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Relationships All You Need To Know About Tantra

All You Need To Know About Tantra


What If Sex, Sensual Touch And Intimacy Could Be More Than Just Physical Sensation? What If It Could Be A Doorway, Back To Yourself?

What If Sex, Sensual Touch And Intimacy Could Be More Than Just Physical Sensation? What If It Could Be A Doorway, Back To Yourself?

Sometimes what we need so badly is in the last place we look. For some, saying the words “Tantra” just means sex. For others, however, it’s a philosophy of healing and connection, and even for getting the bliss back into our lives.

There is much suffering, misunderstandings, and confusion in life we must go through. From time to time the world can seem like a confusing place. Pain allows us to learn and to grow, and there are many lessons to learn. Yet, dwelling in place too long can take a huge toll on our emotional wellbeing.

But moments of intimate connection can bring us back to ourselves, so we can fell vital and alive once again. There is power in your stillness. Whether through sex or in meditation, finding our calm center is often the inner strength we need to get us through. And it’s here that our aliveness and vitality is to be found.

Our soul is here to have an experiencePsalm Isadora says, and it’s our mission to get out of the way. Tantric healing can enable us to release any emotional baggage, shame & insecurity which was holding us back. And it can allow us to find that aliveness within us. That calm center which was always there, but we forgot about.

Could Sex Reveal The Real You?

Our daily actions often reveal who we really are. And the same is true for sensual moments and sex. Those intimate moments between a partner can reveal doubts and fears we’ve tried to keep hidden, all these years. And it can bring up old wounds we thought we had left behind.

Sex is like a Rorschach test. We project parts of ourselves onto it: longings, trauma, feelings, and hidden parts of yourself, not expressed in our everyday life. What turns you on right now tells a story about you, both about your history and who you are in the process of becoming.

— Psalm Isadora

The intimate moments of your life can be greater than just physical release. They can be the doorway new realms of awareness, healing, and abundance of spirit. Sex can be a celebration, not just a game of giving and taking. It can lead you to transcending unworthiness and other mental blocks which held you back in life.

In the video above, Psalm Isadora guides us through her personal path of healing so you may discover how to go on yours. To increase the intimacy in your life and healing through releasing the trauma which may have been keeping you trapped.

Psalm even shares one of her ten Tantra Touch secrets. It’s an easy, intimacy exercise you can do to increase connection to your partner today.

We all have different paths of healing to go through, with many challenges along the way.  Though Psalm’s life was short, her inspirational message of healing has touched the lives and hearts of millions of people around the world. May her legacy live on.

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