How to Get in Touch With Your Divine Femininity, According to Embodiment Coach Rachel Pringle

How to Get in Touch With Your Divine Femininity, According to Embodiment Coach Rachel Pringle

Rachel Pringle

Your divine femininity is a power that can unlock your sensuality, creativity, and intuition. Find out how to access and harness your feminine energy within.

Have you ever been told you were too loud, too crazy, too chaotic? 

This is how women have been conditioned to suppress their divine femininity — the most sacred and creative expression of their feminine self.

Indeed, women can be unapologetically creative in their ways of being, which can be disruptive.

But the world desperately needs this feminine force as much as it needs more love, compassion, unity, and healing.

If you want to access divine femininity energy within you, here’s what you need to know:

When you activate this sacred energy, you liberate yourself from social conditioning and come in contact with your authentic essence.

What Is Divine Femininity?

Divine femininity represents the universal feminine aspects such as birth, restoration, renewal, creation, receptivity, and motherhood. It’s the most creative energy in the Universe, and your emotions and sensations are portals to your sacred feminine force.

When talking about energies, we have to remember that the whole Universe as pure consciousness is divided into two aspects — masculine (Śiva) and feminine (Śakti) — as taught in the philosophy of tantra. So Śakti is the universal feminine, dynamic, energetic, and creative energy.

In the seven main chakras system, this energy is received, accumulated, stored, and expressed in the second energy center — your sacral chakra. It portrays the element water, related to your emotions, sensations, pleasure, and erotic essence.

Like water, it’s constantly moving and flowing. And with the divine feminine energy, you want it to do the same — to freely move and flow in your life.

According to embodiment coach Rachel Pringle, this energy is your creative energy, so when it’s blocked, your creative energy gets blocked as well.

So by learning how to be in sync with your divine feminity, you can harness your inner feminine power through which you create, renew, and receive.

Rachel Pringle
Rachel Pringle, trainer of Mindvalley’s Wild Women Sensuality Quest

Goddesses and feminine archetypes

Goddesses and feminine archetypes are universal patterns of personality, character, and experience, representing the collective subconscious. They exist in all women and men as a manifestation of the divine feminine energy. 

But in women, specifically, the goddess is a predominant archetype anchored in their psyche.

Let’s look at the most predominant goddess archetypes.

Athena: The Strategist

As the goddess of wisdom and craft, Athena’s career-driven, a go-getter, and a high achiever.

Traits of an Athena archetype:

  • Rational
  • Focused
  • Strategic
  • Driven
  • Patient
  • Sees the big picture
  • Goal-oriented

What to be mindful of:

  • Head and heart connection
  • Self-interest

If you are Athena, you tend to overthink and over-rationalize, making you disconnected from your heart. 

Also, you may become so goal-driven that you strive to achieve it by all means and at all costs. Your career is important, but you don’t want to pursue it at the expense of your relationships with people who matter to you.

Artemis: The Activist

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She thrives in nature and feels a strong call to help protect children, animals, and women.

Traits of an Artemis archetype:

  • Connected with nature
  • Fair
  • Focused
  • Intuitive
  • Environment-oriented
  • Influential

What to be mindful of:

  • Competitiveness
  • Uncompromising attitude

If you are Artemis, you have a calling for justice and doing good in the world. Many environmentalists have this archetype within them. 

You can be overly competitive in defending your cause and even radical in your perspectives. Be mindful of not being judgemental of others if they don’t share your beliefs.

Demeter: The Mother 

Demeter is the goddess of grain and harvest. She is very maternal and giving, and it’s not restricted to motherhood alone. But this archetype gets activated when you become a mother.

Traits of a Demeter archetype:

  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Nurturing
  • Generous
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Family-focused

What to be mindful of:

Demeter tends to overwork and put herself last, which is common for many mothers. If you are this archetype, you want to give yourself what you give to others and take care of your needs first. 

Persephone: The Mystic

As the maiden goddess and queen of the underworld, Persephone is intuitive and can easily navigate her and other people’s emotions.

Traits of a Persephone archetype:

  • Eternally youthful
  • Innocent
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Self-assertive

What to be mindful of:

  • Compliance
  • Indecisiveness 
  • Suppression

As Persephone, you often have an idea of what you like or don’t like, yet you find it challenging to push it forward and insist on your ways of doing things. 

When you comply for too long, you may completely suppress your innate desires and end up living someone else’s life.

Hera: The Queen

Hera is the goddess of marriage. She would be that great woman behind the great man in older times. But nowadays she can have both marriage and a career.

Traits of a Hera archetype:

  • Regal
  • Loyal
  • Confident
  • Conscious
  • Partnership-focused

What to be mindful of:

  • Subordination
  • Personal development 

If you are Hera, you tend to serve your partner more than yourself, including their duties and responsibilities. So you subordinate yourself to their mission and purpose in life at the expense of your personal development. 

Aphrodite: The Alchemist

Maybe one of the most popular goddesses, Aphrodite represents beauty and love. She sees the greatest potential in others and possesses the most transformative energy.

Traits of an Aphrodite archetype:

  • Present
  • Magnetic
  • Creative
  • Deep listener
  • Transformative
  • Relationship-focused

What to be mindful of:

  • Poor boundaries
  • Unclear communication
  • Lack of responsibility

Aphrodite listens deeply and connects on a profound subconscious level. But this ability to connect can be confused by others for romantic affection. 

If you are Aphrodite, you may also struggle with handling your romantic relationships maturely. You can fall in love quickly and then fall out of it quite easily, moving on without any explanation.

Are these goddess archetypes set in stone?

Though we are all born with a predominant archetype, it can change as we grow. 

Also, your natural archetype may activate within you with time as some tendencies take longer to fully develop, and it has to do with social conditioning.

On top of that, different experiences may activate different archetypes. We keep changing and evolving physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You need time for reflection to get to “know thy self,” as Socrates said, to tap into your inner wisdom.

Here are some questions to reflect upon:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • What do I want in life the most and the least?
  • What calls you?

You can get on your heroine journey when you know your starting point. In fact, you will be on this journey either way.

The divine and probably most important question is: “How are you going to navigate it?

Rachel Pringle
Rachel Pringle, trainer of Mindvalley’s Wild Women Sensuality Quest

Divine Feminine vs. Divine Masculine

We dwell on a dimension of polar energies called duality. Some refer to it as yin and yang (or the god and goddess) where one aspect represents the divine feminine and the other, the divine masculine.

Divine feminine qualities

It’s not coincidental that we refer to the Earth as the mother Earth. We naturally see it as feminine because it gives and nurtures life.

So divine feminine energy is inherently pro-life. It’s about preserving, caring, loving, nourishing, restoring, and healing.

According to Sadhugu, mystic of our times and Mindvalley’s trainer of A Yogi’s Guide to Joy Quest, when you worship the feminine, you inevitably look at the planet on which you exist.

Bringing awareness to the divine feminine is of great significance in today’s world, when we are going through various levels of crisis, particularly ecological ones. At a juncture like this, where our own capabilities, science, technology, and enterprise are destroying the very basis of our life, the divine feminine becomes very significant.

— Sadhuru, trainer of Mindvalley’s A Yogi’s Guide to Joy Quest

In terms of qualities, it’s attributed to compassion, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, harmony, and sensuality. So connecting with divine femininity means expressing these qualities within you in your unique way.

Divine masculine qualities

Divine masculine energy is all about expansion, power, fertility, action, focus, fatherhood, and structure. Its universal symbol is the sun as it supports growth and transformation.

It represents qualities such as generosity, abundance, intellect, clarity, responsibility, and strength.

Divine masculine provides safety and structure that becomes a foundation to your sacred divine feminine.

— Rachel Pringle, trainer of Mindvalley’s Wild Women Sensuality Quest

Think of it as omnipresent manifestations of this duality: the sky and the earth, day and night, and a woman and a man.

Neither polar energy can exist without the other in the absolute nature of the manifesting Universe. 

So regardless of your gender, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us. One can be predominant over the other, and both energies can be fully awakened and developed for the ultimate human evolution.

Activate Your  Divine Femininity in 3 Steps

According to Rachel Pringle, it’s about the consistent practice of uniting with your physical body and its sensations.

She calls it a disciple of worshiping your inner sacred feminine power.

When your body is clear, you can hear your intuition and channel your sacred feminine energy into your whole physical body and live a life you desire to live.

— Rachel Pringle, trainer of Mindvalley’s Wild Women Sensuality Quest

In short, you need to:

  • Release your physical body from tension and contraction with pyramid breathwork
  • Activate your inner voice using primal shaking
  • Cultivate your inner sex goddess with some hip rocking 

In her embodiment practice, she uses breathwork techniques to help her clients awaken their divine femininity and reclaim their sexual power.

Pyramid Breathwork

Step 1: Pyramid breathwork

This practice helps release stagnant energy and create space in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

How to do it:

  • Find a sacred place in your home where you can do this practice every day.
  • Close your eyes and surrender to the rhythm of your body.
  • Take deep, powerful inhalations through your mouth, moving your spine forward or to the sides.
  • Take relaxed exhales, sounding them out, opening your mouth, and releasing tension from your root.
  • Do 33 rounds of breath.
  • On your last inhale, take a deep breath and hold it in.
  • Breathe it out and hold it empty.
  • In that space, as you hold your breath, repeat this mantra in your mind: “I can choose to empower myself.
  • Take another big inhale and shake your body.
Primal shaking

Step 2: Primal shaking

This technique helps you release your body from all locked-up emotions, anxiety, traumas, and stress. 

How to do it:

  • Find a sacred place in your home where you can do this practice every day.
  • Close your eyes and surrender to the rhythm of your body.
  • Take deep, powerful inhalations through your mouth, moving your spine forward or to the sides.
  • Take relaxed exhales, sounding them out, opening your mouth, and releasing tension from your root.
  • Do 33 rounds of breath.
  • Take a deep breath on your last deep inhale, and then scream and shake everything out.
  • Let it all go, utilizing your entire body and voice.
  • Take a deep breath and sigh.
  • Feel into the space you’ve created.
  • In that space, repeat this mantra in your mind: “I can choose to trust my voice.”
Hip rocking

Step 3: Hip rocking

This practice helps you access and harness your sensual, sexual, and creative feminine energy.

How to do it:

  • Sit in a leg-crossed position.
  • Start moving your hips back and forth, and follow whatever pace your body wants.
  • Do 33 rounds.
  • Come into stillness.
  • Connect to the core of the Earth, bringing the energy of the Earth all the way up on your inhale.
  • Spread this energy out and around your entire body on your exhale.
  • As you are bringing in and spreading this energy out, repeat this mantra: “It is safe for me to receive my pleasure.”

Awaken Your Wild Woman Within

As a woman, you’ve inherited the most creative power in the manifesting Universe. Your energy is infinitely potent and unarguably sacred. It’s the essence of your divine feminine authenticity.

While it’s inherently yours, most women were conditioned to under-express it or suppress it entirely. They feel cut off from their most creative essence. Are you one of them?

If you’re called to reclaim your divine feminine force and awaken your wild woman within, this may just be your sign to join embodiment coach Rachel Pringle in a 10-day journey with Mindvalley’s Wild Woman Sensuality Quest. Welcome in.

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