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Relationships How Sacred Sexuality Heals Shame And Trauma

How Sacred Sexuality Heals Shame And Trauma

In this talk, filmed at Mindvalley A-Fest Greece, sexuality and intimacy expert Psalm Isadora explains why the world is starving for sexual healing, how we store memories and trauma in our bodies — and why we need to honor our sexuality today.

Sexual Healing

If we want to make the world a better place, then we need to talk about sex.

Our sexuality is the one area of our lives we leave in the shadows. Unlike our careers, hobbies and routines, we don’t explore exactly what we want, what we need or how we can improve — even though sex is at the very center of our lives.

And there’s a simple reason why: shame.

Most of us carry some form of sexual guilt or trauma, believing sex is bad, dirty, sinful. But sexuality can be the most sacred part of human experience. We can heal, love and transcend through the intimate connections we make with ourselves and our partners.

Legendary intimacy and trauma expert, Psalm Isadora, shares how she was able to overcome the sexual trauma and shame she experienced growing up in a religious cult to become a Tantra sex coach who has empowered tens of thousands of people to love themselves and experience deeper connections.

The Best Highlights

This video isn’t just powerful — it’s truly life-changing. You’ll discover how sacred sexuality can heal shame and trauma, as well as:

  • (1:30) — How to bring back passion, love, and intimacy into lovemaking and relationships that have turned mechanical and impersonal;
  • (4:00) — Why healthy sexual energy is important if we want to affect change in any area of our life;
  • (11:38) — How sexual guilt can affect our bodies and our relationships;
  • (22:11) — A meditation demonstration to break through body shame and break down intimacy blocks.

Watch this 30-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Greece 2016 to learn how to experience the sacredness of sexual connection and heal your past traumas.

In Tantra, we don’t believe that sex is just about having sex. It’s understanding that sexual energy is this powerful, creative force inside of us that manifests and creates our entire life.

— Psalm Isadora

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