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101 Ways To Increase Brain Power & Think Like A Genius

by Mindvalley January 25, 2019

Want to think like Einstein? Use these brain boosters to increase your brain power.

Faster learning, better memory, sharper thinking, out-of-the-box problem solving, more efficiency and enhanced creativity are just a few of the benefits of boosting your brain power.

It’s time to get into the habit of thinking like a genius.

Increasing your brain power is easier than you think. Don’t make working your brain a chore!

The ideas below are fun, they keep life interesting, and best of all: they don’t take any extra time.

Here we go!

101 Ways To Increase Brain Power

1. Meditate

Meditation is the #1 brain exercise! Stress clouds your thinking, so relieve stress with meditation. It’s easy! Put on your headphones, press PLAY on your Omharmonics meditation music download, and let the technology put you in a meditative state.

2. Practice being ambidextrous

Brush your hair, write, use the mouse and eat or drink with your less dominant hand. So if you are right-handed, spend the next hours or day using your left hand. It’s difficult yes, but it really does push your brain to grow.

3. Practice creative thinking

When something is broken, find creative repair solutions using common objects. Make do with what you have; make repairs with odd items and ingenuity.

4. Adopt a critical-thinking mindest

Learn to convincingly argue every side of an argument.

5. Chew gum

Who would’ve thought that chewing gum is a way to help boost your brain power?

A study conducted in 2011 at the St. Lawrence University discovered that if you chew gum for several minutes, you boost your short-term memory for a small period of time (15-20 minutes).

Break out the Juicy Fruit!

6. Read upside down

Just make sure it’s the book that is upside down and not you.

7. Hydrate

Water enhances the brain’s electrochemical activity – dehydration slows it!

8. Change your perspective

Turn the pictures in your home upside down for a while.

9. Sketch note

Doodle and draw visual notes or solutions to problems instead of using numbers or text.

10. Be aware of time mentally

Try to mentally estimate the passage of time.

11. Listen to classical music

A study conducted in the University of California-Irvine, found a temporary spike in IQ in students after they listening to Mozart. Weird but true.

12. Power nap

This is perhaps the easiest way to increase brain power.

13. Try different learning styles

Explore audiobooks, attending seminars or online courses.

14. Stop procrastinating!

procrastination is the force that prevents you from following through on what you set out to do.” — James Clear, author of the book Atomic Habits

15. Exercise daily

Just like the brain needs its workout in order to function properly, it also needs your body to function properly to the same benefit, which can be accomplished by body workout and training.

16. Eat well

Give your brain energy and nutrients, not fillers and chemicals from junk/processed food. check out our power foods article to give you that brain boost.

17. Solve math problems without a calculator

Work your brain without assistance from time to time. It builds better brain function and quick thinking.

18. Remember phone numbers

Just like math problems, you need to practice your memory. Don’t take it for granted.

19. Mix up your routine

The mind loves routine. And Routine is good, just don’t do it forever. You don’t grow by doing the same things every day.

20. Play chess

Chess can sharpen your thinking skills, improve your memory, and slow your brains aging.

21. Solve optical illusions

Increase brain power by making your problem-solving abilities beyond just words or riddles.

22. Play brain games like crosswords or Sudoku

These types of games help avoid dementia by pushing your brain to think in new ways.

23. Watch TED talks or A-fest talks

Education never hurt anyone. Watch at least one new thing every day.

24. Be curious

Ask questions and think about everything, just like a child would.

25. Think positively

Ask questions like, “what can go right?”

26. Create “top 100 lists”

Things to be grateful for, learn, places to visit, etc.

27. Keep a journal

Journaling gives space for new thought.

28. Write down your ideas

As soon as you get an idea write it down. Then return to it after some time.

29. Minimalism all the way

Simplify, declutter and organize your living and workspace.

30. Learn new things

Take a class in something you’ve never explored.

31. Take walk-breaks throughout the day

Research has shown that walking itself tends to increase our ability to think about anything from a different perspective

32. Learn to spell backward

Exercise your brain. Try saying the alphabet backward. Good luck!

33. Change your environment

Change the furniture placement and art/accessories in your home.

34. Learn to play a musical instrument (and read music)

New skills increase your brain powers

35. Learn to ‘Be’

Observe the world without judgment, classification, or even thought.

36. Share something you’ve just learned or don’t know well

The process of explaining something helps clarify it.

37. Problem-solve from a different perspective

How would different people approach this problem: the rich, poor, crazy, geniuses, achievers and slackers…?

38. Take up a new hobby

You don’t know what new hobbies can teach you. Try something, anything…explore.

39. Practice Abstract thinking

Find connections between seemingly unrelated items, topics or people.

40. Try the power of visualizations

Creatively visualize your ideal life.

41. Take it easy

Take a slow day: do everything at half the speed and twice the awareness.

42. Learn memory techniques

Try to remember things more effectively.

43. Surround yourself with intelligent, positive people

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. — Jim Rohn

44. Learn and use a new word every day

Look up every new word you hear right then and there. Learn it, and start using it.

45. Travel abroad

They say “travel broadens the mind”.

46. Stop multitasking

Do one thing at a time, exceptionally well. That doesn’t just increase your brainpower in learning, but makes your output a lot more effective!

47. Be in nature

Relax away from technology. Give your mind a proper break.

48. Learn the meaning of quotes from great thinkers

Don’t just read quotes, learn them. Learn what great thinkers meant when they said things like “I think therefore I am”.

49. Learn to lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is an extraordinary technique where you become conscious while in a dream state.

50. Remember and record your dreams

You can also practice journaling your dreams as well. You’ll be surprised what you subconscious processes while you are asleep.

51. Say your problems or thoughts out loud

Talk to yourself, as if you were explaining something to a stranger. It helps you think more clearly outside of your head/

52. Play

Play, have fun, your brain, and mind like a fun time.

53. Practice Intermittent fasting

One strategy to get a super productive brain power is to be hungry, and we mean that literally.

Evidence shows intermittent fasting elevates human growth hormone (HGH) which works to restore your body functions and promotes the growth of neuronal connections in the brain.

54. Learn yoga, tai chi or the martial arts

These old wisdom practices discipline the body as well as the mind. Your brain will be so sharp you could cut glass with it!

Which brings us to the next point…

55. Become hyper-aware of your environment

Identify and locate the sources of sounds; subtle changes in temperature; different smells, etc.

56. Get enough sleep

Can’t sleep because of stress? Go meditate!

57. Eat less

in general, don’t ever eat to a point where you are full. Eat where you feel just enough not to feel hungry for the next hour or two.

58. Laugh!

The act of laughter increases endorphins and sends dopamine shooting to the brain.

More dopamine = Better Focus and learning

59. Master your emotions

Learn to manage emotions by focusing on the feeling instead of the thought that generated it.

60. Be as descriptive as you can

Describe an experience in as much detail as you can remember. Take 2-3 days to do this, each time probing deeper for more information.

61. Practice ‘theme observation’

Pick a theme and try to spot it as many times as possible in one day.

62. Learn a foreign language

Did you know that there are 46 different descriptive words for snow in Icelandic? You probably know one or two. The more your language expands in different forms, the better you understand absolutely everything.

63. Brainstorm

The practice if brainstorming always gives you the challenge to think outside your comforts and boundaries, allowing you to grow your mind and brain power.

64. Visit a museum

Never a bad time to learn about history. It’s ok to be nerdy. Nerds are ruling the world!

65. Read at least one thought-provoking book a month

Just read a book a month. Find a thought-provoking on for bonus brain power points.

66. Practice the 5-whys technique

Get to the root of your problems. What were you thinking, that caused you to do or say something that had an unpleasant consequence? Keep asking why at least 5 times.

67. Memorize names

Another excuse to practice your memory and social skills. Two birds with one stone.

68. Take an improvisation class

Improvisation helps build the power of imagination in the brain.

69. Dance

Dancing is fun and a great activity for your brain.

70. Seek out the random

Select a random word, and explore it on the Internet.

71. Go nuts with your creative problem solving

Imagine absurd, ‘impossible’ and ridiculously crazy solutions to everyday problems.

72. Be calm

Whatever you do, wherever you go, try not to sweat the small stuff. You find it hard? Then here’s another excuse for you to practice meditation.

73. Learn origami

It’s basically, math turned into a 3D puzzle for you to play with.

74. Take different routes to work

Find your way around new places. Train your brains spatial skills.

75. Learn to eat with chopsticks

If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, then that will be a new brain practice for your motor skills.

76. Learn to juggle

A fun way to both increase brain power and impress your friends. Studies show that juggling grows grey matter in the brain.

77. Question everything

Some of the greatest philosophers were skeptics. Ask, “why?” – especially if something doesn’t ring true to you.

78. Find your learning style

Do you learn better visually? Watch videos and tutorials more often.

79. Try new (ethnic) foods with an open, eager attitude

New tastes = New experiences = New Understanding. Or this one is a long shot and we just like food…

80. Become aware of your thoughts during meditation

Focus on your thoughts, or one thought at a time. This practice is also called conscious mindfulness.

81. Give 110% – always deliver more than expected

Why not work harder and do better. The lazy brain is a poor brain.

82. Summarize something you’ve just read

This makes understanding and memorizing easier to comprehend and recall.

83. Come up with one possible solution to one problem every day

Don’t worry if it’s ridiculous, unworkable or ‘impossible’ – write it down.

84. Place inspirational items in your workspace

Quotes, pictures, objects, etc… It gets your subconscious thinking.

85. Breathe deeply

Extra oxygen to the brain increases neural activity.

86. Sit up straight!

Why are you slouching anyways!

87. Use ‘downtime’

Listen to books on tape while you commute, play memory games as you mow the lawn, etc.

88. Be mindful

Yes, mindfulness is a theme here, it has many benefits. Notice thoughts that are subtly bothering you (the little nagging voice) and clear up that mental clutter. Do what you need to do and get it out of your head!

89. Make a to-do list

Declutter your mind and take that list out of your head.

90. Develop and follow your intuition

Learning how to develop, and read your intuition is a practice of your mind and feelings combined. You will see the benefits over time.

91. Avoid allergy-prone foods

Sugar, wheat, corn, soy, nuts, dairy. Eliminate these for a while and watch the mental fog clear up!

92. Learn to speed-read

Speed reading will enable to read up to 400 words a minute. Your brain will go on power mode!

93. Practice walking meditation

The rhythmic nature of walking lends itself to contemplation. Begin by focusing on the physical act and sensation of walking, and then allow your thoughts to focus on one topic only.

94. Model what successful people do and say

Find people you look up to and model your success after them. Pretty obvious and self-explanatory. You should be learning and in the footsteps the best people you know!

95. Create a new habit

It takes 30-45 days of consistent repetition for a thought or an action to become a habit.

96. Set goals

Setting well-crafted goals allow you to check off things you wanted to learn and achieve. Your brain and mind will thank you in the future. Self-growth = Brain Growth

97. Eat breakfast

Just make sure it’s super light and super healthy.

98. Use peak energy times for complex mental work

Follow your own rhythms whether you’re a morning person or night owl.

99. Have sex

Yes, we went there! This is perhaps the most fun way to increase brain power!

100. Get caffeinated

Caffeine in moderation increases cognitive performance and speed.

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