Awareness — Defying The Norm For A Global Good

What is awareness?

With over 7 billion human beings on this planet, and some 200,000 new participants entering the mix every 24 hours. Today’s world often finds itself in quite the state of disarray.

As we face this exponential increase in population, so too do we face an ever expanding variety in opinion.

Coupled with such a significant lack of both a collective and individual awareness, it’s no wonder that we often find everything so bleak.

And yet there is hope!

Not only do we face a possibility of inciting some massive positive change. But if we wish, we may also completely eradicate all of the ‘problems’ in today’s societies.

Better still, this answer is actually a rather simple one.

The answer is awareness.

If, on an individual level, we each choose to do what we can to become more aware. To pursue a broader understanding of others, and of ourselves. If we can then choose to work together, towards a more collective understanding of all.

Well, then even the darkest of corners begins to shine rather luminously.

And although this may perhaps seem a daunting task, rest assured the process can certainly be simplified.

Let us not get too fixated on the bigger picture here. Rather, let us isolate our individual components and agree to move forward in a deliberate and patient manner.

Bearing the end result in mind, yet acknowledging that the proper fruition of any radical change takes both steady perseverance and compassionate care.

One step at a time, so to speak.

To Have Awareness

define awareness

Step number one is certainly an individual pursuit of awareness.

We must truly understand ourselves before we can honestly expect to understand much else.

So, what exactly does it mean to have awareness?

Let’s define awareness

We’ll define awareness in a pretty straight forward manner, actually. Awareness essentially refers to the ability to acknowledge one’s surroundings.

To observe (and even analyze), to recognize the self as part of a larger whole.

This is what it means to have awareness in our lives.

Expanding on our aware definition

Yet, as is true with most anything else, the simplicity of this aware definition can in fact be broadened.

When we speak of awareness in human beings we encounter a variety of perceptive abilities, which creates more of an awareness spectrum, in fact.

From a state of basic awareness to becoming self-aware and even embodying mindfulness.

The possibilities are grand. And although moving through the spectrum requires active work in an attempt at doing such, the task itself is not so nerve wracking. While the rewards are ever so important.

The Importance Of Awareness

what is social awareness?

Quite important indeed.

From our everyday lives, up to a global scale of humanity. Igniting, accepting, and raising our awareness, is perhaps the most beneficial thing a human being can do for themselves. For ourselves.

Thus, a reasonable second step in this awareness raising process is to understand the importance of doing so.

On a macro level — maintaining cultural awareness

Moving from a macro scale inwards, let us look first at our cultural awareness.

To maintain an awareness that other people operate through an entirely different cultural lens.

That is, to be knowledgeable of the fact that the basic construct of each individualized mentality manifests itself from a viewpoint that does not agree with our own, necessarily.

To enhance the importance of this in a yet further fashion, it becomes rather imperative that we attempt to see through the eyes of the other, as well.

To feel as they feel, and seek as they seek.

We must find a true assimilation to such a different perspective.

In doing so, all the potential stressors that are to coincide with our differences diminish greatly.

At the micro level — to have social awareness

Also, what better way to understand the self, than to understand your peers?

Dialing back to a more micro level of awareness, whilst maintaining a respect for our place within the collective, focusing on our social awareness becomes quite important, as well.

In this same vein of thought, being socially aware that others operate through a construct of their own personal experiences, leaves a great room for collective understanding.

We are each products of our own individualized environments, in part. And although this may seem something of a common knowledge, too often do we allow ourselves to forget this. That everyone else does not always naturally see the world in the same way that we do ourselves.

To come to an understanding of this, better yet to come to an objective understanding of it, and further coming to accept this reality, will provide all parties involved with a significantly greater ability to tolerate our basic differences.

In short, we are each tremendously different from one another. Our cultural upbringing, societal influences, and resultant perspectives create individuals who each operate in an entirely independent fashion from one another.

Maintaining an awareness of this, quite simply, enhances one’s ability to be ‘okay’ with such a reality. Through awareness, and acceptance, we let go of our ‘needs’ to be right all the time. We begin to understand more, and become more accepting of our peers.

An assertion which has been passed down through many a generation. As time and time again history supports this notion.

Building off our past with awareness quotes

We need only to look at the great minds of our past, and present, to find some rather profound proof of this. Awareness quotes which support, and preach, these same ideals.  

The beat of this drum runs fluid through us all, and as we embrace this concept we likewise find ourselves a part of a larger unified awareness.

The chaos of this world then begins to dissipate, becoming inconsequentially miniscule. Floating away, as fairy dust in the wind.

Practicing And Increasing Our Awareness

social awareness

Reminiscing in the beauty of this potentiality, we must then ask ourselves exactly how such a reality may come to be.

How can I practice my awareness?

How can I increase my awareness?

1. Be aware

We must first come to be aware, which is in and of itself an active practice.

There are certain things we can do, day by day and moment by moment, to focus on our awareness.

Becoming more observant of our surroundings is in fact a great place to start. Focusing on what exactly is going on in each moment, and asking ourselves questions of engagement.

We can also allow an indulgence of our senses. Actually smelling the flowers, and listening deeply to the sounds of the river, pausing in time and allowing our present moment to be precisely as it is.

2. Raise awareness

In so doing, inherently raising our awareness, as well.

To raise our awareness is something of a never ending pursuit. Beautifully so, we can always become more aware.

We will forever and always be capable of broadening our current perspective, and becoming more understanding of others. We can likewise always find something new in ourselves, that may help to shed some light on why we are, who exactly we have become.

Asking the hard questions, and facing ourselves, may not be a common practice in today’s world. It may in fact even be something of a rather scary and difficult essence. But if we wish to truly move forward, through a lens of understanding and peace, than we must all initiate an active pursuit of our own awareness.

The future is very bright, my friends. But the light shall only ever shine on that which we shine it upon. So, may we shine it upon our humanity. On all of our humanity. May we move forward, together, and aware!

Can you think of a time in your life when your awareness helped you to navigate a complex issue? Maybe an instance at work, or in a relationship, where an understanding of the others’ needs and emotions made everything easier for you? Share your stories with us in the comments below!



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