Quantum Jumping: Burt Goldman’s Everything-You-Need-to-Know Guide

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Summary: Quantum jumping is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques. With Burt Goldman as your guide, learn how to use it for infinite life possibilities.

Ever had those childhood dreams of being a planet-hopping astronaut, a billionaire entrepreneur, or even Spiderman?

You most likely did. But then life happened.

You grew up. Teachers kept telling you to “stop daydreaming,” and parents advised you to be “realistic”, get a mortgage, and find a steady job to pay that mortgage. 

And then, before you knew it, those dreams had become distant memories.

But what if, in some alternate universe out there, you are an astronaut, an entrepreneur, or the friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Or even all at once?

Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein have long speculated on the existence of alternate universes,” explains Burt Goldman, creator of quantum jumping and trainer of Mindvalley’s Quest of the same name. “So imagine that somewhere out there in these alternate universes, there’s a version of you for everything you’ve ever wished you could be.”

Now, with all those childhood dreams you had? Quantum jumping makes them possible. 

What Is Quantum Jumping?

Quantum jumping is an advanced mental visualization technique. You picture yourself jumping into alternate universes, meeting alternate versions of yourself, and gaining their skills, wisdom, and experiences—essentially like taking a crash course in your dream life.

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It’s no sci-fi concept, though. It requires you to expand your mind’s possibility filter. Much like Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you’re breaking those subconscious barriers that hold you back. 

You’re tapping into your natural intuition and creativity, shifting your reality for the better. You’re unleashing your full potential. That’s the true quantum jumping meaning.

So if you are at a place in life where you are stuck and struggling to reach your ultimate goals, quantum jumping manifestation could be exactly what you were looking for.

Quantum jumping vs. creative visualization

Quantum jumping and creative visualization are both mental techniques that help you achieve your goals, improve your life, and become the best you. That said, they have some key differences.

Creative VisualizationQuantum Jumping
Creating mental images of desired outcomesVisualizing yourself jumping into alternate universes
Focuses on images, feelings, sensationsCommunicates with your alternate versions
Allows you to manifest your desired reality within your current universeAllows you to access the wisdom and experiences of these alternate selves

Both techniques share the idea of using your mind to improve your life. However, creative visualization is a broader concept, while quantum jumping takes it a step further.

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How Does Quantum Jumping Work?

In quantum jumping, the goal is to leverage the concept of multiple universes. In these parallel universes, there are also parallel, alternate, versions of yourself. And you can meet these versions, learn from them, and incorporate your knowledge into your current version.

By receiving the necessary guidance from your alternate self, you replace it with positive intentions and affirmations. This quantum shift creates a wave of energy that carries your true desires into existence. 

After all, according to the law of resonance, the Universe doesn’t give you what you want; it gives you what you are. And you already know many things about other parallel universes.

What’s more, you can use quantum jumping to manifest anything from improved health to higher wealth. And, equally important, this practice can uncover any hidden talents you never knew you had.

Quantum Jumping and Burt Goldman

Also known as The American Monk, Burt is a spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and mind power expert. He has dedicated his life to helping people manifest their best selves. What’s more, he’s spent decades studying hypnosis, yoga, meditation, and remote viewing under great masters.

At 84 years old, just before my 80th birthday, I taught myself to paint, had my work featured in museums worldwide, pioneered a new photography style called Mirage Photography, got featured in multiple galleries, and authored best-selling books, including the Silva Mind Control Method,” says Burt. All this, without prior knowledge in these areas. My secret might surprise you.”

His secret? Quantum jumping—what he’s more famously known for. He wrote the book on it, literally. 

Through his teachings and workshops, he has inspired thousands of individuals to learn more about this method, tap into their inner potential, and release the best version of themselves.

Step-By-Step Quantum Jumping

This practice of going from one alternate universe to another uses “a step-by-step visualization process,” according to Burt. And it happens in four steps:

Step 1: You begin the quantum jump

Your mind is on the launchpad. You start off with a focused visualization process where you create a mental image of yourself “jumping” into an alternate universe where an alternate version of you exists. 

The alternate version has already achieved the specific goals you are looking to achieve.

Step 2: You meet your alternate selves

Once you’ve “jumped” into one of the alternate universes, you can start interacting with the alternate version. It’s essentially like having a conversation with a mentor who is openly sharing the wisdom and experience you seek. 

Step 3: You gather the necessary skills and information

Anything is possible in the multiverse. During the third step, you absorb all the knowledge, skills, and experiences of this alternate self. 

It’s like downloading information from their mind and integrating it into your consciousness.

Step 4: You return to your reality

After gaining valuable insights and experiences from the alternate version of yourself, you will “jump” back to your present reality—this current universe. 

Give it a few moments to let the dust settle. And then start incorporating all the lessons you learned from your alternate version into your current version.

Infographic on the step-by-step of quantum jumping

How to Use Quantum Jumping

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In his Mindvalley Quest, Burt goes through various ways to quantum jump. Here are the five highlights:

1. Jump into abundance

Are you working on a skill or passion, like becoming a singer, photographer, or entrepreneur? Do you want to be good at whatever you do? Jumping into avoidance is the type of quantum jumping dedicated to this.

At this point, you’ll start by understanding the science behind quantum jumping and how it can help you master any skill or ability.

Highlights include experiencing your first jump, breaking free from subconscious blocks, and meeting an alternate self living in harmony with abundance. You will also find four transformative quantum jumps specifically for abundance, covering everything from mindset to financial growth.

“Your ultimate wealth is the final abundance jump. This is the place where you are satisfied with what you have,” says Burt.

"Jump Into an Abundant Mindset" meditation by Burt Goldman
Mindvalley Members can access this on the Mindvalley app

2. Jump into ideal health

If you are suffering from pain and illness and are looking for ways to rise above them, then you should master jumping into ideal health.

In Burt’s words, “There are health decisions that seemed minor at the time you made them but that reached into your future and had a major effect on your life.” But you can change that.

With Burt’s guidance, you will learn how to rewire your beliefs to naturally enhance your physical and emotional well-being. What’s more, you will find your own healing switch and uncover the inherent healing capabilities of your own mind.

"Jump Into Invincible Health" meditation by Burt Goldman
Mindvalley Members can access this on the Mindvalley app

3. Jump into healthy relationships

Indeed, you don’t necessarily have to surf the multiverse to find love. However, by meeting your alternate selves who have the perfect families, friendships, and soulmates, you’ll gain valuable insights.

Highlights of Jumping into healthy relationships include unraveling the hidden dynamics of human connections and learning how to nurture the best relationships in your life. You will also be taught the effective steps to resolve conflicts with ease, ensuring harmonious connections with your loved ones.

Consider your relationship with the person you wish to relate to,” Burt explains. Consider what it is that you need, that you wish to be fulfilled through this relationship.”

Healthy relationships are the number one thing that makes us happy in life, so we need to give them the care they deserve.

"Jump Into Loving Relationships" meditation by Burt Goldman
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4. Jump into career and success

Are you looking to get that raise, promotion, or land that dream job? Or maybe your goal is to create a successful business. This jump is dedicated to achieving career growth and success.

I laugh when I hear one of my contemporaries say that they’re too old to change a career,” Burt once noted in an interview.

You now have the chance to integrate your career into your ideal life and align it with your mission and passions. Gain the ability to make the right career choices with confidence.

Get absolute clarity on your higher purpose, your happiness, and your personal definition of success.

"Jump Into a Purposeful Career" meditation by Burt Goldman
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5. Jump into a happy home

A happy home is the basis for a happy life. Therefore, the final jump presented here is dedicated to how to apply quantum jumping to bring harmony to your home and personal spaces.

As Burt says, “When you have abundance in your home, you have lots of good feelings about where you live.”

So learn how to design family dynamics and master the energetic flows of your living spaces, ensuring growth and good vibes in all moments of your life. Make every corner of your life radiate with love and positivity. 

"Jump Into a Clutter-Free Home" meditation by Burt Goldman
Mindvalley Members can access this on the Mindvalley app

Dare to Quantum Jump

In infinity, everything that can be imagined is happening now. You can become anyone you can imagine—because you’ve already become that in a parallel universe. 

There is already an alternate version of yourself that has already achieved what you are looking to achieve. And this alternate version can help you.

All you need to do is jump, quantumly. With help from the father of quantum jumping himself, you can learn how to:

  • Master any new skill,
  • Find answers and inspiration,
  • Set goals and targets that you once thought were impossible to achieve,
  • Manifest any dream and desire, and
  • Heal emotionally, physically, and mentally.

When you sign up for a Mindvalley account, you have access to the first few lessons of Burt’s Quantum Jumping Quest—for free. And you can see why students of the program are raving about it, like this Member:

When presented with problems of work, family, money, whatever it may be, I can resort to my Quantum Jumping techniques to restore calm and eliminate fear from my life.”
Keith Creel; Texas, United States

Quantum jumping is essentially a leap of faith to get to know the versions of you that you never knew were possible, giving you infinite versions of yourself. It’s like Doc Ock says in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, “Every choice that we make would create countless other possibilities.

And taking that first leap into the “you”-verse—that choice is yours.

Welcome in.

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Watch the First Lesson of the Quest

Quantum Jumping With Burt Goldman

Based on the work of the late mind science pioneer Burt Goldman, Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization method like no other. Harness your mind to meet alternate versions of you in the multiverse: and embody the wisdom, abilities, and inspiration you need to design your ultimate realityGet started for free

Sofia Evaggelidou

Sofia Evaggelidou

Sofia is a mindfulness advocate and writer at Mindvalley. She is passionate about Japanese culture and an avid gamer.
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Sofia Evaggelidou

Sofia is a mindfulness advocate and writer at Mindvalley. She is passionate about Japanese culture and an avid gamer.
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The late Burt Goldman is the trainer of Mindvalley’s Quantum Jumping Quest. He was a renowned meditation master, spiritual coach, and mind-power expert with a body of work spanning over half a century. A student of Paramahansa Yogananda and Jose Silva, he quickly rose up to become the world’s #1 instructor of The Silva Method, the pioneering mind empowerment movement that has transformed millions of lives worldwide.

As a personal growth teacher, Burt wrote numerous best-sellers, created a vast curriculum of transformational programs, and shared his groundbreaking techniques on various world stages. Quantum jumping is perhaps his most iconic methodology of all time, having done experiments with it on himself at the age of 80+.

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