Can Working Out Less (Far Less) Actually Make You Fitter?

Can Working Out Less (Far Less) Actually Make You Fitter?


Watch this case study of how Mary transformed her body with the 10X exercise protocol. It’ll change everything you thought you knew about fitness.

Meet Mindvalley Member Mary

Mary is an incredible woman who works for the US military. As she entered her 40s, Mary continued to lead an active lifestyle; enjoying sports like basketball and soccer.

On top of that, she was no stranger to long, arduous, highly intense endurance runs while carrying a 35lbs backpack in her military training.

If that wasn’t enough, Mary was also a regular gym-goer and committed herself to hour-long workouts as standard.

What a woman!

While perhaps most of us don’t commit ourselves to exercise quite as much as Mary, many of us do hit the gym to take care of our physical fitness. And many of us believe, just like Mary did, that an hour at the gym constitutes a great workout.

So why, after engaging in all the ‘right’ exercises and ticking all the fitness boxes, was she struggling to reduce her body fat index?

10X – Hitting The Next Level In Health & Fitness

Turns out, Mary didn’t just have it all wrong when it came to efficiency, but she also had it wrong when it came to the type of exercise she was doing.

Then Mary discovered 10X.

By cutting down her physical activity to just two 15-minute workouts a week with Mindvalley’s 10X protocol, she managed to build significant lean muscle mass, shed pounds of body fat, and got into the greatest shape of her life.

Watch this video to learn how 10X transformed Mary’s fitness!

Want To Get 10x Fitter While Cutting Out 90% Of Your Usual Exercise Time?

Join Vishen Lakhiani and Mindvalley’s Health and Fitness Team as they reveal why the common approach to working out is often a waste of time and energy – and how you can gain optimal fitness, strength, and longevity with just 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week.

This Masterclass is completely free of charge.

Highlights include

  • Why ‘the more you work out, the fitter you get’ is today’s biggest myth in exercise and fitness science. Discover why the latest studies in muscle conditioning prove it’s unnecessary to spend hours a week in the gym – and how you can get even fitter, stronger, and healthier by exercising less.
  • Terrified cavemen and hungry saber-toothed tigers = nature’s best-kept secret to optimal fitness? Explore the fascinating ways the human body adapts to perceived danger – and how you can safely and rapidly supercharge your strength, agility, and longevity through simple exercises that trigger your body’s evolutionary mechanisms.
  • The one and only type of exercise you need to focus on, in order to gain optimal fitness. It’s okay to enjoy cardio, yoga, or traditional gym workouts – but if you want the best results in the least amount of time possible, science shows this is the only form of exercise you need.
  • Why your regular exercise routine could be destroying your muscle growth, and setting you up for more excess weight. Some of the most common approaches to exercise – particularly among women – can also be the most damaging to your strength, fitness, weight, and longevity. Discover what they are, and what to do instead.

From the team here at Mindvalley, we hope to see you in the Masterclass!

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