Mindvalley’s Top 3 Free Masterclasses For Health & Longevity

Mindvalley’s Top 3 Free Masterclasses For Health & Longevity

Introducing Mindvalley Masterclass

Here at Mindvalley, we’re big believers in free personal growth content for everyone.

No matter our age, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, or financial situation, we all deserve support and guidance when it comes to navigating what can be a crazy, overwhelming world.

That’s the inspiration for Mindvalley Masterclasses.

Completely free and jampacked full of wisdom from the world’s most celebrated teachers and life coaches, Mindvalley Masterclasses are easy-to-consume online videos that are available to you from wherever you are on the planet.

The First Wealth Is Health

When it comes to what’s truly important to you in your life…what comes to mind?

Be it your family, your career or your dreams yet to be fulfilled, the truth is, it would all mean very little without your health and your ability to experience your blessings!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, the first wealth, above anything or anyone else, is health. Odds are, the reason you’re reading this article is because you’ve been inspired to tend to yours – and this is no doubt a great place to start. To support you in the best way possible, we teamed up with three pioneering powerhouses in the world of mental and physical health to guide the way to optimum, 360 well-being and longevity.

From easy-to-learn techniques to biohack your work-out routine to in-depth guidance regarding your brain health, here’s Mindvalley’s Official Top 3 Free Masterclasses For Health & Longevity to get you started.

1. Rapid Biohacks For Exceptional Health | Ben Greenfield

From athletes from the NHL and the NFL, to top CEOs and endurance competitors – when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical performance to the max, they turn to renowned biohacker Ben Greenfield.

We teamed up with Ben to bring you this FREE 60-minute Masterclass so you can learn and apply easy biohacks to rapidly elevate your fitness, health, longevity. And it all starts with a weird 5-minute shower routine that will boost your metabolic rate…

2. The Next Evolution Of Health & Fitness | Eric Edmeades

Featuring on Forbes, CNN and Inc., the founder of the award-winning health coaching company WildFit has a brand new Mindvalley Masterclass that’s ready for viewing in your local time.

Introducing the legendary Eric Edmeades!

Eric says that we all have a Food Angel and a Food Devil who dictate our success when it comes to our overall health – the Food Angel wants you to eat the carrot, the Food Devil would prefer the cake. So who do you tend to listen to?

In this special 60-minute Masterclass you’ll learn how to rewire the neural connections in your brain to embrace long-lasting healthy eating habits. This session is for anyone interested in reclaiming their health and correcting their weight naturally by getting the root psychological causes of their cravings…

3. 10 Powerful Hacks To Unlock Your Superbrain | Jim Kwik

As you strive to keep your body fit and healthy…don’t forget about your brain!

Globally celebrated brain expert Jim Kwik believes that everyone has a Superbrain that’s waiting to be unlocked – it’s just a matter of tapping into its power. Because of this, Jim decided to collaborate with us to bring you a Superbrain Masterclass so you can learn faster, retain more, forget less and embrace a healthier brain.

From Virgin, to Nike, to NASA, Jim is a highly sought-out trainer for the world’s top organizations – so you don’t want to miss this free 60-minute session!

Bon Voyage!

We hope these free Masterclasses serve as guidance and support on your journey to optimum health and longevity. We’d love for you to let us know how it goes in the comments below! 

Written by
Amy White