journey of self-mastery.

A soulmate, on the other hand, pushes your comfort zone and helps you transform from the inside out. This type of growth can encompass different aspects of your journey, such as personal, professional, or spiritual. 

2. Similar vs. complimentary

Twin flames are mirror souls, so they are very similar in terms of their core values, aspirations, and deepest wounds.

Often, they antagonize each other’s traumas and insecurities because of that innate similarity.

Soulmates, on the contrary, are complementary to one another. They compliment each other’s traits, views, and passions. 

​​Andrea Donnelly, celestial mentor and energy healer, describes a soulmate as like your business partner who’s really good at taking your ideas and turning them into tangible strategies. 

3. Intense vs. easy

While both connections are powerful unions, the twin flame connection is utterly intense and challenging.

Unlike your soulmate, who is more compatible with you, your twin flame mirrors your deepest wounds, insecurities, imbalances, and patterns. These elements can make this connection quite an intense experience.

Soulmate connection, on the contrary, often comes easily and is felt more comforting than challenging. The relationship dynamic is more smooth and gradually progressing. 

4. One vs. several

Soulmates are related to deep, soul connections between two people. They can be romantic partners, business partners, friends, or family members. So you can have several soulmates in one lifetime. 

But you can only meet one twin flame. Why? 

Think of it as the most intense spiritual path you can take to achieve your fullest potential and awaken to your higher purpose in life as an individual. So this is the way, one and only.

5. Emotional vs. psychic connection 

You have a profound emotional connection with your soulmate that makes you feel like home around them. You can easily attune to each other emotionally when you are together. It comes naturally and grows stronger over time. 

With your twin flame, this connection goes beyond physical presence and emotional attunement. You are connected in spirit.

You feel each other even when they aren’t physically present with you. You can communicate telepathically and psychically — you can literally read each other’s minds.

6. Confidence vs. insecurities

Soulmates boost your confidence as they help you follow your dreams and support you on the way, while twin flames bring out each other’s deepest wounds and insecurities. 

It doesn’t mean that your twin flame doesn’t support you on your journey. It comes later, on a stage of surrender, when you overcome your challenges and accept each other fully and unconditionally.

But to reach that stage, you will need to heal your insecurities, seeing yourself as the source of your suffering rather than outsourcing your sense of worth and confidence.

7. Friendship vs. sexual attraction

You are sexually attracted to your soulmate in a romantic union, but it’s incomparable with the immense passion you have for your twin flame. 

Twin flame connection is characterized by almost otherwordly sexual attraction. At the same time, your twin flame is the best friend you’ve ever had and would ever experience. 

It’s a combination of all types of love one can feel towards another human being, and it’s felt from the first moment you meet your twin flame. 

Soulmate vs. Twin Flame vs. Karmic Relationship

Soulmates, twin flames, and karmic partners are considered karmic relationships involving growth and healing. They are all meant to help you work through your major life lessons.

Yet, the essential difference between them is that karmic partners are more temporary. They facilitate the lessons you need to learn around love and relationships and help balance your karma.

This is why karmic relationships are challenging, similar to twin flame relationships. But unlike the latter, they aren’t meant to last.

You can see it as a transitional stage before meeting your twin flame to prepare yourself for self-mastery.

Soulmate vs. Twin Flame — Which One Is Better?

The short answer is: both are equally good. ‘Soulmate’ and ‘twin flame’ can be used interchangeably when you define them as a spiritual partnership between two people.

When you see your union as a progressive continuation of your spiritual growth, any deep connection, such as soulmate and twin flame, can facilitate and catalyze your full potential.

And this union starts with your commitment to yourself.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT, the New York Times best-selling author of Calling in “The One”, and Mindvalley’s trainer, explains your commitment to yourself is a foundation for giving and receiving a commitment from another.

True love isn’t an emotion but a long-haul process where you choose another person over and over again.

She adds that if you don’t start with yourself, you can be committed to others more than yourself. This can lead to toxicity in your relationships, be it your soulmate or your twin flame.

But when you treat yourself as your ultimate soulmate and twin flame, you can co-create the most beautiful love with another person, irrespective of any labels.

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