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Lifebook: How To Create The Life You Love

by Tatiana Azman March 10, 2021
What does it take to create the life you love? The answer is Lifebook, a transformational design system that allows you to live a life that is deeply ordinary, yet profoundly extraordinary.

Your Life Is Yours To Live

It happens to the best of us – life starts to feel mundane and idle.

It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re just going through the motions. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re not getting anywhere. It’s definitely not uncommon to feel that you are meant for something greater that society has written for you. These feelings can be frustrating and suffocating.

Like a bad relationship in desperate need of a break up, you start feeling the need to break out of the stagnation and find yourself. How do you do that exactly? For this golden question, we bring you a ‘how to’ for creating the life for you to live and love.

Step 1: Make A Conscious Shift

The great thing about your life turning monotonous is your realization of it. Denis Waitley once wisely said, “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Now that you are aware, you can consciously do something about it.

With any change comes resistance and it’s no different with personal change. At times, the resistance is external, where people feel it is their civic duty to impart their opinions of your life decisions on you. Other times, more often than not, the resistance is internal, meaning it’s you versus yourself.

Take a moment and remember how you used to perceive life. Was it something you felt needed to be controlled, fixed, or changed? Now, imagine how it would feel if you let go of those feelings and you put your wholehearted trust in life. The shift would allow you to be more open to accept and grow from every experience.

Step 2: Make Your Purpose Clear

‘Knowledge is power.’

‘Follow your passion.’

‘Nothing worth having comes easy.’

Raise your hand if you’ve heard one or all of these pieces of advice. Has it worked? Maybe for some of you, but most probably not for most of you.

What once was sage encouragement are now cliché phrases and should be blacked out from the glossary of life advice. Why? Because they tend to imply that lack of knowledge, passion, or determination is the problem. However, it is not.

Don’t get us wrong, these words of encouragement are great as a stepping stone for getting you out of a rut. However, for creating the life you love, these cliché phrases just create confusion.

Words like “success,” “knowledge,” and “passion” are so overused, they’ve lost their real meaning. Simply put, they just aren’t specific enough. They’re not the advice that will catapult you to your ideal life. Aligning your life vision with these words is like putting a love letter in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean with hopes that Prince/Princess Charming will find it.

Think about this: if the vision for your ideal life isn’t specific enough, how can you know what to learn or why you should learn? How can you know who to network with or mentor from? How can you live the life you love if you don’t know who you are?

Think of successful people you admire. Maybe it’s Bill Gates. Maybe it’s Oprah Winfrey. Maybe it’s Vishen Lakhiani. Maybe it’s Jon and Missy Butcher. These are people who accomplish what they set out to do for themselves. What do they do that makes them successful? They speak with precision. They have made their purpose with clear intention.

And you can too.

Step 3: Design Your Lifebook

If someone gave you an empty book for you to fill with all the things you ever dreamed of having in your life, no holds barred, what would you write? What does that life look like to you? Do you want to focus on your health and be more fit? Do you want to have a better relationship with the people around you? Do you want a better relationship with money? Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself?

This is where Lifebook comes in. Lifebook is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to envision, design, and live your very best life on your own terms.

It was created by Jon and Missy Butcher, who used to struggle to balance their careers with their health, relationships, and sanity. In an interview with Mindvalley’s CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, Jon explained, “If you have a desire for a successful, happy life, it’s up to you to discover how to satisfy that desire.”

And that’s exactly what the Butcher’s did. They gave made clearly defined goals for 12 dimensions of their lives:

  1. Physical
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Romantic
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality of Life
  12. Life Vision

They now live the ‘impossible’ life: founded numerous impact-driven companies and philanthropic organizations, are financially free, kept the romance alive in their marriage, live in multiple countries a year, built a dream home in Hawaii, and are the epitome of ‘aging with grace’.

Clearly defined goals are specific and measurable, and will provide you with clarity of purpose. By being specific about your goals, especially in Lifebook’s 12 dimensions, you’ll be able to gauge how close or far you are from reaching them. You’ll be able to identify what exactly it is that you want to accomplish, who you need in your life to achieve it, potential setbacks that may arise, and exactly what you need to overcome them.

During the interview, Vishen asked the Butchers, “why is it that so many people never  live an extraordinary life?”

It doesn’t occur to most people that they could have an extraordinary life,” Jon replied.

Lifebook was created to do just that-allow you to live your ideal life, one that is deeply ordinary, yet profoundly extraordinary. A life you love.

Start Designing Your Lifebook

For those of you wanting to take your goal-setting game plan to the next level in all 12 life categories, we hooked up with Jon and Missy to bring you their FREE Lifebook Online Mindvalley Masterclass. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to put all this information together in your very own physical Lifebook that outlines the ideal life you’re walking towards. It’s the only book you’ll ever truly need. 

In this 90-minute deep-dive session you’ll be discovering the 4-step life redesign process as well as getting crystal clear on what you desire to achieve in the 12 different Lifebook categories mentioned in this article.

If you’re ready to live an ideal life with no compromises, join more than 350,000 students who have already completed this Masterclass by clicking below.

This class is available in your local time and is free of charge for everyone.

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