An Introduction to 10X – the Revolution in Time Efficient Fitness

An Introduction to 10X – the Revolution in Time Efficient Fitness


For good reasons, you’re probably no stranger to working out. But have you ever heard of 10X?

Calling All Exercise Junkies

Like any personal growth enthusiast knows, it pays to look after your body as well as your mind. After all, the physical body is the temple of the soul.

What’s more, countless studies are proving that physical exercise isn’t only great news for your overall health, fitness, and mood, but that it also has a direct correlation with how long you’ll live.

Mindvalley’s Head of Health and Fitness Ronan Oliviera says, “Fitness goes beyond the physical body – it’s not all about getting that six-pack or muscly arms and legs. A strong, energetic, fit body has more mobility, more capabilities, less disease, and more potential in life.”

For these good reasons, you’re probably no stranger to working out. But have you ever heard of 10X?

10X with Ronan and Monique

10X: the New Super Efficient Workout Regimen on the Block

Here at Mindvalley, we’ve been researching a very exciting new process for the last couple of years now. We were interested in what it took to create rapid gains in muscular strength in the most efficient, time-effective way, treating the body as an integrated system as opposed to separate parts. As well as building lean muscle mass, we questioned whether there was a way to tap into fat-burning, cardiovascular fitness, and anti-aging through the means of a single exercise system. And we got it.

We named it 10X.

10X is the shortest, most effective workout regimen that taps into the evolutionary mechanisms of the primal human body. Instead of risking our lives to enhance our endurance by being chased by lions and bears, 10X utilizes those same evolutionary mechanisms to uplevel our fitness…tenfold.

By tapping into the body’s ability to continually adapt to highly intensive environments and activities, you unlock your fittest, healthiest, strongest, most mobile body possible.

Designed perfectly for busy people seeking to uplevel their fitness, beauty, and longevity, 10X requires an investment of only 40 minutes per week. That’s all you need to change your body composition and maintain optimal levels of strength and fitness throughout your life.

Unlike many other exercise programs, 10X goes beyond physical training to explore the realms of nutrition and sleep to optimize your experience too.

10X- Total Fitness

10X: Total Fitness Test Lab

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been testing 10X on the Mindvalley team, as well as hundreds of Mindvalley University students. Continually improving our formula, we finally discovered the perfect compilation of total fitness workouts. And the results were outstanding.

In the first 4 weeks, our Mindvalley guinea pigs increased their strength by 32.5% and picked up 1.5 kg of lean muscle mass.

We were so excited with our discoveries, that we wanted to share them with YOU too – so the 8-Week 10X Challenge was born.

Led by Exercise Physiologist Lorenzo Delano and Head of Health & Fitness Ronan Oliveira, 10X is a Total Fitness program for any beginner or non-strength training athlete seeking to jumpstart their strength by 25-40% and build 1-2 kg of muscle in less than 60 days.

10X is what people need right now,” states Ronan. “The state of the body in the state of the mind…and we’re excited about making this accessible to everyone.

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Written by
Amy White - Mindvalley Writer