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Mindvalley’s Top 4 Free Online Health & Longevity Courses

Mindvalley health courses

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Summary: You decided to take your health to the next level, but don’t know where to start? Explore Mindvalley’s masterclasses to improve your health and longevity.

Focusing on your health is a game-changer when it comes to revamping your overall well-being. As knowledge is the base of all transformational changes, you’ve probably considered joining some online health courses to build your intellectual foundation for a lifetime of thriving health.

Tons of healthcare classes are now available online, but it might get overwhelming trying to filter out the best choices that would lead you to incredible results.

To support you in the best way possible, Mindvalley teamed up with four pioneering powerhouses in the world of mental and physical health to guide the way to optimum, 360° wellbeing and longevity.

Let’s take a glance through the resources prepared for the next happier and healthier version of yourself.

1. Rapid Biohacks for Exceptional Health | Ben Greenfield

What You’ll Learn: We teamed up with Ben Greenfield to bring you this free masterclass so you can learn and apply easy biohacks to rapidly elevate your fitness, health, and longevity. And it all starts with an enjoyable 5-minute shower routine that will boost your metabolic rate. Main highlights of the class include:

  • Turn your body into a fat-burning machine through an easy 10-minute morning routine.
  • A rapid 4-minute exercise routine to increase strength, muscle endurance, and longevity.
  • The four pillars of complete and balanced fitness.
  • How to get better fitness results in 10 minutes.

About the Trainer: From athletes in the NHL and the NFL to top CEOs and endurance competitors — when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical performance to the max, they turn to renowned biohacker Ben Greenfield.

Class Duration: 70 minutes

What Students Say:

“I was inspired to radically upgrade my belief system as to my health and ability to manifest in areas of wellness. I lost 18 pounds and dropped in body fat percentage over the course of the quest.”

— David Alden, Registered massage therapist

“I definitely could see the difference in how I look and how I feel today and it’s only been 5 months. I am 46 and I feel and look even better than 25 years ago”

— Liudmila Leuckaja

“I did learn a lot from the quests in terms of what to do, what makes sense. And that awareness with science was something I needed.”

— Christina Ghose

Rapid Biohacks for Exceptional Health with Ben Greenfield | Mindvalley Trailer

2. The Next Evolution of Health & Fitness | Eric Edmeades

What You’ll Learn: In this special masterclass you’ll learn how to rewire the neural connections in your brain to embrace long-lasting healthy eating habits. This session is for anyone interested in reclaiming their health and correcting their weight naturally by getting to the root psychological causes of their cravings. Main highlights of the class:

  • The ultimate ‘habit hack’ for beating junk food and unhealthy cravings forever.
  • Unmasking the unholy trinity sabotaging your health for wealth.
  • Why conventional exercise and diet myths aren’t working.
  • Learn the 8 unspoken needs of the human body.

About the Trainer: Featuring on Forbes, CNN, and Inc., the founder of the award-winning health coaching company WILDFIT has a Mindvalley Masterclass that’s ready for viewing in your local time. Introducing the legendary Eric Edmeades!

Eric says that we all have a ‘food angel’ and a ‘food devil’ who dictate our success when it comes to our overall health — the ‘food angel’ wants you to eat the carrot, while the ‘food devil’ would prefer the cake. So who do you tend to listen to?

Class Duration: 60 minutes

What Students Say:

“Eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter because he knows how to instantly connect with the audience.”

— Alex Mandossian, CEO and Founder MarketingOnline.com

“Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business you know he achieved it.”

— Daniel Pristley, Author

“Eric Edmeades is an amazing teacher. I am so inspired by him being a speaker myself. He is not talking from a script, you can feel his heart.”

— Carol Benson

The Next Evolution Of Health & Fitness With Eric Edmeades – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

3. 10 Powerful Hacks to Unlock Your Superbrain | Jim Kwik

What You’ll Learn: Jim Kwik decided to collaborate with us to bring you a Superbrain Masterclass so you can learn faster, retain more, forget less, and embrace a healthier brain. Main highlights of the class include:

  • Clear your brain fog with 10 delicious brain foods.
  • Prime your brain for optimum performance with the perfect morning routine.
  • Learn an unconventional five-minute brain exercise to improve your brain capacity.
  • Discover one skill to get into the competitive edge of your industry.

About the Trainer: Globally celebrated brain expert Jim Kwik believes that everyone has a Superbrain that’s waiting to be unlocked and it’s just a matter of tapping into its power. From Virgin to Nike to NASA, Jim is a highly sought-out trainer for the world’s top organizations — so you don’t want to miss this free session.

Class Duration: 82 minutes

What Students Say:

“Jim is one of the foremost authorities in the world on this subject.”

— Brian Tracy, Chairman of Brian Tracy International

“There is no one that I trust more than Jim Kwik and his programs to optimize brain functioning.”

— Dr. Daniel Amen, NYT bestselling author 

“Real thanks to Jim Kwik and the whole team for the minds that they are creating, how they are empowering people to change the world and commit to making this a better planet.”

— Peter Diamandis, CEO of XPRIZE

How To Develop A Super Memory With Jim Kwik | Mindvalley Trailer

4. Get 10x Fitter and Stronger Exercising 30 Minutes a Week | Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Oliveira

What You’ll Learn: This free session will show you the path to get fitter and healthier through a science-based program which is only 15 minutes long, twice a week. Learn from experts in the field on how to power up your fitness routine, even when you’re struggling with motivation and lack of dedicated time for exercise. Main highlights of the class include:

  • An effective 15-minute workout to get fitter and stronger.
  • Explore the fascinating ways the human body adapts to physical triggers.
  • The one and only type of exercise you should focus on, based on scientific research.
  • How Mindvalley founder, Vishen, cut out his exercise routine by 90% and got in the best shape of his life.

About the Trainers: As top leaders in the health and fitness industry, who’ve spent years of academic research on exercise, fitness, and body science, Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Oliveira will introduce you to a mind-blowing body-toning exercise routine.

Class Duration: 65 minutes

What Students Say:

“Thanks to Mindvalley and to 10X, I am 47 years old and I feel like I am at the best time of my life. I feel more confident and stronger mentally and physically than when I was in my 20s.”

— Nadya Veliz, Vice-president of Deportes LUTECIA

“My top 3 insight was all about the science behind health and fitness as everything is connected. For me, it was important to know the why as well as to see the big picture from different angles.”

— Szimonetta Banai, FOH Supervisor

“Only after starting to work out with Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira and following their 10X methodology, I started seeing results  – quickly.”

— Monique Schuldt, Email Marketing Manager

Introducing 10X by Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Oliveira

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Health Courses

What is healthcare?

Taking care of your health requires looking after your physical, mental, and emotional well-being in order to improve or maintain your quality of life. 

According to this study published by the American Board of Family Medicine, the amount of time spent on healthcare increases for people already in poor health conditions. Most young people especially, tend to neglect their healthcare, ending up regretting their decision later on in their adulthood.

For this reason, we want to not only prevent, but create the optimal setting for thriving health, therefore a superpowered life. Let us show you how.

Why is it important to experience online health courses?

Knowledge is the fuel that powers transformation in our life. We expand our minds and vision as we accumulate information about the infinite possibilities to live the life we truly desire.

When it comes to well-being, there are many resources to access and gain valuable insight on mastering your health, but supposedly you don’t have the time to read hundreds of books and studies done on this subject.

The most time-efficient way to benefit from the power of health knowledge is to join an online health class where experts in the field will lead you to radical change.

When it comes to what’s truly important to you in your life, what comes to mind?

Be it your family, your career, or your dreams yet to be fulfilled, the truth is, it would all mean very little without your health and your ability to experience your blessings.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The first wealth, above anything or anyone else, is health.” Odds are, the reason you’re reading this article is because you’ve been inspired to tend to yours — and this is no doubt a great place to start.

What will you learn in our online health courses?

A course in healthcare will offer a set of tools to level up your health game. To spark up your enthusiasm, consider the following:

  • Easy-to-learn techniques to biohack your workout routine
  • In-depth guidance regarding your brain health
  • Effective ways to master long-lasting healthy eating habits
  • Powerful exercises to build muscle and tone up your whole body

Step Into a Lifetime of Health and Longevity

We hope that Mindvalley’s top picks of online health masterclasses awakened your inner capacity of becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

To leave you with a challenging thought, Eric Edmeades put it concisely: “I’m not interested in universal healthcare. I’m interested in universal self-care.”

The world needs more people who prioritize self-care on all levels to create a wholesome thriving future for the next generations. Congratulations. You’ve become one of them.

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Written by

Amy White

Amy White is the former senior editor of Mindvalley with a track record of over 100 personal growth articles and published books collectively. When she's not writing, she's probably in a downward-facing dog chanting Om Shanti.
Picture of Amy White

Amy White

Amy White is the former senior editor of Mindvalley with a track record of over 100 personal growth articles and published books collectively. When she's not writing, she's probably in a downward-facing dog chanting Om Shanti.
Ronan Diego
Expertise by

Ronan Diego is a holistic health mentor, creator of Body Mastery and HoloBody Certification, as well as co-founder of one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness programs of all time: 10X. As one of the most trustworthy authorities on health, fitness, longevity, and well-being, Ronan has been featured on the stages of Mindvalley University, A-Fest, and LifePlugin. Today, Ronan coaches thousands of people from all over the planet. From healthy weight loss and rock-solid fitness to enhanced longevity and healing, Ronan’s positive impact on those around him continues to grow through his cutting-edge fitness and nutrition project, HoloBody.

Jim Kwik, Trainer of Mindvalley's Superbrain & Superreading Quests
Expertise by

Jim Kwik is the trainer of Mindvalley’s Superbrain and Super Reading Quests. He’s a brain coach and a world expert in speed reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance. Known as the “boy with the broken brain” due to a childhood injury, Jim discovered strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He is now committed to helping people improve their memory, learn to speed-read, increase their decision-making skills, and turn on their superbrain. He has shared his techniques with Hollywood actors, Fortune 500 companies, and trailblazing entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson to reach their highest level of mental performance. He is also one of the most sought-after trainers for top organizations like Harvard University, Nike, Virgin, and GE.

Eric Edmeades - Trainer
Expertise by

Eric is the founder of the most effective health transformation program available on the planet; WILDFIT®. Awarded by the Canadian Senate for his dedication to improving the quality of human health and wellbeing, Eric Edmeades is also a serial entrepreneur with experience including wireless networking, military research, Hollywood film production, and award-winning and life-saving medical simulation. Widely celebrated as one of the most powerful and entertaining speakers in the world, Eric Edmeades has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton to name a few.

Expertise by

Ben Greenfield is the trainer of Mindvalley’s The Longevity Blueprint Quest. He is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, obstacle course racer, human performance consultant, speaker, and author of 13 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Beyond Training.

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Mindvalley is committed to providing reliable and trustworthy content. 

We rely heavily on evidence-based sources, including peer-reviewed studies and insights from recognized experts in various personal growth fields. Our goal is to keep the information we share both current and factual. 

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