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Mind A 15-Minute Mind-Hack To Massively Enhance Your Brain Power And Emotional State

A 15-Minute Mind-Hack To Massively Enhance Your Brain Power And Emotional State

As a former computer engineer, Vishen Lakhiani has hacked meditation and turned it into a 15-minute productivity and wellbeing booster. He explains the science behind it and shares his personal story in this video.

“The #1 Most Effective Life-Hack I Use In My Life”

In this talk filmed at Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind introduces a meditation ritual he designed called The 6-Phase Meditation.

It’s unusual.

It’s not about clearing your mind or just relaxing. Rather, Vishen turned meditation as we know it into a supercharger for the soul and mind by drilling it down into 6 unique elements backed by science.

One could say this is 6 different types of meditation rolled into one. But watch the video and let Vishen explain it in his style of humor and intellect.

You see, not every meditation style focuses on clearing your mind — you can use meditation to learn how to engage your mind instead.

In this video Vishen shares:

  • (0:19) — His personal story about meditation, and how it improved his mental, emotional and financial life while working in a dead-end job in Silicon Valley;
  • (3:04) — How to satisfy the 6 human needs with a simple and short mind-hack;
  • (6:20) — Amazing scientific research that shows how meditation transforms your life;
  • (22:06) — How to maximize success with this guided 6 Phase Meditation.

Watch this video and learn how to transform your life, influence the outcome of your day and future, and shift your level of happiness each and every day.

It’s simply magical how meditation can transform someone’s life. Take this free one-week course and learn how to meditate in 15 minutes a day with the Mindvalley Quest app.

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