How to Manifest Love: 6 Pro Tips From Mindvalley Experts

How to Manifest Love: 6 Pro Tips From Mindvalley Experts


Science suggests manifestation is possible, but with love, how do you do it? Here’s how to manifest love step by step.

We all have brought about love in our lives at least once without knowing. But when you do it with the intention, manifestation becomes a powerful tool.

While knowing love manifestation techniques can make your wish come true, understanding how it works will allow it to happen with much more ease and grace.

On top of that, it will unlock the power of co-creation with the Universe in your life.

Here’s what you need to know about one of the most effective ways to manifest love:

When you truly understand the manifestation process, you can tap into it to attract anything you desire.

What Is Love Manifestation?

It’s a process of bringing a vision of an ideal love into physical reality. For it to happen, you need to embody and anchor this conception.

According to Regan Hillyer, internationally-renowned manifestation coach and trainer of Mindvalley’s The Art of Manifesting Quest, there are two types of manifestation processes: manufactured and surrendered.

“Manufactured manifestation” is when you try to control every single step of how your manifestation is to come into your life.

Regan explains that 98% of the world function from a space of manufactured manifestation, which is dangerous — because it actually works.

She says, “It can get you what you desire, but at some point, you will have to work harder and push harder for it.”

But if you look at the most beautiful manifestations that ever happened to you, you will see that there were many divinely orchestrated events leading to that.

This is what she calls “surrendered manifestation,” when you don’t try to control the process — you see it as a co-creation with God. In other words, you allow things to show up divinely in your life through synchronicity, ease, and grace. You manifest from your Soul.

Katherine Woodward Thomas
Katherine Woodward Thomas, trainer of Mindvalley’s Calling in The One Quest

Can You Manifest Love?

Katherine Woodward Thomas, relationship expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Calling in The One Quest, believes that we are already powerful manifestors. But it’s our choice to unconsciously manifest the same sad love story or consciously manifest what we want.

She calls the process of manifesting love “the visioning process” — showing up in your reality in ways consistent and generative of the love you’re envisioning for yourself. This is how the Law of Attraction works — like attracts the like — so you want to become what you what to manifest. 

Essentially, it’s living from the future backward:

  1. You live from the future, not from the past,
  2. You are mindful of your thoughts, actions, and decisions,
  3. If they aren’t aligned with the future fulfilled, you take immediate action to change it and continuously release everything that’s not consistent with the vision,
  4. You no longer define yourself by your past but by the future you’re willing to create,
  5. You no longer victimize yourself because of past traumas but see yourself as the source of your patterns,
  6. You continuously stretch yourself to evolve and become a more mature version of yourself,
  7. You are authentic and set strong boundaries,
  8. You ask what you need, and
  9. Trust in the goodness of life even when you feel disappointed.

This process is about becoming the person you need to be and actively co-creating this relationship starting now.

How to Manifest Love Step by Step

To manifest love isn’t an issue for most people. The challenge is manifesting a fulfilling and long-lasting love relationship with your beloved. To be able to do that, you need to alter your relationship with yourself. 

When you change how you relate to yourself, the external circumstances of your life will organically adjust accordingly. 

Now let’s look at the process of manifesting love step by step:

1. Change your home

Your home is a physical reflection of the space you have for a new love, so you want to make it a welcoming place for your beloved-to-be. Katherine calls it “creating a negative space” — an empty space inviting the Universe to fill it in. 

This process starts with clearing your space by removing clothes, items, love letters, and pieces of jewelry given by your former partners — everything you associate with the older version of yourself that reminds you of negative memories of the past.

As you do so with love and gratitude, you will release that version of yourself and become more open and receptive to something new.

When the space is clear, you fill it with new items and clothes symbolizing new love — new bed linens, underwear, dishes, a love letter to your beloved one, and a small gift placed by your bed.

2. Complete old agreements

Old agreements are spoken or unspoken promises we make about loyalty and belonging in all relationships. Even if they aren’t explicit, they influence your decisions.

For example, you might promise to yourself and others you would never love again or would never love anyone the way you loved your former partner.

According to Katherine, these promises are one of the biggest inner obstacles to manifesting happiness in love. So you want to take a closer look at those misplaced and outdated loyalties you might still be honoring to people and places that need conscious closure or updating. 

To free your energy from the old agreements:

  • Become consciously aware of them, and
  • Make new agreements that are aligned with the future you are creating.

3. Cultivate emotional attunement

You need to cultivate a kind and empowered relationship with the emotional aspect of you. Dr. Daniel Goleman calls this skill “emotional attunement” — one of the most critical skills to create happy long-term love.

This skill implies:

  • Being able to give a name to a feeling,
  • Growing your emotional literacy to differentiate one feeling from the other,
  • Knowing what you need when you need it, and
  • Being able to hold whatever is happening inside of you with a sense of care and tenderness.

And then, you calibrate it by developing the ability to differentiate between the younger, tender you in your body and the wiser, more mature, and developed you.

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani on stage at A-Fest
Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, trainer of Mindvalley’s 7 Days to Happiness Quest

4. Identify your false self-identity story and create a new one

Limiting beliefs you’ve formed about yourself in response to painful experiences in your childhood make up your false self-identity story. It’s the default story you tell yourself when you are disappointed in love.

Even if you understand your traumas, it doesn’t make them less traumatic or impactful. You need to see your false self-identity beliefs clearly and challenge them. And then commit to developing a consistent self-identity aligned with having love and healthy relationships with others.

Katherine says, “It’s the identity of a person who’s worthy of love, who’s valuable to other people, who has the power to negotiate for their needs, who does everything that needs to be done to be healthy, safe, well, and secure in your closest connections.”

5. Cultivate happiness habits

Manifesting love isn’t just about meeting the right person. It’s about building a relationship between two people who understand how to generate happiness. And happiness is a skill and a habit. 

You don’t expect to be happy. You create happiness.

— Katherine Woodward Thomas, trainer of Mindvalley’s Calling in The One Quest

For example, you need to meditate or practice mindfulness to attain peace. In the same way, to cultivate happiness, you need to do things that are proven to help you feel great about life as it is, regardless of the external circumstances. 

Here’s a list of happiness habits you can cultivate:

  • Move your body — dance, exercise, walk, swim, do yoga,
  • Be social just for the sake of making connections with people around you without a particular agenda,
  • Learn something new just for fun,
  • Be creative,
  • Laugh more for the sake of laughing,
  • Get outdoors even for five minutes,
  • Be altruistic by creating happiness for others,
  • Act with integrity by doing the right things for the right reasons,
  • Clean up your home and finances,
  • Let go of gossiping,
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be optimistic by looking for opportunities even in disappointments,
  • Eliminate or decrease complaining, blaming, and shaming,
  • Eliminate your detrimental habits like poor eating, negative self-talk, lack of exercise, and
  • Take empowered actions.

Our Final Tips for Manifesting Love

Regan believes that manifestation is your natural state. It’s who you are at your core. If so, the question is, “What’s blocking you from being in your natural state?” And the answer is “control.”

She elaborates that the things you can control are your intentions, but you can’t control how your intentions will manifest. When you do that, you block your manifestations. 

So the key to manifesting love is to surrender and let go of the how. In other words, this magical process doesn’t need you to control every single step of it. All you need to do is work on changing your self-identity, and the Universe will divinely orchestrate the rest.

Also, if you wonder how to manifest love from a specific person, you should know that you also can’t control another person’s free will. If your love isn’t reciprocated, there are tips to heal unrequited love.

Manifesting Love From Within

True love isn’t something you find outside of you. It starts from within and then manifests itself in your life. This is the essence of the manifestation process.

So to manifest love, you need to embody the love you want to experience for yourself from another person by learning how to love yourself first.

Treating yourself as your one and only lover can create exclusive love with another person. 

If you want to reimagine your relationship with yourself and start generating love from within, take Calling in The One Quest with Katherine. You can try one of her love power lessons by unlocking your free Mindvalley access.

Welcome in.

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