How To Unblock Chakras Of All 7 Energy Centers And Create Balance In Your Life

How To Unblock Chakras Of All 7 Energy Centers And Create Balance In Your Life

How do you know whether an emotional blockage is keeping you from moving forward in life?

Most of us carry emotional blockages. They can show up anywhere — in our relationships, at work, even our body shape.

These barriers can make you feel trapped in the same pattern over and over again, even when you’re actively trying to change your life.

So, where do these blocks come from?

The leading chakra expert and bestselling author of classics like Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith, shares in this video how traumas and seemingly insignificant events in our past create chakra blocks.

These blocks create an imbalance in mind, body, and spirit but we can restore balance through an ancient energy system.

Here’s how to unblock chakras and create the balance that your body, mind, and spirit need to thrive and flourish.

What Is An Energetic Block?

Our body is a map of energy. Ancient healers and yogis have known about this energy system for centuries.

Our energy system is composed to two major components: meridians and chakras.

Meridians are the roads and highways that act as energy channels. While chakras are the towns and cities that act as energy centers.

We can accumulate energy blocks anywhere in our body, from the meridians that run through us from head to toe, to our major energy centers: our chakras.

Recognizing where an energy block has accumulated is the first step.

But leaning how to unblock chakras is what’s needed to restore balance in the body and mind.

How To Unblock Chakras For Optimal Life Balance

When a chakra is balanced we feel compassionate, loving, and generous. We feel spacious inside.

— Anodea Judith

Having a blocked chakra isn’t all that uncommon.

In fact, Anodea explains that with the daily stresses of our modern lives, there are many opportunities for our energy system to be thrown out of whack.

The question is: which of your chakras are blocked? Or more importantly: how to unblock chakras to correct energy imbalances?

How to identify a blocked chakra

The first step in understanding how to unblock chakras is in identifying which of your chakras is imbalanced.

For example, an imbalance in the heart chakra could manifest as both a lack of energy or an overabundance of energy.

Someone with a blocked heart chakra could have difficulty connecting with others. They may find it difficult to be vulnerable and open.

Or quite the opposite can occur. In a desperate bid for love and acceptance, we chase after unhealthy, toxic relationships.

An important first step is to learn how to identify which of your chakras is blocked. And it’s a skill that can be taught and learned.

In fact, it’s something that Anodea has taught for years. With her guidance, you can learn how to identify potential energy blocks and clear them.

Watch the video above to find out how you can resolve chakra blocks and return to optimal life balance again.