How To Build Personal Development Goals And Find True Success

Personal development goal

Imagine a world where money was not of your concern, an irrelevant concept.

“Ya ya, I’ve heard this a million times,” you might be thinking.

And okay sure, you’re not wrong, it’s a cliche. But cliches’ exist for a reason, and trust me when I tell you that if you intend to actually set some powerful and productive personal development goals, then this is an imperative mindset to be operating under.

Ask yourself this,

If I didn’t have to earn money to live, what would I really want to spend my short time here on Earth doing? What would a day look like? A week? A year?

— Elise Richmond

You see, we live in a society which demands that success and money run synonymously through the night.

A society which is, in fact, nothing more than one massively all encompassing facade — the culturescape. And when it comes to setting our own personal development goals, we absolutely must initiate a release from it’s limiting ideologies before we can actually do much of anything else.

Success: under a classic understanding of its definition, is irrelevant. Money: but a means of representing how well you’ve assimilated your life to the never ending pursuit of such irrelevancies.

Let go of any attachments to this concept of success or the desire for money. Allow yourself to realize, and resultantly accept, that this desired procurement of both is merely a byproduct of your desire for approval from outside sources.

Turn within, and pursue your own approval. It is from this place that we can then establish some incredibly powerful and productive personal development goals.

Seriously, no money!

I know, we all need money to survive and so this feels like a ridiculous notion, but try and think about it like this — there are five developmental areas of the human being, and money is not one of them.

Money is a by-product, as is ‘success,’ and both should always be held as something secondary.

What Are The 5 Developmental Areas?

What are some good personal development goals?

In our pursuits of true success ,we should be focusing all of our energy, instead, on these 5 developmental areas —

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Moral

We’ve become who we are through an expansion of each, consciously or otherwise, and it is through an intentional future expansion of each that we shall finally come to be what we have always desired becoming.

As we focus on and manipulate the variables within these modalities, we shall naturally find ourselves along a path of true internal happiness. One likewise accompanied by a grander sense of fulfillment, of which true success and, perhaps even money, shall inherently follow.


Just one more thing before we begin to use all this in an establishment of our personal development goals. Let’s make sure we fully understand what each developmental area refers to, specifically.


Where physical development might seem rather obvious, it refers to the changes in size and shape of the body. As well as to the enhancements in both physical abilities and coordination.


Our Intellectual area of development is actually one of a partial physical essence, as well. In that it refers to the growth of the brain and there within focuses on the ability to acknowledge and process information, and adequately derive solutions to life’s events. The understanding and use of language also falls within this realm of development.


Social development, on the other hand, refers simply to the process by which one comes to understand and interact with others in a given social construct.


The emotional area of development encompasses both the act of feeling and of understanding the feelings themselves. As well as highlighting emotional responses in both their appropriate and inappropriate forms.


And finally, moral development embodies the broadening base of perception between right and wrong. It further touches on the ability to alter one’s behavior as a result of understanding this perception objectively, something often referred to as consciousness.

So, there we have it, our five developmental areas of growth. The arenas within which we can play this game of life and pursue becoming something more than we currently are.

Again, not a one of them, money or ‘success.’

From this new base of understanding, then, it becomes time to actually start setting some good personal developmental goals.

What Are Some Good Personal Development Goals?

What are personal development goals

Remember, again and always, to be keeping money and ‘success’ as inconsequential byproducts of the means by which you are living your life, and try to find a way to positively expand all 5 of these areas instead.

Any good personal development goals will pursue a maximization of the capacity within each!

Look for overlapping modalities

Look for overlap, and ask yourself if there are things you could be doing to broaden your base within multiple areas at once.

What challenges you the most in each of these areas, and what aspects make you feel the happiest?

Focus on these.

When setting personal development goals try to establish a goal that pushes or shifts your paradigm within at least two of these areas.

For example, let’s say your goal is to build a gym in an underprivileged community. On an intellectual and social basis there is a lot of planning and allocation of resources involved.

Physically, you are helping to spread your passion of fitness. And your obvious moral good is certainly going to insight a large degree of emotional response.

You see, in one personal development goal you’ve covered all five of your areas of development, and this my friends, is what true success looks like.

You might not make a ton of money doing something like this, or any at all. But certainly, if this is the type of direction you choose to live your life, then the money is on its way.

Isolate and pursue that which is lacking

It’s also worthy to note, that we should be honest with ourselves about which of these areas we thrive in, and which we might want to give a bit more focus.

Isolate and pursue that which is lacking.

If you feel really uncomfortable in social situations for example, push yourself to go to that next large gathering or work event. Seek balance across the five modalities and choose to move forward in life pursuing the farthest extents of your potential in each.

This, is how you will find a true success my friends.

Pursue your passions, follow your heart, and let the universe take care of the rest.

Can you think of a time in your life where you’ve set some personal development goals based primarily around money, or the demonstration of your worth to society? How did this go for you? How did you feel afterwards, accomplished or not? Share these stories with us in the comments below!



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