How to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape as an Endomorph Male

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Training for your body type is essential for physical fitness, especially if you’re an endomorph. Male endomorphs have bodies that are naturally predisposed to storing extra fat around the belly. They also tend to gain weight rather easily, which makes staying in shape extra challenging.

Still, just because you’re an endomorph doesn’t mean that you can’t get ripped. Think of Gerard Butler in “300” or Russell Crowe in “Gladiator” – both famous endomorphs who have managed to transform their stocky bodies through a combination of body type-specific diet, exercise – and, of course, hard work.

To start moving toward your fitness goal, you need to understand your body type.

Read on to learn more about endomorph body type and the best ways to get it in shape.

What Is Endomorph Body Type?

Almost eight decades ago, American psychologist William Sheldon devised a classificationsystem that divided humans according to their body types – or somatotypes, as he called them. Based on the shared physical traits of thousands of people whose photographs he had studied, he identified three body types.

Ectomorphs are fine-boned and fragile with very little – if any – body fat and a chronic inability to gain weight. Muscular and strong, mesomorphs represent the ideal of physical perfection. Finally, there are endomorphs, who are the opposite of ectomorphs – round, chubby, and prone to weight and fat gain.

An endomorph normally has a large frame with a round head and narrow shoulders. Typically shorter than other somatotypes, endomorphs have short legs and arms with fat hips, thighs, and upper arms, as well as slender ankles and wrists. Although they are not necessarily obese – or even overweight – their muscles aren’t too clearly defined and are covered in a layer of body fat.

Speaking of body fat, endomorphs have more of it than other body types due to their slow metabolism. Before their body has had a chance to convert the calories they consume into energy, most of them will have already been converted into fat and visibly stored in the lower portion of the torso.


What is an endomorph male body type?

While all endomorphs store the majority of their body fat in the lower section, female and male endomorphs store them in different places. The reasons for this are evolutionary.

You see, because men tend to pack more muscle mass than women, they have larger frames. On the other hand, women have wider hips because their pelvis needs enough room to expand during pregnancy and childbirth.

For these reasons, men store most of their body fat in the belly and women around the hips and thighs. Whereas endomorph women are typically pear-shaped, male endomorphs are most often apple-shaped.

Do Endomorphs Gain Muscle Easily?

With a good diet and regular exercise, endomorphs should have no problem growing muscle.

They can gain body fat just as easily, but they can prevent that by tweaking their macronutrient intake.

If you’re an endomorph looking to lose weight and/or gain muscle, you need to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. Ideally, you should be getting no more than 30% of your energy from carbs. The rest should come from high-quality protein and healthy fats (35% each). If you want to accelerate the process, you can bring your carbohydrate intake down to 25% and increase your protein intake to 40%.

When it comes to exercise, a combination of strength training and cardio should do the trick. The former will help burn calories, while the latter will protect your cardiovascular health and prevent your body from converting calories into body fat.


Can an Endomorph Get Abs?

Six packs aren’t reserved solely for mesomorphs – endomorphs can have them, too.

Of course, as with all other muscles in your body, you will need to find the best exercise for your body type and tweak your diet accordingly while keeping your macronutrient intake under control.

You will likely start with cardio to boost your metabolic rate and reduce body fat. In many cases, that should be enough for your abs to start showing. After that, you will tone them with a combination of knee crunches, toe touches, leg raises, scissor kicks, planks and/or other workouts recommended by your fitness instructor.

The Final Word

The key to your health and fitness is your purpose.

– Jon Butcher, Author of Mindvalley’s Lifebook Program

For endomorph men, diet and exercise aren’t just a means to an end. If you want to stay fit and be happy in your own skin, working out and healthy eating should become your way of life.

Of course, this will require a lot of effort and dedication.

But as long as you can find purpose in everything that you do, staying in shape shouldn’t be a problem.

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How do you keep your endomorph body in shape? Tell us about your fitness regimen in the comments below.

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