7 Healing Quotes On How To Love Yourself And Reclaim Your Sexual Power

7 Healing Quotes On How To Love Yourself And Reclaim Your Sexual Power


Do you want to love yourself more and forge deeper connections? Read advice by legendary intimacy expert, Psalm Isadora, who helped thousands do exactly that.

Have you ever met someone, a stranger or a friend of a friend, who you could instantly tell was authentic, happy, successful — and absolutely magnetic?

Have you ever wondered, “What’s their secret? Why don’t I feel the same way?”

Those able to reawaken that magnetic power are able to shift their self-loathing habits into self-loving habits. They’ve been able to transform their old pain into a new purpose that guides their life.

The late legendary intimacy expert and author of Tantra Touch, Psalm Isadora, helped tens of thousands of people release their shame and access their true divine self through sexual healing.

Read her most invaluable wisdom below to bring more self-love, connection, and compassion into your life.

#1: On A Sacred Aspect Of Human Experience

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Sexual Healing Love Yourself Tantra Touch

The whole world is starving for sexual healing.

There’s an epidemic of depression, disconnection, and anxiety in the modern world — in part because a large portion of us are staring at our computer screens.

So if we want to heal the world, then we need to talk about one of the most sacred aspects of the human experience: Sexuality. As Psalm said, “Sexual healing is not just a Marvin Gaye song.” Our sexual energy is the connection between body and soul, between us and others.

Our sexuality holds the answer to our shame, traumas, those feelings of disconnection. Sexual healing can empower us to know ourselves, our partners, and the world better.

#2: On Shifting Your Pain Into Your Purpose

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Purpose Love Yourself Tantra Touch

Imagine the tremendous amount of courage it takes for a seed to push itself through the earth. All of us have that seed of purpose inside of us.

Change isn’t easy. Sometimes we become comfortably uncomfortable, accepting our shame, traumas, and self-defeating thought patterns as “just part of life.”

By realizing you have something to give to your friends, your community, and the world, you can transmute that pain inside of you into purpose.

Wherever you decide to bring your light, you’ll shine ten times brighter for all of the darkness you’ve encountered.

#3: On The Power To Move Forward

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Fear Love Yourself Tantra Touch

Lean Into Your Fears.
Lean Into Your Anxiety.

Has someone ever told you to “just relax and breathe” through your anxiety, stress, and panic

Forcing yourself to be calm, especially when your beating heart and quickened breath won’t slow down, doesn’t always work. Often, we end up more frustrated and anxious than before. Instead of repressing what you’re feeling, you can learn to trust your instinctual response.

Just like “you need to chew your food in order to process it,” Psalm suggests processing your feelings through the “Breath of Fire” technique.

Learn where to surrender, so you have the power to keep moving forward.

#4: On The Choices You Make

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Choices Love Yourself Tantra Touch

The choices you make define your life.

Growth exists only outside of your comfort zone. In order to have the life you want, you need to learn to say “yes” to the opportunities that scare but help you.

Answer these questions:
What are you afraid of claiming, for fear you don’t deserve it?
Where are you afraid of going, for fear you’re leaving people behind?
What are you afraid of doing, for fear of not being ready?

If you choose to play small, you’ll have a small life. But choosing to play big means that even if you make mistakes, you’ll grow. Neither choice is good or bad — but it does mean you’ll have to live with the consequences of that choice.

#5: On Experiencing The Fullness Of Life

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Sexual Energy Love Yourself Tantra Touch

Sexual energy is this powerful, creative force inside of us that manifests and creates our entire life.

Sex isn’t just about having sex. In Tantra, sexual energy is a powerful force that creates your entire life. It’s about how we express ourselves, or manifest possibilities in this world.

Any body shame or unhealthy sexual beliefs will end up affecting your self-esteem, relationships, and career. Unfortunately, most people in the world have an unhealthy relationship with their bodies and their sexuality.

Our society tells us that sex is dirty and sinful — but we’re all birthed from sex to experience the fullness of life.

By unblocking your Shakti, or powerful sexual energy, you’ll become more creative. You’ll live more authentically. Your intuition will be better. And you’ll open yourself up to enjoying all the pleasures of life.

#6: On Unconditional Love

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Unconditional Love Yourself Tantra Touch

You are worthy of unconditional love.

How many of us have told ourselves that we can only grant self-love if we’ve met certain conditions?

We, consciously or unconsciously, say to our bodies, “I’ll only love you if you’re ten pounds lighter.”

Sometimes we believe, “I can only love myself after I’m a perfect mother or a great writer.”

And often we say, “I only deserve to love myself if other people love me.”

Don’t put off love for yourself, don’t wait for certain conditions to be met. At any moment, on any day, you — and only you — have the power to grant yourself unconditional self-love.

#7: On Loving Fearlessly

Psalm Isadora Quotes On Making Love Yourself Tantra Touch

Make love to each other. Make love to your food. Make love. Just make love.

And finally, there is one more thing you can do to heal yourself and the world: make love. There is no more room for hatred — we’ve reached capacity there.

But the problems on this earth can and will only be solved from a place of love and compassion. You can make more love in this world by showing compassion to yourself, trying to understand others more, and building deeper connections.

Put simply, above all else, love fearlessly.