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Guy Kawasaki, Canva's chief evangalist and author of "Think Remarkable"
Guy Kawasaki’s 3 tips to becoming a remarkable person
A laptop to show how to learn AI
How to learn AI and join the club that’s shaping the future you’ll live in
John Wolpert, the author of The Two But Rule: Turn Negative Thinking Into Positive Solutions
John Wolpert’s “But…” can help turn your doubts into breakthroughs
A computer with productivity tools on the screen
30 productivity tools that can save you time (and your sanity)
Miki Agrawal, serial entrepreneur and trainer of Mindvalley's Zero to $100 Million Quest
Miki Agrawal created million-dollar businesses with pizza, periods, and poop—here’s her secret
Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley, on stage as a mentor
Stuck in career limbo? Learn 6 tips on how to find a mentor who’ll help skyrocket your success

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