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Relationships Want Multiple Orgasms? Here Are 8 Simple Techniques

Want Multiple Orgasms? Here Are 8 Simple Techniques

While they seem to be an elusive myth, multiple orgasms are possible — and anyone can experience them.

How Can Women Achieve Multiple Orgasms?

Reaching orgasm is one of the peaks of sexual experience, but surprisingly, this can be challenging for a lot of women. Apparently, one-third of women have never had an orgasm — and even fewer have ever experienced multiple orgasms.

Instead, Mindvalley Academy’s intimacy coach and author of Tantra Touch, Psalm Isadora, has eight simple steps to help women embrace their bodies and reach the blissful state of orgasm — potentially multiple times.

Tune Into Your Body

In this short video, you’ll discover Psalm’s tips to help you tune into your body, and learn how to build and release your inner sexual tension.

  • (00:41) — Tip 1: These two words are here to remind you that your body needs a release, so follow-through;
  • (01:35) — Tip 2: Once you’ve reached your climax, how can you get another, back-to-back? You can start by going to the “gym”;
  • (02:33) — Tip 3: Get your muscles working by exercising the three-tier technique from the bottom to the top;
  • (03:28) — Tip 4: Did you know that breathing could help you achieve multiple orgasms? Try out this breathing technique and experience it yourself;
  • (04:17) — Tip 5: As important as it is to reach your climax, you should also learn to relax. You’ll need two fingers for this exercise;
  • (04:55) — Tip 6: The power of touch is more important than you know. Here’s an excuse to get more hands-on;
  • (05:44) — Tip 7: This technique will have you exercising your self-control. Get ready to reach your edge;
  • (06:15) — Tip 8: Finally, Psalm shares the most important technique of all, and know that it’s not just lip service from here on out.

If you’ve ever been curious about experiencing multiple orgasms, then this simple wisdom is what you need.

Here’s a key quote from the Psalm on the experience of having orgasms:

When you get the full release, that’s when you get all the serotonin and dopamine release in your brain. Same thing as when people have caffeine or drugs because it is that powerful.

– Psalm Isadora

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