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What Are Common Left Brain Characteristics?

by Mindvalley December 3, 2018

Have you ever heard someone say, “Wow! You’re so good at math! You must be a left-brain person!” or “You’re have such an artistic approach to problem solving – you’re definitely right-brained!”

People are often divided into two groups: left-brain people and right-brain people. Why is that? And what does it mean to be left-brained?

In this article, we will explore what left-brain characteristics are, what it means to be a left brain person and how you can align your left brain using your knowledge, skills, and talents to reach your brain’s full potential.

What Are Some Of The Characteristics Of The Left Side Of The Brain?

The division of the brain on the left side and the right side originates from the theory of brain lateralization. This means that the two halves of the brain control different modes of thinking. It is believed that people are generally inclined towards one way of thinking over the other.

In reality, both sides of the brain work in unison and are in constant communication. This means that most of the people not entirely left-brain or right-brain oriented. Still, in but in some people one of the sides can be more dominant than the other.

To understand what are the left side of the brain characteristics, we have to take a look at what processes it controls in the mind and body.

What does the left side of the brain control?

The left side of the brain is responsible for our language ability, analytical and critical thinking, and logical reasoning. The left-brain dominates the following abilities and aspects of our conscious mind:

  • Logic
  • Language
  • Numbers
  • Critical Thinking
  • Reasoning
Left Brained Person

What Does It Mean To Be a Left-Brained Person?

It simply means that your left-brain is dominant. In other words, you think more methodical and analytical than creative and artistic (for which is right side in charge).


Even if your left side of the brain is naturally more dominant, a great impact on its improvement has your socialization process. By spending time with friends who are interested in math and science, your logical thinking will naturally improve.

What Is a Left-Brained Person Like?

Generally, left-brain individuals rely on cold-hard facts and real-life data, rather than emotions and imagination. Their systematic and stable personalities make them good candidates as reliable team leaders. They often pace themselves and do not over react quickly.

When it comes to daily life, left-brain people approach it the same way they approach their professional or academic obligations. For example, when watching a movie, a left-brain person tends to analyze it from a technical point of view. They try to evaluate the quality of a script, or how good or bad the directing was.

They strive to be as clear and direct as possible. Left-brain people like order and organize their daily plans as neatly and systematically as possible.

They remember events chronologically, usually in great detail, and approach every potential risk with necessary caution. When facing problems, they immediately try to find the most efficient solutions, and they are not easily distracted by their emotions.


How To Develop Your Left Brain

Left-brain people often exhibit logical-mathematical intelligence, which is one of the nine intelligences defined by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. This enables them to be excellent mathematicians, scientists, and technicians.

Everyone possesses this type of intelligence to a certain extent. But left-brain people can especially benefit from improving it. They can gain a better understanding of logic by solving mathematical problems and immersing themselves in novel situations.

We need to know how our minds work so we can work our minds better.

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Exercises to improve your left brain:

  • Mental exercises – Since the left side of the brain is better with words and numbers, simple brain games and exercises such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles can help improve these skills.
  • Physical exercises – Exercising the right side of your body will stimulate the left side of your brain (and vice versa), so simple exercises like breathing through one nostril can awaken your brain.
  • Listening to music2008 study on music and brain activity has shown that listening to music can improve verbal and memory skills.

So, no matter how good we are in specific parts of our talents granted by either side of the brain, finding a balance between the two can help unleash the full potential of our minds.

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Which practices will you choose to start improving your left-brain? Let us know in the comments below!

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