The Sex Talk: 3 Lessons the Experts Want You to Know

The Sex Talk: 3 Lessons the Experts Want You to Know


Let’s talk all about sex. Three experts join Vishen on The Mindvalley Podcast for shame-free conversations about sex and the lessons they want you to know.

Sex should be on fire! (Not STI style, mind you.)

We’re talking about the pleasures, the connections, and (this reason is our favorite) the health benefits

Sure, sex’s reputation hasn’t always been rosy (thanks a lot, porn industry), and it remains one of the biggest taboo topics to date. But like a phoenix, it’s rising from the ashes (pardon the pun).

Sex-positive agendas are everywhere—Sex, Love & goop on Netflix, New York Times best-seller Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., advice by @sexpositivefamilies on Instagram, and there’s even a gentleman’s guide.

And because having sex talk can be difficult for some people, we’ve brought in three experts to The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen, founder and CEO of Mindvalley, to weigh in on this very hot and heavy topic.

From experiencing mind-blowing orgasms to having a healthy sex life in your golden years to how to talk to your kids about sex… it’s time to have shame-free, science-backed conversations on sex.

So turn up the volume and press play.

1. Bibi Brzozka on the Secret to Experiencing Full-Body Orgasms and Intimacy

Everyone wants to have better sex with full-body orgasms and intimacy. But many of us still have a thing or two to learn. It’s a good thing Bibi Brzozka is here to show us how to tap into our sexual energy.

Sexual energy is the most primal, raw, powerful expression of the life force energy we human beings can tap into.

— Bibi Brzozka, love, sex, and relationship coach

In this episode, this Bibi focuses on a brand of sex education that will help you understand more about your sexual energy and the importance of creating conscious sexual energy with yourself. Bonus: Bibi shares the secret to experiencing a full-body orgasm for yourself.

Bibi’s sex talk tips

  • How to shift your perception of sexuality and self-pleasure.
  • Create a more intimate, conscious sexual connection with yourself.
  • How to experience truly orgasmic states in your body.

2. Dr. Amy Killen on How to Have Amazing Sex for the Rest of Your Life

Sex is so much more than just pleasure. It’s about connection, intimacy, and health.

That’s right. Sex is a pillar of health.

The effects of an active sex life spill over and they infiltrate every little nook and cranny of our lives to make us happier and healthier.

— Dr. Amy Killen, anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician who specializes in sexual medicine

But here’s the thing: as we get older, our sex life declines. Bummer, right? 

Fortunately, there are ways (backed by science) to keep your sex life active and thriving

In this episode, Dr. Amy Killen, anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician who specializes in sexual medicine, sits down with Vishen to debunk the myths that are ruining your sex life.

Dr. Amy Killen’s sex talk tips

  • The myths about the sex life you bought into.
  • How sex is connected to your longevity.
  • Six immediate solutions that will make a BIG impact on your sexual health.

3. Annie Lalla on How to Openly Talk About Sex With Your Kids

Many parents believe the awkward “birds and bees” talk with their child is a one-time event… or that school will cover all the bases. That, friend, is a fantasy.

The truth is sex should be discussed at every stage of your child’s life. And the depth of the topic should be based on age, as pointed out by an article in Today’s Parent.

Most parents wait until culture and other things, not them, introduce sexuality to their child’s mind.

— Annie Lalla, sexual therapist

As a parent, it’s important to not sit on your laurels. It’s your job to prepare yourself for the sex talk and get to that topic with your child before society does. And sexual therapist Annie Lalla can help.

In this awkwardness-free conversation with Vishen, she highlights how you can create and foster a safe space to raise sexually healthy children at every stage.

Annie’s sex talk tips

  • Sex in the movies? How to react in front of your children.
  • Handling conversations about masturbation with your child.
  • Why it’s important for parents to talk about sex with each other.

Fire Up Your Greatness

There’s no better time than now to step into your discomfort zone and make great changes — not only in your sex life but in other aspects of it as well.

Annie, Bibi, and Dr. Killen are only three on the long list of incredible experts on The Mindvalley Podcast who can help guide you to your limitless potential. No matter what you’re looking for — be it developing a money mindset, karma, or perhaps setting boundaries — there’s a podcast for that.

So step into the world of Mindvalley and fire up the greatness in you.

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