How Can You Harness Your Sexual Energy? Try the Orgasmic Arc™️

How Can You Harness Your Sexual Energy? Try the Orgasmic Arc™️


Sexual energy is much more than pheromones and vibes. It’s more about your life essence. And here’s how to harness it for complete satisfaction.

If there’s ever one thing that often gets misconstrued about sex and all that encompasses it, it’s sexual energy. 

It’s often mistaken for sexual tension. Sometimes, BDE (big d*ck energy) or sending flirtatious “voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” vibes. And quite often, mustering up the energy to have actual sex.

Here’s the thing, though: on the surface, it’s all the above. But at the heart of it, sexual energy involves something much more significant.

Here’s a mini guide on what you should know:

There’s greatness that lies within you. And using your sexual energy, it’s time to awaken it and live the life of your dreams.

What Is Sexual Energy?

Sexual energy is one of the most potent creative energies we possess. It’s our life force through which we create.

Sexual energy is this powerful, creative force inside of us that manifests and creates our entire life.

— Psalm Isadora, tantra expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Tantra Touch Quest

From the perspective of the seven chakras, sexual energy resides in your sacral chakra, which governs emotions and sexuality.

According to Anodea Judith, chakra expert and trainer of Mindvalley’s Chakra Healing Quest, the main challenge of this chakra is guilt. “We develop guilt when our feelings and sensations are denied. It stops the natural flow of your desires and sexual energy,” she adds.

And we can’t heal what we can’t feel. So sexual energy flows freely when you cultivate the ability to be in tune with your body and its sensations. 

When you liberate yourself from guilt, you can harness your sexual energy to heal your shame and trauma.

On top of that, you can learn how to increase your sexual energy for more vitality, motivation, and creativity.

What is sexual energy exchange?

It’s more than a mere sexual energy transfer. It’s the exchange of love, pleasure, and masculine and feminine sexual energies.

Think of sex as the acronym SEX, which means soul energy exchange. So sex goes beyond sexual intercourse between genitals. It’s one of the most sacred interactions one can have on both physical and spiritual levels.

Genevieve, best-selling author and creator of The Orgasmic Arc™, in this conversation with Vishen about the Orgasmic Arc, explains that how you make love to yourself is how you make love to others and life.

To have a soulful energy exchange, you need to learn to be with yourself and your body — because the better you can be with yourself and your body, the better you can make love to your partner and the world.

3 Blocks to Transmuting Sexual Energy

One of the biggest blocks is guilt or shame around sex. It can stem from your upbringing, sociocultural environment, or personal trauma. If that’s your case, you want to work on transmuting these negative emotions first. 

Even when people have a thriving sex life, there are three common blocks to taking sexual energy to the next level:

1. Lack of sense of safety

Most women don’t get authentic arousal because they don’t feel safe in their bodies. But for it to happen, you need to feel completely relaxed. When you are relaxed, you already feel good.

2. Focus on a partner

When you focus on your partner, you miss out on your own pleasure, which defies the purpose of sexual energy. Your sexual energy is meant to reach its peak to get transmuted, and you need to give yourself permission to put your own sensations first.

3. Being in your head

Most people drop out of their bodies when they feel the sexual tension. So they either rush to the finish line or go into their heads. But sexual energy takes time to build up, so you need to go into that sexual tension as deeply as you can.

5 Benefits of Harnessing Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is your primal creative force, and harnessing it can bring you the following benefits:

1. Unlocks your sexuality

Genevieve explains that harnessing sexual energy allows you to live in a pleasure-based world. It unlocks your ability to be in tune with your body and let yourself experience physical pleasures, sexual feelings, and thoughts and share them with others. 

In other words, it awakens your inner sex goddess, dormant within all of us.

2. Heals your body, mind, and spirit

Sexual energy is one of the most potent energies we possess. It’s the life force energy that moves up from your second chakra to the upper chakras. 

When you allow yourself to release your sexual energy fully, it can be an incredibly healing experience, especially when it comes to traumas.

3. Helps experience oneness

When you reach orgasm, you experience an altered state of consciousness when you feel one with yourself, your partner, and the Universe. Genevieve calls this state “beingness.” 

She says, “It’s the space of total surrender and oneness. It’s a zero concept of time and space, and this state heals your body.”

4. Enhances creativity

Sexual energy is the most creative energy in the Universe that creates a life of all forms. When your sexual energy flows freely through your systems, it fuels your motivation, manifestations, and creation.

5. Gives you a vision

Genevieve calls it expression — a stage in the sexual energy transmutation when you get the vision for your life. She says, “You get an insight about your next step in life. It can be a visual, a feeling, or a word.”

How to Transmute Sexual Energy In 6 Steps

Sexual energy is like fuel — but to be able to use it, you need to know how to transmute this energy. There’s a six-step process called the Orgasmic Arc™️. Here’s how it can help you transmute sexual energy into something magical:

1. Safety

A lot of people aren’t relaxed when they have sex. Because of the culture of excitement, we bypass relaxation, which is crucial for having great sex. 

Genevieve explains that many women can’t feel arousal because their bodies aren’t ready to receive. “But when you drop yourself into total safety, you will get aroused, even if nothing’s happening,” she adds.

It’s also true for men — they know how to provide safety in the surrounding environment, but they don’t feel safe in their bodies. So the first you should do is to relax in your body.

2. Intrigue

When you trust your body and your partner, you naturally feel intrigued and curiosity, as it can only arise when you feel safe. She calls intrigue an “authentic arousal.” 

Unlike excitement which has everything to do with getting something from another person, intrigue is self-sufficient — when you are authentically aroused, you feel already good in your body.

So you want to give yourself full permission to feel your sensations and emotions and stay there for as long as you want.

3. Directionality

You have to direct your energy somewhere. In self-pleasuring, your body will show you where you are tense when you are in pleasure. 

When the tension comes in, you want to go into this feeling as deeply as possible. And when you are with your partner, you want to help them stay in their tension. 

That’s the alchemy of sex.

The biggest challenge is that people don’t stay here or go into their heads. Instead, you want to drop down into your body.

The purpose of sex is to clear the energy.

— Genevieve, best-selling author and creator of The Orgasmic Arc™

Learn more about the Orgasmic Arc™️ by listening to this insightful conversation: 

4. Openness

It means releasing something. You can get emotional when you experience orgasm. You can cry or even scream. This is where you open yourself up to anything ready to be released. 

5. Beingness

If you can teach yourself to stay after the openness and rest in it, your mind will become super clear, and you will feel even more amazing.

Beingness is the space of total surrender and oneness. It can last for a millisecond, but it will grow longer with practice.

Beingness is being nothing.

— Genevieve, best-selling author and creator of The Orgasmic Arc™

6. Expression

You notice yourself in this state when you want to express yourself. You may want to talk with your partner. In self-pleasuring, this is where sex magic comes in.

According to Genevieve, expression gives you your destiny. She says, “When you are fully in your body, you’ve released and opened yourself up to beingness. You are given the next step on your journey.”

If you wonder how to use sexual energy to manifest, this is the stage to look into. When you follow that expression, manifestations come naturally.

Cultivating Your Life Force Energy With Mindvalley

Call it sex magic or erotic alchemy, learning how to cultivate and harness your sexual energy can help you live the life of your dreams beyond your imagination. It will expand your perception and experience of sensuality and pleasure. 

Most importantly, it will deepen your connection with your own body and Spirit. And as Genevieve puts it, “you will make better love to others and the world.”

And you can start this sensual journey by joining Mindvalley for free. Here you can try sample classes of Tantra Touch with Psalm Isadora, The Science of Great Sex with Amy Killen, Body Language for Dating & Attraction with Linda Clemons. 

Plus, you will have access to sexual energy meditations to help you get in tune with your body and experience intimacy.

Welcome in.

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