5 Powerful Techniques to Open Your Heart Chakra

heart chakra

The 7 Chakras represent physical components of the body, each a swirling vortice of power that is representative of specific frequencies and colors. There are three upper body Chakras, three lower body Chakras, and connecting all of them together is what is called the Heart Chakra.

This article will cover the Chakra’s basics, as well as signs of an open and blocked Heart Chakra. You can also jump straight to the 5 powerful healing techniques by clicking here.

About the Heart Chakra’s meaning

The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra, located at the center of the seven. It is where the physical and spiritual come together. Located at the exact center of the chest, it corresponds not only to the heart but your lungs, thymus gland, and your cardiac plexus.

In Sanskrit, it is referred to as the Anahata which means unhurt, the spiritual place where past experiences and grievances cannot harm us. The Anahata Chakra is associated with the color green, which stands for transformation and love energy.


If your fourth chakra is properly balanced, this is indicated by your personal conduct. Those with an open Heart Chakra are full of love, forgiveness and compassion. Conversely, if the Heart Chakra is out of balance, or closed, people tend to have personalities that are filled with anger, grief, hatred and jealousy, all being physical manifestations of a fourth chakra that needs to be healed.

Learning how to open the Heart Chakra is a beautiful experience. Whether a person has experienced blockage since childhood or due to a recent encounter, opening the heart is the start of your healing process.

When Is The Heart Chakra Opened?

When the heart is opened, you will naturally feel love and compassion for others. A balanced chakra that is opened allows people to be who they are, instead of attempting to mold them to expectations. Living from Anahata is a joyous and engaging place.

A person with an open Heart Chakra is altruistic and respects others. People around them will notice an easy going peace about the person, no matter what else may be going on in the room.

When Is The Heart Chakra Blocked?

When the Anahata energy is blocked, it can have a negative effect on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. In regards to the body, this can include poor circulation and blood pressure extremes. The heart, lungs and upper extremities are all influenced greatly by the Anahata.

Spiritually, a blocked fourth Chakra can cause a feeling of disconnect and lack of empathy whereas the emotional repercussions include an inability to trust oneself or others. Deep insecurity and fears are also common. These can grow into mental challenges such as manipulative behaviors.

Healing Your Anahata Chakra

If you have recognized that you are experiencing the symptoms of a closed and imbalance Heart Chakra, including a constant state of negativity about yourself or others in your life, this fourth chakra must be repaired.

The only way to heal the Heart Chakra is to change your perspective, essentially shifting your frame of mind from one that is always focused on the things that you don’t like, and changing that perspective to one that is full of gratitude.

From this foundation you will begin to realize how grateful you should be for your friends and family, and even the career that you have at this point in time. It is only through the simple act of being grateful for the many things that you have been given in this life that you can begin to bring balance to your Heart Chakra.

The Anahata is a unifying Chakra, bringing healing to the pains of life. The energy connects the individual to the universe and is the center of spiritual healing within the person. When it is balanced, you will feel a warm, compassionate joy for and with the world.

5 Healing Techniques

1) Meditate To Heal The Fourth Chakra

Once you have become aware of an imbalance in the fourth Chakra, meditation can help to restore the proper energy flow through the region.

Meditation is a deeply personal experience, and everyone should find out what works best for them. However, there are a few guidelines that are pretty well accepted.

This includes wearing comfortable clothing and arranging for a time and place where there will be no disturbances. Even if it a five-minute break while the kids are playing a video game, that is better than no meditation time at all!

Mindvalley’s founder Vishen Lakhiani has a great guided meditation available for free. It’s called The 6 Phase Meditation, give it a try 🙂

2) Work with the Chakra’s Color

The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra and you can incorporate it into your meditation practice and your daily life. Add green clothing to your wardrobe and decorate with some green. Remember to strive for balance and not to go overboard. Plants are a great way to add greenery and life into your work space.

3) Try out Mantras

Mantras are a good way to affirm your efforts. These are simple and help to provide focus. The mantra for the Anahata is ‘YAM’. Chant this to heal both the physical heart and the spiritual (emotional) heart center and open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion. This can be repeated vocally or sub-vocally while you meditate.

4) Benefit from Affirmations

Because an imbalance in the heart energy is often associated with esteem issues, it can be useful for you to practice positive affirmations to increase the positive energy associated with the fourth chakra. This can include little notes on the bathroom mirror and on the computer monitor.

Examples of affirmations include statements like these:

  • “ I deeply, and completely love and accept myself”
  • “ I am open to love”
  • “ I am wanted and loved”
  • “ I forgive myself”
  • “ I live in balance; in a state of grace and gratefulness”

5) Heal through Music

It has been said that music makes the world go round, and perhaps that is because it speaks so deeply to the human spirit. By incorporating music into a meditation routine, the benefits can be heightened.

Additionally, listening to upbeat and joyous music is a useful way to build up a positive outlook on life. Someone who is struggling with a closed heart chakra should avoid music that is in minor keys because it naturally evokes feelings of sadness.

The Heart chakra is such an important chakra, the centerpiece of all seven. It is the place where the physical and spiritual planes come together, and all of this rests on a foundation of love and gratitude. When it is open, there is much joy and love to be found in the world. This is why it is important for everyone to heal and grow the fourth chakra.

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