Heal Past Traumas With This Powerful Heart Meditation

If we can hack our belief system around sex,
we can get to the deepest places of our taboos and
start to actually unleash our power of being able to
connect with each other with more intimacy.

— Psalm Isadora

Meditate And Heal Your Heart

In this moving 24-minute video, the late Psalm Isadora will teach you a simple yet powerful meditation to help you tune into your heart’s desires, remove shame and fear around your relationships, and allow yourself to be truly vulnerable and open.

In the video, here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How Psalm gave herself a magic tool to help her search for ways to awaken the human senses.
  • A long-lasting technique that has helped Psalm to live a life in technicolor. 
  • The first gift you should give yourself and an old Tantric saying that can help you find your way. 
  • Psalm Isadora’s guided meditation that will help you through your intimacy blocks. 
  • Powerful advice on how to love others and yourself, because you can flip the script.

Here is one of the key takeaways from the video. 

You’re not gonna make real and lasting breakthroughs
until you include your body.

— Psalm Isadora

Benefits Of Doing Heart Meditation

Fulfillment of intimacy

Imagine getting close with someone by sharing your stories and experiences with someone who wants to do the same with you.

By practicing heart meditation you unlock your fear of intimacy through deep thoughts and visualization. You’ll attract someone who you’ll have plenty of common with.

Connect with your deepest feelings

Heart meditation relaxes the mind, spirit, and heart. By accessing your heart through meditation, you’ll connect with your inner feelings and begin to balance your emotions and thoughts.

Know your self-worth

When you become one with your heart through heart meditation, your body and mind become in sync and you begin to acknowledge your self-worth. When you know your self-worth, you begin to realize that you deserve to open your life to intimacy.

Have a healthy heart

Stress and anxiety can increase your blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can contribute to heart disease. When you practice heart meditation your blood pressure decreases because you simultaneously reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

All of these benefits of heart-opening meditations work to heal the deep-seated traumas we all experience. They make us more capable of loving each other and ourselves.

Which of these benefits from heart meditation would you like to receive? What inspired you about the late Psalm Isadora’s life story?

We’d love to hear from you by posting your comments below!

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