From Science To Energy Healing: How Jeffrey Allen Prepares The World For Its Evolution Of Consciousness

From Science To Energy Healing: How Jeffrey Allen Prepares The World For Its Evolution Of Consciousness

Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen’s mission is to upgrade global consciousness by healing and educating one student at a time. In this interview, he shares his incredible story of how he left his engineering career to shift the world towards a connected worldview.

From engineer to an energy healer, from science to spirituality, it seems like Jeffrey Allen has taken a 180-degree turn in his life. Yet, he doesn’t see any contradiction between the two.

With a passion to raise energy consciousness on the planet, he lives his life dedicated to one bold mission: to help shift the world from separation to connectedness.

I always wondered how a conversation would look like with an energy healer. We tend to think of them as some kind of magical creature with a superpower.

And to tell the truth, it was, indeed, kind of magical.

Can I look into your energy field and answer your question that way?” he asked me at some point and I humbly said yes. After a few seconds of silence, he casually answered the question that had puzzled me my whole life.

People like you are sensitive to energy, we call them empaths. You’re trying to pull your energy in to be less susceptible to others. But, you see, that doesn’t work because if you turn your volume down, everyone else seems louder.

“Instead, radiate your message out. Empaths are here to make a change, not to be sponges.”

This analogy made me smile. And as we went on with the interview, I understood that it’s a kind of “superpower” that all of us have in our own ways.

Everybody is intuitive, everybody is a healer, and everybody is a medium. If you’re a human with a body and you’re alive, you’re all those things. It’s part of being alive.

But, of course, Jeffrey wasn’t born with this wisdom either. He had come a long way to discover it for himself.

How Spirituality Became His Full-Time Job

Jeffrey Allen presenting at a Mindvalley event.

The first time he started having strange, unusual experiences was during his college years. He saw paranormal things and he started to realize that there was a lot more happening in the world than he thought.

The scientist in him wanted to know how it works and make sense out of it. His curiosity has guided him on a 15-year journey of working as an engineer and studying energy healing and intuition on the side. He never thought it could be more than a passion or a hobby until, one day, he came to a conclusion.

I realized that my engineering career wasn’t really helping anybody. It was just busywork. I was getting paid to think a lot and solve problems that weren’t important.

He immersed himself in his meditation practice and sought answers from his guides. First, his questions were more like, “How am I going to make money if I quit my job?” or “Will people still like me if I choose another path?

But then he started asking deeper questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

And as he kept on repeating these questions, one day, he heard a voice that was crystal clear.

You’re here to be of service.

It hit him as a shock.

I thought service was something I got… I mean like getting served in a restaurant. I never thought of myself as being of service. In that moment, I realized how self-centered my life was.

But that’s how energy works. It takes a little time. If you want to make graceful changes, you have to be patient. And so his job title changed from an engineer to an energy healer and teacher — and with that, his whole life as well.

A Mission To Make The World More Connected

Jeffrey Allen

When I asked Jeffrey what he has to do to achieve his mission, he said, “probably sorting myself out.

He’s going to places where he’s afraid. He’s constantly working on himself. Because he knows he can’t be of service if he doesn’t take care of himself.

If my inner state was pain or confusion, I would radiate that out into the world like a speaker. It’s not intentional, it’s just how it happens. We’re either broadcasting something that uplifts people or something that brings them down.

There’s a shift happening in the world right now that moves people from a self-centered worldview to a world-centric one. And that change can either be smooth or really rough. His mission is to make it smooth. As Jeffrey says, it’s just like any force of nature, we can’t really do much about it. It’s much bigger than us.

But what we can influence is how we respond to it. If there’s a big wave coming, we can either get upset and afraid and get knocked over by it. Or we can learn how to surf, have fun, and ride the wave.

If this transition goes the rough way, it looks pretty bad: war, chaos, and pain. Every single problem you see in the world comes from a disconnected mindset.

His conviction is that by tapping into our own energy, we can change the world from being disconnected into an awareness of ourselves, and into being more connected to each other.

“I Know Things People Don’t Know About Themselves”

Jeffrey Allen
A portrait of Jeffrey Allen shot at Mindvalley’s A-Fest

Everyone has a unique ability. But the one Jeffrey discovered in himself is quite particular.

I can see and feel energy. When I talk to somebody, I’m not just getting their words but reading their energy at the same time. I know where people have been and where they’re going,” he said with his soothing, humble voice.

It’s like we’re having two separate conversations. One over the video call and one up here,”  he added, and he pointed over his head. It gave me goosebumps.

The way he perceives the world is not just through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, but everything put together. It’s information on a whole different level.

People often ask Jeffrey how they know if it’s their energy or not. “It’s a no-brainer,” he says. “Does it feel good? Because your energy always feels good to you. So if it doesn’t, there you go: It’s not your energy. It’s not your problem.

Most of our stress comes from the idea that we should be getting stuff done faster. We want to be more productive while losing sight of what really matters to us. Not to the company we work for, not for our loved ones, but only for us. What energy work teaches us is that if our priorities are causing us stress, that’s because they’re not ours.

What Is Reality, Anyway?

Jeffrey Allen

Energy work is fascinating but let’s be honest: it’s not the kind of topic you would bring up with a stranger at a cocktail party (unless you’re an A-Fester). I couldn’t help but wonder what he would tell the skeptics about this.

Yeah… people think they’re rational,” he laughed. “Most people think that this is the real world, and the energy world or the spiritual world is like some sort of made-up fantasy world. I find it really amusing because, actually, the opposite is true.

Jeffrey knows that when we look at the energy behind things, there’s no judgment. It’s your natural state where things are just what they are.

I think you should be skeptical of everything, that’s a very healthy way to think,” he said to me.

Your beliefs should be based on your personal experiences. The reason I expanded my scientific-only mindset into a wider perspective is that my experience has changed. I started seeing energy around people and things started happening that I couldn’t explain. So I had to update my beliefs based on my experiences.

To the contrary, most people’s beliefs are based on what they were told and what they want to be true because they stopped listening inward.

The Future Of Spirituality

Jeffrey Allen A-fest
Jeffrey Allen speaking at Mindvalley’s A-Fest

If we go back 50 years in time, working out was not a thing. The guy running in the park was “the weirdo”. Today, if you’re not exercising and taking care of yourself, people think you’re weird.

Fifty years from now, it’s likely that energy work will not be strange anymore. It wouldn’t be some magic utopia, as Jeffrey puts it, we would still have problems. But people would stop unnecessarily harming themselves and each other. And all it takes is a connected worldview, rather than a separate one.

Neuroscience can actually amplify that change by giving us an understanding of why things work the way they do. Jeffrey has a really interesting point:

Spirituality and science work based on the same principle: skepticism.

They deep dive into experiences with curiosity, test them, explore how they work, and build rational models around them. What science has a problem with is superstition. Those religions and worldviews which are resistant to questioning the status quo don’t fit together with science and most likely won’t get past the evolution we’re going through.

In the next 50 years, most people will realize that they don’t need someone else to tell them what’s true. They don’t need the third-party authority to inform them. They can discover it for themselves.

Jeffrey brought the example of self-driving cars as the new model of consciousness. “You know why it’s interesting? Because it’s not about the cars; It’s about how you run your life.

Are you trying to plan every step of the way and control everything in your world? Your relationships, your business, even yourself? Because that’s not much fun. But once you let go of control, the car will take you wherever you want to get to and you’ll have time to enjoy the journey.

Finally, I asked Jeffrey if he could write a message on a huge billboard and show it to humanity, what would stand on it? The answer came to him easily.

Love will find you,” he said. “Because that’s enough. That’s the essence of everything.

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