10 signs of a high-vibration person (& how to become one)

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Highlights: Why are some people more magnetic? More energetic? More good vibes? Discover what it takes to be a high-vibration person and how you can become one.

There’s always that one person who everyone gravitates toward… who seems so happy-go-lucky, no matter the circumstances… who is constantly bathed in sunshine.

That’s what you call a high-vibration person.

They’re the Ned Flanders, the Ted Lassos, the Moanas of the world. 

Their consistent optimism might leave you wondering, “Why are happy people so annoying?” but it’s that exact energy that makes them undeniably magnetic. 

The incredible thing is, energy is, as Mindalley’s Duality Quest trainer Jeffrey Allen explains, “the motivating force, which drives everything.” And when you’re able to tap into it, you, too, can live life as a high-vibration person.

What is a high-vibration person?

High-vibration people tend to have a spring in their step, a sparkle in their eye, and a genuine warmth in their interactions. They’re often described as infectious, uplifting those around them. 

However, don’t mistake a person with a high vibration for one who’s persistently cheerful. While they are that, they’re more than that—they exude optimism, kindness, and a sense of well-being. 

They understand that positivity isn’t just a feeling, though, but rather a powerful force that, like a magnet, attracts similar frequencies. And making the conscious choice to be a high-vibration person fuels their reality.

Not surprisingly, research by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson suggests that positive emotions can broaden our perspective and build resilience. In an article in American Psychologist, she highlights that “the capacity to experience positive emotions may be a fundamental human strength central to the study of human flourishing.”

See, the thing is, people who operate at this emotional frequency aren’t oblivious to life’s challenges.

For them, they’re stepping stones to growth. For them, this higher awareness acts as guidance. And for them, life’s mantra is essentially that “every disadvantage has its advantage.”

High-vibration vs. low-vibration people

The difference between high and low might be obvious, but there may be certain aspects that can be quite telling. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of high- and low-vibration people.

High-Vibration PersonLow-Vibration Person
Energy LevelHigh, vibrant, energeticLow, sluggish, drained
AttitudePositive, optimistic, sees the goodNegative, pessimistic, focuses on the bad
Emotional StateBalanced, manages emotions wellUnbalanced, easily frustrated or overwhelmed
InteractionsWarm, engaging, uplifts othersWithdrawn, critical, drains energy from others
HealthPrioritizes well-being, generally healthyNeglects self-care, prone to illness
OutlookAbundance mentality, feels gratefulScarcity mentality, feels insecure
IntuitionStrong, trusts gut feelingsWeak, doubts intuition
SpeechFocuses on solutions, uses positive languageFocuses on problems, uses negative language
Life PurposeHas a clear direction, feels passionateFeels lost, lacks direction

10 signs of high-vibration people

Are those with this vibrational energy easy to spot? Absolutely.

Here are 10 signs of a high-vibration person:

  1. Positivity powerhouse. They consistently see the glass as half full, focusing on the good in every situation.
  2. Emotional balance. They navigate life’s ups and downs with grace, avoiding emotional extremes.
  3. Abundance mentality. They believe there’s enough good to go around, fostering feelings of gratitude and security.
  4. Strong intuition. They trust their gut feelings and have a knack for making decisions that align with their highest good.
  5. Vibrant health. They prioritize their well-being, taking care of their physical, mental, and emotional needs.
  6. Magnetic mojo. People are drawn to their positive energy and find they’re easy to be around.
  7. Living on purpose. They have a clear sense of direction in life and feel passionate about their goals.
  8. Forgiving nature. They hold no grudges and readily release negativity from their past.
  9. Empathetic ally. They can genuinely connect with others’ feelings and offer compassionate support.
  10. Living in the now. They savor the present moment, appreciating the beauty and wonder of everyday life.

The reality is, everything is energy. And according to Jeffrey, who’s well-known as an energy healer and teacher, if you’re into it, “You’re only using about half of your human abilities.”

And high-vibration people? They know this incredibly well.

10 Signs of High-Vibration People

Examples of High-Vibration People

People who exude positive energy come from all walks of life, from historical figures to pop culture icons. Ned Flanders, Ted Lasso, and Moana are among them.

Here are a few more examples:

Celebrities and public figures

  • Taylor Swift
  • Michelle Obama
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Mr. Rogers
  • Malala Yousafzai

Pop culture icons

  • Steve Rogers (from Captain America)
  • Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde)
  • Po (from Kung-Fu Panda)
  • Joy (from Inside Out)
  • Yoda (from Star Wars)

Mindvalley trainers

  • Jeffrey Allen (trainer of the Duality Quest)
  • Donna Eden (trainer of the the Energy Medicine Quest)
  • Sonia Choquette (trainer of the Six Sense Superpower Quest)
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith (trainer of the Life Visioning Mastery Quest)
  • Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani (trainer of the From Awesome to Flawesome Quest)

6 expert-backed tips on how to be a high-vibration person

You can take a high-vibration person test—there are plenty out there on the internet—to find out your energy type. It’d be a good baseline to find out where you currently stand.

However, if you already know and want to unlock your inner radiance and open yourself up to more positivity, here’s what Jeffrey suggests doing:

1. Develop energy awareness

You are more than just your physical body; you also exist on an energetic level. As a matter of fact, the energy healer points out that “energy always happens first, and then the physical world happens second.”

If you imagine yourself as a human radio station, you’d be emitting a strong, positive signal as a high-vibration person. When you learn to tune into your energy and that of those around you, you can cultivate a more positive and vibrant state of being.

You may not know it, but when you’re connecting with people, whether they’re your friends, your co-workers, or your family, there’s a lot of energy that’s at play,” says Jeffrey. “As you learn to tap into that energy and start to manage it consciously, you’ll notice that a lot of the difficulties that you’ve had start to go away.”

2. Develop strong personal boundaries

Everything is energy, right? And as easily as you can absorb positive energy, you can just as easily absorb the negative ones.

That’s why boundaries are so important. And in this instance, it’ll keep you from being drained by negative energy. 

So pay attention to how you feel when interacting with others. If someone leaves you feeling depleted, it might be a sign you need to establish clearer boundaries.

This could involve politely limiting your time with them, learning to say no to requests that drain you, or simply taking breaks to recharge your energy.

3. Connect with your spirit

High-vibration people have a strong sense of self and a deep connection to something larger than themselves. So if you’re wondering, “How can I raise my vibration?” it starts with practices that nurture your spirit, your intuition.

This could be spending time in nature, journaling, or practicing gratitude. By quieting the external world and tuning inward, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your values and purpose.

As you tap into [your connection with your spirit],” says Jeffrey, “it feels so good because you start to love yourself more, you start to appreciate yourself more.”

4. Boost your health and fitness

Remember: Energy always happens first, and then the physical world happens second. They’re directly connected.

So nourish your body with healthy foods, prioritize quality sleep, and get regular exercise—it’ll help maintain high-vibration energy. But, as Jeffrey advises, it’s just as important to use energy work to complement your physical health efforts.

If you’re having some symptom in your body or something that you don’t like, addressing your physical symptoms is really important,” he adds.

But if you start addressing the energy cause—the thing that actually happened first—you’ll notice that oftentimes the disease will go away much, much faster.”

5. Manifest your dreams

There’s a connection between energy and manifestation. And if you learn how the former moves through your body, you’ll “learn where is this specific place that you have a block or where you have a little weakness, and learn how to tune that up.” 

Visualization is a powerful tool for this. Take time each day to vividly imagine yourself achieving your dreams. Eel the positive emotions associated with it, and believe in your ability to make them a reality.

As Jeffrey says, “The most powerful of all is using energy to manifest things in the world.”


Is there any scientific basis to the concept of high vibration?

While science hasn’t confirmed the existence of a measurable “vibration,” research supports the essence of high-vibration living—everything in the universe is energy.

According to physicist Nassim Haramein, everything vibrates at different speeds, but all within one giant energy field. And because our thoughts and emotions are energy, they have the potential to influence our physical well-being, as one study has found.

Additionally, another study found that people tend to mimic the emotional expressions of those around them. What does this mean? Simply put, when you radiate positivity, you can uplift the mood of others and create a more positive environment.

How can I attract more high-vibrational people into my life?

People with high vibrations are drawn to genuine connections and shared values. So if you want to attract them into your life, focus on cultivating your own high vibration.

It’s the Law of Attraction in action—you attract what you put out into the world.

Let go of negativity and gossip. Engage in uplifting conversations. Focus on the good qualities in others. Be your authentic self. Share your passions. Participate in activities that align with your positive outlook.

And when you do so, you’ll naturally become more magnetic toward others with similar energy.

What are the benefits of being a high-vibrational person?

Radiating high vibrations can have plenty of advantages. You’ll find that you’re likely to have:

  • Stronger, healthier connections.
  • A positive outlook and strong mind-body connection.
  • More opportunities and success.
  • A clearer sense of purpose and direction in life.
  • A sense of inner peace, contentment, and overall happiness.

If you’re operating at your highest level energetically,” says Jeffrey, “you’ll be feeling like you can flow very easily in the world around you.”

A high-vibration person meditating

Find your spiritual superpower

As a reminder, everything is energy. Even this—your thought and intention to become a high-vibration person.

At Mindvalley, there are an abundance of incredible spirituality teachers to help you step into your greatness. But if you can start anywhere, it’s here: the Duality masterclass with Jeffrey Allen.

He’ll guide you through powerful energy techniques to clear blocks, manifest your desires, and tap into your unlimited potential. As one student, Misty Anderson, a nurse practitioner from Tulsa, Oklahoma, shares:

I have experienced increased peace and happiness in my life. My vibration level has really increased.

The best part about this master class? It’s absolutely free. And that makes embracing a high-vibration lifestyle even easier.

Welcome in.

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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
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Tatiana Azman

Tatiana Azman is the SEO content editor for Mindvalley and a certified life coach. With a background in spa and wellness as well as having gone through a cancer experience, she's constantly on the lookout for natural, effective ways that help with one's overall well-being.
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