Chakra Cleansing: The Secret to Life Satisfaction

Chakra Cleansing: The Secret to Life Satisfaction

Chakra cleansing might just be the missing link you were looking for as you yarn for happiness and joy.

Are you constantly thinking about how happy you will be “when” you achieve success, find the perfect mate, land the exciting project, master a skill, etc.?

Unfortunately, that’s a backwards approach, and it leads to blocked chakras as you live in unhappiness while casting your eyes “out there” for enjoyment and bliss.

All of your chakras need to be clear, for you to enjoy life to the fullest. In this post, we will focus on cleansing the sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras, since these are the most closely associated with enjoyment of life.

When your energy flows unimpeded, life flows correspondingly well.

All energy blocks cause choppiness, stagnation, and dissatisfaction – and here are some great tips for cleansing the chakras so you can get the most enjoyment out of your life.

1. Root Chakra: Your Instinctual Need For Survival

Take care of the basics, and on this you can build your foundation.

If your root chakra is blocked, you aren’t successful financially (in fact you may not be making ends meet) and you don’t have a sense of security or safety.

To build an awesome life your foundation has to be strong.

This is the most difficult chakra to clear, because like all foundations, it’s solid and dense.

Daily exercise helps immensely – especially exercise that keeps you in contact with the Earth (running, walking, climbing, dance, yoga, etc.)

2. Sacral Chakra: Your Pleasure Center

Once your basic survival needs are met, what’s the next thing you want in life?

Pleasure. Feeling good. Sexuality, money, relationships, movement, and creativity are centered in the solar plexus.

If you fear abandonment, if you feel stuck creatively (a perpetual case of writer’s block), if you feel controlled by your fears, can’t express your emotions, constantly wrestle with money issues, sexual dysfunction and lower back pain, and if you harbor a lot of shame for things you’ve done in the past, your sacral chakra is blocked.

As you can imagine, the emotions of guilt and fear are not conducive to life enjoyment and if your passion (sexual but also passion for life itself) is repressed, life isn’t much fun at all.

To find out if the sacral chakra is blocked, do some introspection:

  • Ask yourself, “In what areas of my life do I allow myself to experience pleasure, and in what areas do I not allow myself to experience pleasure?” (for example, you may have a belief that sexual pleasure is a bad thing, yet you allow yourself to feel pleasure when you are creating an exquisite meal.
  • How often do I do things I don’t enjoy?
  • Do I do things to win the approval of others, or do I do them because they are good and right for me?
  • Do I feel creative, sensual and free to be myself?
  • Do I have co-dependent relationships?
  • Do I operate from an abundance mindset or a lack mindset?
  • Do I allow life to be easy, or do I believe that struggle and sacrifice are always necessary?
  • Do I feel jealousy and resentment about other people’s possessions, looks, talents and lives?

To clear the sacral chakra, infuse your life with sensuality: get frequent massages, dance, do yoga, express yourself creatively (even if you never share it with others), spend lots of time in water (think “flow” and how sensually water can move), surround yourself with the color orange, eat orange foods, and practice seeing goodness and abundance everywhere.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Your Power Driver

This is the center of your self-esteem and self-worth.

Do you feel you deserve success or do you feel unworthy of abundance, joy, success, great relationships or a great life?

Do you feel you can confidently ask to have your needs met or do you stuff your needs down in order to please others or not make waves?

Are you able to move forward on your goals or do you suffer from “analysis paralysis”? Are you proactive or are you reactive?

Are you active or passive?

Are you confident and feel that things will work out, or are you constantly stressed to the point you are immobilized and unable to make decisions?

If the latter describes you, your solar plexus is in dire need of a clearing. You can’t enjoy life if you feel unworthy of enjoying it; if your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs are not met; if you don’t feel that you have a purpose and if you feel helpless and hopeless!

Loving and accepting yourself begins with an open solar plexus chakra. Open it by affirming daily, “I love and accept myself.”Yoga poses that strengthen your core will do wonders to open this chakra.

Chakra Cleansing

4. Heart Chakra: The Source Of Love, Compassion, And Joy

Love is life, and life is love, is the mantra of this chakra. Your relationships and deep bonds with others depend on an open heart.

The ability to feel compassion, self-love, kindness, respect and caring means your heart chakra is open.

If you have persistent relationship problems and feel disconnected from others, you can be surrounded by dozens of people and still feel utterly alone and that nobody cares.

To heal the heart, give love.

Practice thinking about people not in terms of judgement but with an eye that is focused on seeing the best in people. Instead of judging someone for being overweight or having a different point of view, choose to see their attributes (even if those attributes have nothing to do with the situation) – praise their voice, their talents, their beautiful eyes, their winning smile, their wealth, their relationships, etc. etc.

Don’t let your ego get in the way and start comparing yourself to them! Just celebrate what they have, who they are, and let that unconditional love bounce right back to you and heal you.

Always think in terms of a win-win situation when you’re in a conflict with someone. Listen with loving compassion instead of mentally jumping ahead to what you want to say (your agenda).

And, know that a person’s hurtful words and actions come from their own deep inner pain – so be compassionate to that pain, forgive them, and love them. You won’t change what was done but you can release the emotional burden of the event that blocks your heart chakra.

Some great heart-opening affirmations:

  • I am open to love flowing from me, through me and into me.
  • I completely love and accept myself.
  • I am grateful for the love that permeates everyone and everything.
  • I accept people and situations for what they are.
  • I am at peace.
  • I easily forgive others and myself.
  • I am compassionate to the pain that others feel and I am compassionate to my own pain.

5. The Throat Chakra: Self-Expression And Truth

Think about how easy and free your life is if you live from the truth instead of spending untold amounts of energy trying to keep up with the little lies you tell yourself and others… and how joyful your life becomes if you are able to voice the ideas, needs, desires, and feelings you want to share.

To open your throat chakra, sing! Nobody has to hear, but do exercise your vocal cords with joyful songs.

Practice being truthful, even if you think it may hurt someone. The truth doesn’t hurt – the only thing that may hurt is someone’s interpretation of the truth, based on their ego!

6. The Third Eye Chakra: Your Intuitive And Spiritual Side

This and the crown chakra (7th chakra) are more spiritually oriented, rather than being concerned with physical existence – and so it is not entirely necessary to focus on clearing them in order to enjoy your life.

Not everyone is ready or willing to take a spiritual journey, so don’t feel that it’s a “must” in order to enjoy your life.

If and when you’re ready to infuse your life with more spiritual pursuits, make sure your third eye and crown chakras are open – meditation and visualization are the best ways to clear these very ethereal chakras.

Starting with the root chakra, clear and balance the chakras (especially the first five chakras) for maximum enjoyment of life!

Written by
Irina Yugay