Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating The Ideal Daily Routine

Daily Routine

If you’re looking to change your life, you should start with your daily routine. By taking a look at any successful person’s life, you’ll notice a few recurring themes. Such individuals wake up earlier, know exactly what they’ll dedicate the first hours of the day to, follow a fixed schedule, have built productivity habits over the years, and end their day in a relaxing way.

They have created systems that work, and follow that plan every day as it gives results.

So, to do the same, you’ll need to change the way you spend your daily life.

What Makes a Daily Routine Crucial for Success

Habits are quite powerful. But a routine is a set of good habits that we do on autopilot, once we develop it as a daily practice.

Whether you realize it or not, you already have such routines – these are the things you do repeatedly. But if you haven’t taken the time to analyze each and see if it brings you closer to your goals, then chances are you’re going in the wrong direction.

The way out if you’re stuck in a rut is to change your daily routine.

That will take some planning and quite some time to get used to. But make sure you do it in small steps so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Starting small in this case means removing one lazy or unhealthy thing you do each morning, for instance. And only adding a new daily habit after a week or two, when you’re used to living without the previous behavior.

Let’s explore what a good daily routine consists of and how to create the ideal one for yourself.

How to Get Started with Your Daily Routine

Your daily routine will become your best friend. So let’s do that right.

You should carefully track anything you do and see whether or not it makes you more productive, happier, healthier, etc. If it doesn’t, it has no place in your daily schedule.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve too, so that you can structure your new habits around this goal.

If you want to be exceptional at your job, then you’ll need all your energy and focus from the moment you wake up. It also means getting to work earlier, which might require you to begin your day a bit earlier so that you can get ready and go out on time.

If, instead, the main goal is to get in shape, you’ll need to find time for a workout before, during or after work. That means changing the structure of your day, and making sure you drink enough water, eat right, cut the unhealthy habits, and more. Here are some ways to add exercise to your day.

The daily routine of those wanting to start a business, on the other hand, might look like this:

You’ll stop going out in the weekends and spending time on unnecessary stuff. Your focus in the morning will be your priority for the day. So you’ll leave bed earlier, and do some uninterrupted work on your passion project. During the day, you’ll use your free time to learn more about the market, build your brand, find clients, take courses, or else.

So, let’s get to the ideal daily routine formula.

The 3 Areas You Should Work On

There are some specific elements you can’t go without. Some practices work best in the early hours of the day. While other things should be avoided in the evening when it’s time to relax and let go of anything that happened earlier.

How you end the day is equally important. It’s the foundation of how you’ll feel and perform the next morning. It’s all connected.

Let’s see what to include and what not to do at different times of the day.

Your morning routine should look like this:

daily morning routine

Waking up marks the beginning of a new day. The first thoughts you let in your mind will make or break your mood, and the actions that follow.

That’s why you need a new approach towards mornings. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a morning person, you have to find a way to enjoy the process of getting out of bed and even benefit from it.

One way to do that is to get enough sleep and prepare the night before. More on that later.

But build the habit of waking up with the first alarm. Otherwise, you’re basically telling the Universe that you aren’t looking forward to your day and want to put that off for later.

If, instead, you wake up passionate to do some meaningful work, excited about the opportunities that might come your way, and determined to do your best job, then you’ll crush it.

What happens once you leave bed, though?

Well, you can do some or all of the following:

  • Make your bed (here’s exactly why that’s a good habit);
  • Drink a glass of water;
  • Stretch;
  • Meditate for a few minutes;
  • Visualize a successful and productive day;
  • Write a few things you’re grateful for;
  • Go through (or write down now) your to-do list for the day;
  • Include a quick workout.

Just imagine the difference in your health, relationships, mood, focus and career if your daily routine begins this way.

Now, moving onto the next part.

Keeping It Productive During The Day

Improving the main part of your day should happen further down the road, but it’s good to have an idea of what you’ll be going after.

Take regular breaks during work.

Whether you’re in the office, travel a lot for work, run a company, or do it all from home, chances are you aren’t emptying your mind every now and then.

But that’s proven to improve your concentration, and leads to better mental health and mood. You should be recharging every 45 minutes or so.

Of course, that doesn’t mean indulging in distractions and then needing quite a lot of willpower to focus again. But it is important to do something completely different after an hour of focused work.

It’s also crucial to stay active.

There are plenty of little habits you can build to make it happen even if you’re behind the desk for the whole workday.

Get up and walk around the place for a few minutes. Take a daily walk. Make your workout (before or after work) a priority. Stretch every 2 hours. Bike to work if you can.

Do Your Evening Ritual Right

When the day is over, don’t take your work with you at home. Your mind won’t be able to relax even if you had a great daily routine but fail to let go of the stress and responsibilities once it’s time to get ready for bed.

That’s when having an evening routine will help. Dedicate your last hour of being awake to a few of the following activities:

  • Declutter the room;
  • Take a soothing bath;
  • Unplug – keep your phone away from your bed too;
  • Have a nice chat with your loved one;
  • Don’t drink or eat during that last hour;
  • Review how you spent your day;
  • Think of some ways you can do better tomorrow;
  • Prepare your breakfast, clothes, to-do list, etc. for tomorrow morning;
  • Read a book in bed to get yourself to sleep naturally.

Creating The Perfect Daily Routine Takes Time

This takes some time because you probably don’t have a fixed sleeping schedule now.

You’ll soon notice that the ideal daily routine makes you wake up earlier and also go to bed earlier as you’ll be tired at the same time every day. That’s great. It means you’ve found balance.

Whether or not you’ll be successful in life is something you have full control over. It begins by changing how you start, live and finish each and every day.

Take your daily routine seriously. Set some goals now on how to go about improving it.

The benefits outweigh the price you pay, so the willpower invested in the early stages is absolutely worth it.

What’s your daily routine like?



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