Left vs. Right Brain — What’s the Difference?

Left vs. Right Brain — What’s the Difference?

Left vs. Right Brain

What’s the difference between the left vs right brain? Scientists and psychologists have discovered what makes up the left and right brain hemispheres.

For centuries, human beings have been studying the brain in order to understand how it works and which part of the brain controls different senses, emotions, thoughts, and actions. The question remains: “What’s the difference between the left vs. right brain?”

Explore how the two different sides of the brain work and what is the difference between them. 

What Is the Main Part of the Brain?

Before we discuss what the main differences are between the left and the right brain, we need to understand what parts of the brain exactly we are talking about. 

The largest part of the brain is called the cerebrum. It’s divided into two sections called the cerebral hemispheres  or as we call it, the right and left brain.

The right cerebral hemisphere controls the left side of the body. While the left cerebral hemisphere controls the right side of the body.

The left and right cerebral hemispheres develop thoughts, storing memories, and cognitive functions.

the difference between the left and right brain

What Is the Difference Between the Left and Right Brain?

Think of the left brain hemisphere as the logical side of the brain. It deals with rational thoughts and is analytical.  

The right brain hemisphere, on the contrary, is known as the emotional side of the brain. It is responsible for processing emotions and deals with empathetic thoughts and intuition.

The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body. While the right hemisphere controls the left side. This is why brain damage to the right side of the brain might affect the left side of the body and vice versa.

The difference between the left and right brain hemispheres is comparing two opposites. The right hemisphere is holistic and seeks to connect with others. While the left brain hemisphere does not try to understand the world and is narrow-minded.

The left brain hemisphere values pleasure. Whereas the right brain seeks the purpose of life and happiness.

What Are the Characteristics of the Right Brain and Left Brain?

Now that we’ve defined the left brain and right brain hemispheres. Let’s discuss the specific characteristics of the right brain and left brain. 

What are right-brain characteristics?

The right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for our intuitive thinking and emotional states. Right brain dominant are often creative and spiritual. Here are some of the common traits of right-brained thinkers:

  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Holistic Thinking
  • Interest In The Arts
  • Attention to context
  • Visual skills

Take a look at your interests. If you enjoy going to the movies, art galleries, and listening to music, you use more of your right brain during these activities.

What are left-brain characteristics?

So what does the left side of the brain do? The left cerebral hemisphere deals with language and logical thinking. Left brain dominant individuals often enjoy learning about subjects like science and physics. Here are some of the common characteristics of left-brained people:

  • Logic
  • Sequencing
  • Language development 
  • Thinking in words
  • Fact checking
  • Interest in math and science
  • Analytical skills
  • Numbers sense

If you enjoy math and Sudoku puzzles, you can thank the left side of your brain for coming up with the numerical answers. When you speak a foreign language, your left brain hemisphere is working its magic. 

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Is It Better to Be Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

After centuries of studying the brain, neuroscientists have come up with an answer. There’s no difference if you’re more left-brained or right-brained.

It’s best to meet in the middle and exercise both the left and right sides of your brain.

People who use both their right and left brains to solve problems are able to successfully analyze situations taking into account emotions, as well as logical reasoning.

Those who use their left and right brain actively have a broad range of interests. For example, someone who is a left-brain thinker like a scientist or mathematician will enjoy painting and playing the guitar on the weekends. 

We can say the same for someone who is a right-brain thinker like a dancer or artist. As one of their hobbies, they might learn foreign languages and solve math problems.

In sum, it’s essential for both the left and right brain hemispheres to work together. They both need to find balance because one can’t function without the other. 

Which part of the brain deals with thinking?

Why is it important that both the left and right brain hemispheres work in harmony? It’s because they both contribute to a brain’s capacity for thinking. The two hemispheres of the brain connect to the corpus callosum. 

The cerebrum is the main part of the brain that deals with thinking. It helps with learning and language and assists with body movements such as walking and dancing. 

Take the “Left Brain and Right Brain Test”

Now that you know what are the common left and right brain characteristics,  it’s time to find out if you’re a right-brained or left-brained thinker. Just take this Left Brain, Right Brain Test and find out your results right away.   

The brain doesn’t learn through consumption, it learns through creation.

– Jim Kwik, Author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain Quest  

Left and right brain theories make great discussions with friends. By exercising your brain with different activities such as language, math problems, and art, you can utilize both sides of your brain better. 

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