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The Surprisingly Simple Way To Fix Self Doubt According To UK’s #1 Therapist

by Marisa Peer March 29, 2019

Legendary transformational hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, shares three powerful words that have the ability to challenge and erase self doubt. 

These words have literally changed the lives of tens of thousands of the Mindvalley tribe.

Marisa’s past clients include Royalty, Olympic Athletes, Hollywood A-Listers and CEOs of huge companies, but her vision isn’t exclusive to just celebrities.

According to Marisa, named the Best British therapist by Tatler and Men’s Health magazines, all our trauma and difficulties can be boiled down to the belief that we’re not enough.

And all it takes to remove that belief is three simple words.

When Marisa first spoke at Mindvalley’s A-Fest, these three words started a viral movement within our community. People started writing them in lipstick on their mirrors, they wrote them on sticky notes around the house, set them as screensavers on their phones and laptops, some even tattooed them on their bodies!

The words?

I Am Enough.

Here’s how constantly reminding yourself of these three words and consistently programming them into your subconscious can help you see dramatic improvements in your self-esteem and outlook on life.

What Is Self Doubt?

Self doubt is the lack of belief in your own talents and abilities. But it goes much further and deeper than this.

Self doubt, at its core, is an expression of inadequacy.

We lack confidence. We don’t trust that we’re capable of taking care of what’s going on around us, either personally or professionally.

Self doubt can manifest in a number of ways, but it often stems from deeply held subconscious beliefs imprinted from childhood trauma.

The real question is: how do we get rid of it?

How to challenge feelings of inadequacy

Feeling inadequate, deficient, or incapable isn’t a pleasant experience. And rest assured, it’s something we all feel every once in a while.

But when self doubt becomes a crippling everyday occurrence, the long term effects can be disastrous.

And that’s why Marisa Peer’s advice about conquering self doubt is monumentally important.

“I’m not enough is a universal problem,” explains Marisa Peer. “We pick it up very early in our lives when we start to compare ourselves to other people.”

And the truth of these words is irrefutable.

Think back to a time in your childhood when you felt you’d somehow fallen short. Maybe you disappointed a parent, or teacher. Maybe you didn’t make the school soccer team or were bullied by an older sibling or classmate.

As children, our self esteem is fragile. And if we haven’t learned healthy coping mechanisms, we can easily begin to doubt our own self worth.

But regardless of where your self doubt came from, there is a way to change your perception.

With Marisa’s help, you can regain your sense of self and learn to recognize your inherent value. And it all comes down to three little words.

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What do you do to get back to your confident self when you don’t feel enough?

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by Marisa Peer
Marisa Peer is a Mindvalley author and was named Britain’s Best Therapist by Tatler magazine. Her extensive client list over the past 25 years includes royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multibillion dollar companies and political leaders. She uses the power of Transformational Hypnotherapy, a science of turning ordinary people into extraordinary individuals within one of two sessions. Through her work, Marisa has discovered that there are eight unique Mental Thought Models that the top 1% of super-achievers in the world possess. But 99% of the population lack at least one of them.

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