How To Design Your Perfect Morning Routine [Video]

What does a morning routine look like that makes you wake up energized, have some quality time for your family, and unleash your superpowers at work?

In this video, I share the most powerful hacks I discovered about meditation, exercise, and food to stay in my zone without having to think about it — and share some of my favorite morning moments with you.

Your Morning Routine Determines How You Feel The Whole Day

How we start our morning can set the tone for the rest of our day — and our lives.

Research has shown that those precious morning hours are linked directly to feelings of achievement, success, happiness, and overall wellbeing — which is why we need to pay attention to our morning routine.

In this video above, you’ll learn:

  • An optimized meditation technique that includes the 6 main benefits of meditation in one 20-minute flow
  • Three fitness protocols I use to stay in my optimal shape and raise my energy level in 4-7 minutes a day
  • The difference between breakfast “as a ritual” and breakfast “for fuel” and the nutrition principles that help me function at my peak

We are the sum of our daily habits — so it’s important to be aware of how you spend your time and energy in the morning.

Here are the sources I refer to in the video:

1. The 6 phase meditation

After having trained 3 million people on meditation, this is the most optimal flow I’ve found to get my mind prepared for the challenges of the day

2. Minimum effective dose workout

My favorite is Tabata, a high-intensity interval form of exercise that gives great results in just four minutes

3. My killer workout playlist

You can find it on Spotify. (warning: it’s heavy on Eminem)

4. Breakfast for fuel

What we eat first sets us up for the day, so I ensure my diet is full of sustenance. One of my favorites is the WildFit smoothie — it’s a game changer.

5. A bulletproof boost for my brain

I use Brain Octane Oil, but you can also start with coconut oil and see the results.

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What is your morning routine? How do you design your mornings to start your day off right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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