Mindvalley’s Top 4 Free Self-Esteem Classes

Mindvalley’s Top 4 Free Self-Esteem Classes


If you’ve been looking for self-esteem classes to boost your confidence, look no further. Here are Mindvalley’s top four free masterclasses that can help.

It’s normal to grow up with some self-esteem issues that often resolve themselves as we mature.

But many of us have, indeed, brought our insecurities with us into adulthood.

So are you ready to boost  your self-esteem, reconnect with your inner strength, and most importantly, love all the forgotten parts of yourself?

Great news — you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll dive into the best FREE self-esteem classes, jam-packed full of wisdom and tools to skyrocket your self-worth.

Here are Mindvalley’s official top four free masterclasses for self-esteem to get you started:

  1. Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy for Unshakable Confidence | Marisa Peer
  2. Extreme Resilience: Bounce Back Every Time Life Knocks You Down | Dr. Srikumar Rao
  3. 4 Secrets to Powerful Communication & Self-Expression | Lisa Nichols
  4. How to Access Altered States of Mind for Consciousness | Vishen

Let’s dive into each of them in detail.


1. Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy for Unshakable Confidence | Marisa Peer

What You’ll Learn: In her free Masterclass, Experience Rapid Transformational Therapy to Awaken Your Most Unshakeable Self, you’ll be learning how to instantly awaken a more powerful YOU as well as beginning a healing journey around the low self-esteem you may have developed in your childhood. Main highlights of the class include:

  • A live 20-minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session.
  • Discover the 8 beliefs that separate top performers from everyone else.
  • Understand the real key to breakthrough in any area of your life.
  • Learn to install a new mental model in your subconscious for powerful transformation.

About the Trainer: Recognized by Tatler and Men’s Health Magazine as ‘Britain’s #1 Therapist’, Marisa Peer is one of the world’s most well-known (and well-loved) hypnotherapists.

Famously appearing on a variety of television and radio stations, Marisa has spent nearly 30 years working with an extensive client list including royalty, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and political leaders all in need of a confidence boost.

Class Duration: 84 minutes

What Students Say: 

“Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill at getting people to change.”

— Jason Roberts, Premier league football player

“Marisa’s therapeutic work and [counsel] is a hugely powerful resource in my life.”

— Gerry Cott, Co-founder with Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats

“Marisa’s work is profoundly effective. She gets to the root of (the issue) and liberates you from it’s vice-like grip.”

— Des’ree, British music icon

Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy With Marisa Peer – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer – Video

2. Extreme Resilience: Bounce Back Every Time Life Knocks You Down | Dr. Srikumar Rao

What You’ll Learn: In Dr. Rao’s free 60-minute session, Discover 5 Powerful Mind Hacks For Yoda-Like Mental Toughness, you’ll discover a powerful framework to help you bounce back happier and stronger if life has knocked you down. Main highlights of the class:

  • Learn five mental models to shift your perspective on yourself and the world around you.
  • Develop unshakable positivity and turn your frustrations into possibilities for growth.
  • Awaken the fortune hunter inside you and become a magnet to abundance.
  • Discover how to flow effortlessly towards your goals.

About the Trainer: Dr. Srikumar Rao is a globally celebrated life coach, educator, executive, best-selling author, and spiritual guide. Srikumar’s breakthrough lectures on happiness, confidence, wellbeing, and business have become so popular, that his followers — including top CEOs, innovators, scientists, athletes, and thought leaders — join year-long waiting lists just to attend.

Class Duration: 60 minutes

What Students Say:

“I am more grateful, happier, less anxious”

— Rafael Mier, MBA, Columbia Business School

“Gave me a sense of ultimate freedom…”

— Anu Sundaram, MBA, London Business School

“Srikumar Rao’s course is an experience I will always cherish…I knew it had the potential to be a life-changer and I made it so.”

— Evan G. Galbraith, MBA, Columbia Business School

Developing An Unshakable Mind With Dr. Srikumar Rao – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer – Video

3. 4 Secrets to Powerful Communication & Self-Expression | Lisa Nichols

What You’ll Learn: In this special session, ‘4 Secrets to Powerful Communication & Self-Expression’, you’ll discover the ‘10-second rule’ to instantly ‘wow’ anyone you’re speaking to. Learn how to uncover the secrets behind becoming a master communicator and self-expression guru. Main highlights of the class:

  • Become unforgettable every time you speak.
  • How to rally people behind your mission.
  • Connect to your audience like a master.
  • Learn how to make the perfect first impression.

About the Trainer: Featured on Oprah, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, and more, Lisa Nichols has been recognized as one of the most powerful speakers on the planet. In this Masterclass, you’ll be receiving world-class training from Lisa herself to help you own the stage of your life.

Class Duration: 80 minutes

What Students Say: 

“More than a great orator, Lisa has the capacity of truly winning the hearts of her audiences.”

— Dr. Jim Turrell, Founder and Pastor of Center for Spiritual Living

“After intensive training with Lisa, I had a paradigm shift.”

— Stephanie Bavaro, CEO and Founder of GREATful Woman

“Lisa is an incredibly gifted individual in her ability to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages. It has been my good fortune to work with some of the legends in the speaking industry.”

— Barry Spilchuk, Co-author of NYT best-seller ‘Chicken Soup For the Soul’


4 Secrets To Powerful Communication with Lisa Nichols – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer – Video

4. How to Access Altered States of Mind for Waking Consciousness | Vishen

What You’ll Learn: Through this free eye-opening Masterclass, ‘How to Access Altered States of Mind for Waking Consciousness’, you’ll enable a new superpower within yourself to access these states of calm, healing, brilliant creativity, and intuitive guidance. Main highlights of the class:

  • Level up your day-to-day presence in any activity you perform with the legendary Silva method.
  • Learn the 100-1 morning technique for staying at deep alpha throughout the day.
  • Apply the Mental Screen for advanced visualization.
  • Achieve waking consciousness in various altered states.

About the Trainer: Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, Vishen is a certified Silva instructor and credits this method as a core base of his personal development. His journey with Mindvalley led him to explore the science behind helping people achieve their highest potential.

What Students Say:

“Hearing Vishen speak about his vision for transforming education is inspirational and gives you chills… and you know years from now, he’s going to be seen as a genius in his field.”

— Lisa Nichols, Motivational speaker

“You’re a big catalyst for where I am today. Before this project even started  I was only meditating and visualizing what I want and now I’m playing the main stage Ultra Europe.”

— Matthew Russel, DJ Cheat Codes

“One day I would love to be part of this incredible team. What Mindvalley is doing for humanity is what we needed a long time ago. Respect.”

— Bianca Andreescu, Professional tennis player

Mastering Altered States for Problem Solving & Performance | Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer – Video

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Self-esteem Classes

How do you define self-esteem?

Simply defined, self-esteem represents the capacity to see all of your personality traits in a positive light. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), your self-esteem will reflect how much you value yourself, the accomplishments you achieved, and your overall life experiences. It’s an evaluation of our whole being, with the dark and the light. 
You’re the only expert of your own life. And this self-evaluation, done with the right intentions, will change its point of view from an irritating inner critic to a joyful personalized cheerleader.

Why is it important to build your self-esteem?

To live a happier, healthier, and more wholesome life, you need self-esteem. It’s as straightforward as that.

This paradise really is as good as it sounds, and can totally be designed, once you increase and connect again to your inner confidence.

On a scale of 0-10, how much self-esteem would you say you have right now?

If zero is ‘absolutely none at all’ and ten is ‘bucketloads’, where do you fall on the Self-Esteem-Ometer?

No matter your score, at one point or another, you’ve probably struggled with self-esteem. We all have. But contrary to what the beauty, cosmetic, clothing, jewelry, and fitness industries would have you believe, self-esteem will never come from anything external.

Sustainable self-confidence starts ‘at home’ — in other words, the only place it can be built is from the inside out!

That’s where we can lend a hand. We prepared four of our best free online confidence-building courses.

What will you learn in a self-esteem masterclass?

A self-esteem course provides a variety of tools to get you right into the confidence game. Take, for example:

  • Easy-to-learn techniques to tap into assured self-expression
  • Deep hypnosis sessions that rewire your brain for self-love and rock-solid confidence
  • Fast ways to access altered states of consciousness for profound creativity and intuitive guidance
  • Simple rules to follow that shape you into a master of communication

Let’s explore these Mindvalley Masterclasses that are completely free and available wherever you are on the planet.

Welcome to a Lifetime of Confidence

These are only four of the many masterclasses you can find at Mindvalley. 

To really amp up your personal growth and open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of loving yourself more, head over to Mindvalley and awaken your unstoppable. Welcome in.

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