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Pranic Healing: Comprehensive Healing For The Body And Mind

by Mindvalley February 22, 2018

Do you suffer from an ailment that no form of modern medicine has been able to alleviate?

Even if you’ve tried every form of therapy out there, every drug on the market, and every available procedure, there’s still something left that you can try. And this powerful, non-invasive practice has left thousands in better health and vitality, all through the power of pranic healing.  

Either yourself or a pranic healer can apply this subtle therapy. It’s easy to learn the essentials, and this practice of pranic healing can be of great benefit to both you and your loved ones.

What Is Prana Energy?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for life force, or vital principle. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is also known as chi.

Prana energy is present in all things. People get this energy through food, sunlight, fresh air and interaction with other people. A life cannot exist if prana is not present in that life form.

It is the balance and flow of prana energy which creates wellness and vitality in each and every creature. It is the subtle state of life, moving both through and behind the experience of life, and it can determine the quality of life that we lead.

what is pranic healing

What Is Pranic Healing?

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui was the first to practice pranic healing, and also happens to be the founder of Arhatic Yoga.

Pranic healing is the practice of manipulating a person’s energy field, treating the energy body that affects the physical body.

Pranic healing principles state that physical ailments are in direct relation to disruptions of prana in the energy body. By using this form of healing, we can create harmony, balance, and transformation in both the energy body and the physical body.

In pranic healing, diseases and ailments appear in the energy body, or bioplasmic body, before being made manifest in the physical. Oftentimes, our lifestyle directly impacts our energy bodies, with stress and anxiety overtaxing our nervous systems and damaging lifestyle habits creating toxicity in the body and mind.  

The bioplasmic body collects energy and distributes it to the physical body. If there is congestion or stress in the energy body, the delivery process is hindered and ailments occur. Our energy body doesn’t just affect our physical bodies, but impacts our psychological and emotional states, too.

So, engaging in pranic healing can help cleanse us, body, mind and spirit.

How Does Pranic Healing Work?

The process of pranic healing involves the use of hand movements that manipulate the energy (prana) in your body. This allows for energy to flow and cleanses the aura.

There are two aims in pranic healing: cleansing and energizing.

Cleansing is the act of removing negative energy from your aura. Through broad, circular hand movements, negative energy is processed out of the energy body and released.

It’s common for a pranic healer to flick their hands after completing a circuit of the body. This is done to clear any toxic energy attempting to cling to the healer’s hands.  

The other aspect of pranic healing is to energize. Through a transference of energy between the healer and the patient, the process of energizing takes place.

pranic healing supplementary treatment

Pranic healing research and supplementary treatments

Today, more and more research is being carried out on the positive benefits of pranic healing. Medical science has much more to explore on this topic, but some doctors have already begun to implement aspects of pranic healing into their practices, to great effect.

However, most medical practitioners recommended that you don’t ignore modern medicine. Pranic healing should be used as a supplementary practice to other forms of traditional treatment. It works well in conjunction with all sorts of other medical therapies, so don’t neglect your doctor’s advice, or forsake your prescribed medication in favor of pranic healing.  

Have You Been Paying Enough Attention To Your Spirit?

See, many of us are mind-driven. We make most of our decisions based on logic and critical thinking.

But logic and critical thinking aren’t always the best option. When we apply them, we start to believe there isn’t enough to go around, and we become fiercely competitive.

This leads to a path of anxiety, depression, and self-destruction.

But when you switch to a spirit-driven lifestyle, you start to see the truth - that the Universe is kind and full of abundance. You understand that there’s more than enough to go around.

Your life fills up with joy and light. You realize that there are incredible opportunities all around you.

Choosing to follow a spirit-driven lifestyle can truly enhance your life.

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Are you interested in exploring pranic healing? Have you ever had an energy medicine experience before? Tell us more in the comments below!

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