Why Intuition Training Will Transform The Workplace

Mindvalley University City Campus began as a month-long transformational event for all ages held in a different city each year.

The event was designed to offer up personal development and business growth alongside the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded individuals. 

But we wanted to push the boundaries of modern education even further.

So this time, we decided to do something unusual. Maybe even slightly controversial.

In this video, I take you behind the scenes of Mindvalley’s first-ever intuition training at Mindvalley University City Campus.

Here’s how intuition training will change everything you thought you knew about the way your mind works.

What Is Intuition Training?

Mindvalley University City Campus aims to push the boundaries of modern education. We want to accelerate the way people learn while simultaneously changing the way they view learning.

It’s like a life hack inside of a life hack.

Each year, Mindvalley University focuses on developing the newest cutting edge ideas guiding the change-makers of tomorrow. 

But we wanted to push the boundaries even further with intuition training.

Have you ever had a gut instinct? Something you felt deep in the pit of your stomach?

Something you somehow just knew without understanding how the information came into your brain?

That’s intuition. It’s something everyone possesses. 

Training your intuition might seem like something of a paradox. Is it even possible to train something that’s meant to act as a guiding instinct? 

Well, what’s important to understand about intuition is that it’s an inherent mechanism of the human mind. The brain is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

The power of intuition training

We want intuition training to revolutionize modern workspace.

I personally believe that in 20 years, intuition training will become commonplace as more organizations learn about the benefits.

Intuition training is all about opening up the mind to encourage the inherent power of its intuitive mechanism.

Everyone has intuition. It’s the gut instinct that pulls you from danger and pushes you toward what serves you best.

Most people tap into their intuitive mind by accident. But accessing your intuition on a regular basis is simply a matter of knowing how to tap into a higher state of consciousness.

The more you practice this skill, the more you’ll be able to use your intuition to guide you.

And the results may surprise you.

Imagine having the potential to tap into your intuition whenever you need it.

In this video, you’ll see how 400 students explore altered states of consciousness at the event and learn how to use their intuition to its fullest extent.

Interested in taking part?

Good. Because I want to accelerate this movement.

That’s why I’m coming to Munich and giving a 2-day intuition training on how to access altered states and tap into enhanced intuition.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into this method and learning how to enhance your intuition, Mindvalley Intuition Training is taking place in Munich, Germany April 27-28, 2019.

Have your instincts ever kicked in to help you make the right decisions? Share your experience in the comments below.

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