Limiting Beliefs – What They Do and How to Fix Them

Limiting Beliefs – What They Do and How to Fix Them


It’s easier to let go of your limiting beliefs than it is to hold on to them. Here’s how easily you can let them go and be free of them forever.

Are you ready for an idea that will transform your life?

Okay – it’s easier to let go of your limiting beliefs than it is to hold on to them.

That’s not what most of us are taught in personal development, but in a moment you’ll see how easily you can let them go and be free of them forever.

Limiting beliefs are the little voices that convince you that you can’t be/do/have something.

How Do You Know You Hold Limiting Beliefs?

Throughout your lifetime, you’ve built up beliefs about the world. What’s really fascinating is the physical effect of these beliefs. The more you reinforce them, the more pronounced the effect on your body.

If you slouch; if you tend to look at the ground when you walk; if you carry extra weight; if you repeatedly have problems with a specific body part – then your body is exhibiting the physical manifestation of limiting beliefs surrounding your self-image.

Another clue to limiting beliefs is persistent agitation, queasiness, anxiety, depression, indecision, quick temper, and other emotional issues. Another important clue is the way you talk about yourself, to yourself, to other people, and about the world. Really pay attention to the tone of your speech.

Are you mostly negative?

Mostly positive?

Do you complain and blame?

release limiting beliefs

Happy, confident people walk tall, look everyone in the eye, enjoy generally good health, and their emotions are mellow and steady. They speak positively and smile much more often than people who are stuck in their limiting beliefs.

As your limiting beliefs impact your body, they also impact your life in general.

Are you struggling in your relationship?



If you experience any struggle, it points to self-limiting beliefs in that area! The same goes for feelings of stagnation, hopelessness, boredom, or lack of enthusiasm. You would not be feeling those if your self-image was good and you weren’t being held back by your beliefs.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Now that you know what to look for – any problems, struggles, or negative behaviors in health, wealth, relationships, or career – you can begin releasing the limiting beliefs that cause these problems.

No matter the situation, you can evaluate your situation, your emotions, and your physical feelings and then work backward to identify the thoughts that generated them.

Think back to some accomplishment you’re proud of. In particular, be aware of your emotions and your physical response to that memory. When you were successful, you felt good! “I can” feels much better than “I can’t”.

Now think about a current goal or dream.

How do you feel when you think about it?

Chances are, your first mental, emotional, or physical reaction is positive. It FEELS GOOD, doesn’t it, to be thinking about your awesome goal?

And then, depending on how severe your limiting beliefs are, you begin feeling worse: you may get nauseous, or feel a tightness in your body, sweaty palms, etc. That’s your subconscious mind trying to convince you that what you are dreaming about is dangerous and you should not do it! That’s how you know your limiting beliefs are firing up to get you to stay put where you are!

Okay, Here’s the Release

When you get that icky “I can’t” feeling, understand that it’s just the reverse side of a wonderful “I can” feeling. Use your imagination every time you think you can’t.

Do this quickly, any time a negative thought comes up – imagine what can go right; what you CAN do; what you want. You have a choice! You don’t have to allow the negativity to dominate. Be forceful. Make yourself think positively!

If you feel any physical discomfort or experience unpleasant emotions, use them as clues to take note of what you were thinking. And then switch on your imagination and visualize what you want. Hold on to that good feeling – because the positive visualization FEELS good – for as long as you can.

With repetition, your good feelings will intensify, the neural connections will strengthen, and your body will reflect just how awesome success really feels!

fix negative beliefs

The next step of the release process happens later when you have time to meditate or think about what happened. This is the time to ask yourself why you believe that you can’t.

Says who?

Did somebody, back when you were young, call you stupid?

Did they make fun of you?

Did they tell you that only certain people could do (x)?

Depending on the person, your frame of mind, and how you interpreted the statement, you unconsciously chose to believe the statement. That’s how self-limiting beliefs are born and take hold. If you believe a statement that somebody says to or about you, then you unconsciously start taking action to prove that what they said was true! And what they said becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

As you dig deep into why you believe something about yourself, you’ll see that most of your beliefs are based on what other people said. Basically, many self-limiting beliefs are based on other people’s opinions and their own limitations. They are not YOUR limitations – you just adopted them!

Now that you have identified the thoughts that make you feel physically unwell, and you’ve dug into your past to discover why you feel that way about yourself, you can release the belief. It does not belong to you. You picked it up and adopted it, but you can just as easily put it down.

Release a belief by committing to about a month or so of intense and self-reprogramming using your imagination and self-talk. The Love or Above Toolkit will help you access your intuition and communicate with your Higher Self. This will give you the big picture, which is the true reality – that you are unlimited and unbound by other people’s limitations!

Use FEELING GOOD as your guidepost. It’s natural to want to feel good, so make feeling good your commitment. Immediately return to that state of feeling good when you feel negativity, and you’ll quickly reprogram those limiting beliefs!

Written by
Irina Yugay