5 Easy Steps to Self-Healing In 5 Minutes

5 Easy Steps to Self-Healing In 5 Minutes

Self healing

Self-healing isn’t as complicated as you may think. Tuning into your energy body is easy, quick, and can improve your health in just a few moments.

Self-healing is doable. Easier said than done, right?

But it is easy with the know-how. And this article is a great start to familiarizing yourself with self-healing:

Tuning into our energy body is easy and quick. And with practice, we can begin to elevate our emotions and health.

What Is Self-Healing?

Self-healing refers to the things you do (consciously and unconsciously) to kickstart your internal recovery system to fully heal from wounds, illness, or any imbalance. We witness our body’s ability to heal itself each time we heal from a cut or bruise.

Tuning into our energy body is a simple process. And when we tune into our energy bodies with our intention, we can truly change our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Self-healing is not at all complicated.

self healing

Can Your Body Self-Heal?

The human body was made to heal. From renewable cells all the way to emotional healing, your body is capable of self-healing in so many ways!

And we can learn to augment our natural self-healing mechanisms by learning to tune into the process.

What does energy healing feel like?

The experience of energy healing is unique to each person that tries it.

Many people who have gone through energy healing describe it as relaxing, warm, and physically pleasant.

But if you are thinking of undergoing an energy healing procedure, you should be prepared for energy and mood shifts in your body.

How to Heal Yourself

The best way to start healing yourself is to bring a feeling of peace into your body. Stress causes inflammation, and inflammation is toxic to the body. So start by breathing deep, meditating, and connecting to your inner peace.

You can tune into your energy body and use your thoughts and emotions to change the frequency and flow of your energy.

It is as simple as changing the channel from a negative reporting news channel to your favorite comedy show and feeling yourself relax with that change.

Your day can move in a new direction that will guarantee you are inviting ease, flow, and even “miracles” into your life.

Self-Healing Techniques

There are a number of remedies out there. But here’s a hand-picked list of some effective self-healing techniques:

Understand that healing is more than just medication. When it comes to staying healthy, using natural methods can be incredibly beneficial for your mind and soul.

Self-healing meditation: 5 steps

Meditation is, by far, probably one of the most effective and fastest ways to heal yourself.

Read through all steps and then, take the next five minutes to put the wheels in motion and practice. Now, here’s how to do it.

1. Sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breath

No need to change the pattern of your breathing – just pay attention to the flow – in and out, in and out. No judging it, no changing it – just noticing.

This is simply to become ‘present‘ and to stop some of the never-ending thoughts from interfering for the next few minutes.

2. Take your hands (palms together in front of you) and rub them together for 30-60 seconds

Let them become warm from the friction and feel that warmth.

Invite a slight smile in as you are rubbing your hands and taking this time. Smiling itself is healing and has the ability to switch our moods in a few seconds.

3. Hold your hands 6-8 inches away from each other, facing each other, and feel the energy flowing through them

This energy is always here – you are feeling it now because of the intention and awakening your awareness to it.

you feel this energy tune into it. Know this is part of you. Keep on smiling – doesn’t this feel great?

4. Close your eyes and see if you can move the energy up your arms, through your body

There is no “wrong way” to do this. You are awakening your energy body with your intent and your intent is to feel and heal.

See if you can move that energy to any part of your body you may feel some stress or illness in. Keep it there knowing you are sending it love and positive “healing energy.” If you feel like you are losing touch with feeling the energy – rub your hands together again.

There is no judgment and no way to do this incorrectly.

Picture the energy in whatever way feels right for you. Perhaps you just want to feel it or maybe you want to picture it as a white light – it is whatever way feels the easiest for you. Let yourself play with this step and smile while doing it.

5. Continue to work with this flow of energy

Call it to different parts of your body. Notice how it feels as it reaches different spaces. 

This energy can help those areas that usually bring you pain— feel grateful for finally recognizing this inherent ability in you.

Notice the energy relaxing the parts of the body it flows into. Thank your body for being able to awaken to this awareness and healing.

Playing with this energy flow for even five minutes can bring a state of joy and peace that you may have felt was impossible even minutes earlier.

How did that feel? I know when I first felt this energy I was pretty amazed that it was always present in my body yet I had not been in tune with it.

In just five minutes you can change your energy flow and state of being. You can offer your body, mind, and spirit some healing. 

As you can see in the above exercise, you don’t have to be a gifted healer to heal yourself.

Self-Healing Affirmations

Having empowering beliefs, habits, and thought patterns lend a hand to the healing process. Here are some self-healing affirmations you can use on repeat.

  • With each breath I take, I am healing my body
  • My mind, body, and soul are healthy and strong
  • I have the ability to overcome any health challenges life gives me
  • My positive thoughts and actions are the medicine for my health and body
  • Taking care of myself feels good
  • I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant
  • Being in my body feels great
  • My body can do amazing things

Your mind is a great machine and it has the ability to affect your body. When you use affirmations on a daily basis, you can reprogram your mind. And in turn, it can help increase self-compassion and feelings of kindness towards others…and even yourself.

Self-Healing Tips

There are some great ways to uplift your well-being. If you’re looking for more, though, here are some additional self-healing tips that you may find helpful.

  • Breathe into your pain or discomfort
  • Eat well and mindfully
  • Start a gratitude jar
  • Listen to podcasts and get inspired by trailblazers
  • Incorporate energy medicine tools, like crystal skulls

There are countless ways, of course. But find the ones that work for you.

Awaken Your Unstoppable

Each and every one of us has hardships we need to heal from, be it emotional, physical, or mental. The great thing is, self-healing is an option.

You can shift the way you think, which in turn changes how you treat your body. And if you need a little help on how to do so, you can learn from the expert, Donna Eden in Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine Masterclass.

As an energy medicine practitioner, she has personally used her body’s energies to take her health back into her hands. And with the help of her husband, David Feinstein, Ph.D., she has taken her knowledge to empower others to heal themselves, too.

That, friend, includes you.

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