7 Uplifting Quotes by Jeffrey Allen on the Power of Healing Thoughts

7 Uplifting Quotes by Jeffrey Allen on the Power of Healing Thoughts

Jeffrey Allen

Here are seven quotes from Jeffrey Allen on the power of healing thoughts. It’ll change the way you think about spirituality and energy healing forever.

Jeffrey Allen is an energy healer and teacher who blends his scientific background with his natural healing ability to help people discover their intuitive gifts and live a conscious and happy life.

Here are 7 quotes from his wisdom that will change the way you think about spirituality and energy healing forever.

We are used to going to the gym and training our physical body to look good. But how often do we pay attention to our energy body and take care of our spiritual fitness? So many of us in today’s world have rituals and plans in place for exercising, socializing, and progressing in our careers. Yet, we feel that something else is missing.

Jeffrey started out as a successful engineer with a six-figure salary. For fifteen years, he practiced energy healing on the side, thinking that it was not something he could pursue as a profession. It wasn’t until he discovered his true potential as a spiritual teacher that he realized: This is the impact he was meant to create in the world.

Today, thousands of people are grateful for the healing and spiritual awareness they experienced with Jeffrey. It is enough to read his words to feel the resonance of his pure, blissful power within.

1. You Are Not Your Thoughts

Most of the time, we assume our beliefs are true — like unchanging facts about the world.  From an energy perspective, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

We often full-heartedly accept our beliefs without looking at where they come from. We don’t always recognize how old friends, teachers, parents, and preachers have impacted us with their thoughts. Eventually, the collection of these beliefs turns into our view of the world. All of them are different versions of truth that could unite people or build up walls between them.

From an energy perspective, there are no rigid facts. No one is right or wrong: compassion and bliss are the only things that exist.

2. Let Go of Control

Tuning into this higher awareness gives us fantastic guidance, but also a sense of peace and ease — that everything is happening just perfectly, that there’s a bigger plan which is playing out beautifully.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

We live in a society where we’re constantly searching for productivity hacks, competing against each other, and running a race against time. Yet, there is only so far we can reach with our control.

Once you allow yourself to surrender, you will feel truly at peace with your own energy and might even find a connection with a higher power.

3. Fall Into Awakening

Falling asleep during meditation is actually a good thing. It means you are moving your awareness into areas which you are unconscious. Do this consistently, and the unconsciousness will clear.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

It’s funny how we tend to approach spiritual and mindful practices in a rush. It’s like telling a plant to grow faster than its natural pace. So often we question ourselves and we want immediate change, even though our mistakes turn out to be the very signs of progress.

Once you detach from your expectations and give yourself the permission to meditate without achieving anything, you will find peace, and the answers that you seek will come to you naturally.

4. Add a Pinch of Acceptance

Imagine giving every person you see today 100% permission to be themselves.  You’ll be surprised by how clean and happy you feel.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

Expecting others to act and live in a certain way comes from our own inner critic. We cannot change anyone — including our partners, our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Not even the grumpy barista in the coffee shop. The only person you are ever able to change is yourself.

And trust me, it will make all the difference.

5. Thoughts Are Habits, Habits Are Choices

Everything gets better with practice! Are you practicing things that make you happy? Sad? Grumpy? Loving? What are you getting better at?

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

The way we communicate with people around us or the way we think about ourselves are habits we took up so long ago we might not even be aware of them anymore.

Complaining about the traffic is no different than brushing your teeth every morning. You can choose to feel good or feel bad, to uplift people or let them down. It just takes a little practice.

6. Confusion Is a Good Thing

Never underestimate the power of contrary thoughts. They are the first sign that you are breaking through your old beliefs.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

It is scary to be uncertain about the world. Avoiding controversy keeps us in the comfort of our old belief system and saves us from questioning or even changing our own opinion.

However, thought leaders become successful because they are willing to admit they were wrong so they can make better decisions in the future. It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to change your mind. That’s what life and learning are all about.

7. Your Thoughts Create Your World

The only thing you can really change is your mind, yet that can change everything.

— Jeffrey Allen
quotes by Jeffrey Allen

Most of our career challenges are rooted in our mindset. Relationships can only be fixed by working on the individual first, just like weight loss starts in the mind as well.

It is changing our own self from the very core that brings us the results in the world we create around us.

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