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The Best Way Of Explaining Energy Healing To Anyone

by Jeffrey Allen January 8, 2018

Energy Healing can be very difficult to explain.

I’ve been an energy healer for a long time now and I see a lot of vague and unhelpful explanations about how it works.

Every energy worker explains it differently and there’s a tendency to get confused about what energy healing really is.

Here’s how I explain it to people to make sure they understand the aim.

1. Looking Beyond The Symptoms

Energy healing is about looking at the underlying cause before things change into symptoms.

For example, you have a scrape on your arm – that’s the result, not the cause. The cause was that you bumped into something and cut yourself.

Similarly, if you look a little bit deeper into most problems or illnesses, there is normally a cause that’s not seen. It doesn’t just show up randomly.

Let’s look at a good example…

I hear this complaint all the time about relationships:

At the start of the relationship, it was exciting and we paid attention to each other. But eventually, he started to tune out, turned his attention elsewhere, and the relationship deteriorated. This keeps happening to me – I think all men are like this.

energy healing

The first thought – all men/women are like this – is the equivalent of blaming the scrape on your arm instead of whatever caused you to fall over.

2. Consider The Underlying Cause

The key is to look at it from an energy perspective – the underlying cause.

Your energy might be saying, “I’m a valuable and exciting person… but only up to a point. After that, I’m not so sure… If you see the real me you’ll think that I’m not as good as what I’ve been advertising.”

If that’s the story inside you then people are going to pick that up, resonate with it, and start to play it out. So actually, you are creating it even though it looks like the other person did it.

energy healing

That’s what energy healing is about. Rather than looking at what happened and the effects, it looks at the cause inside you. If you can recognize that root cause, then you can change it.

3. It’s About Changing Your Momentum

Put simply, energy healing is about taking the momentum that you have, the direction you’re already heading in, and changing it slightly so that your future changes dramatically.

Imagine you’re coming into this current moment from a certain direction. If you don’t change anything, it’s easy to see the future – it’s just a straight line. You know how things will turn out.

energy healing

Your future is a continuation of that same line. The things that have been happening will keep happening.

With energy healing, the aim is to turn. Maybe a 2-degree or 90-degree turn. So that now your momentum will start taking you toward a different direction.

energy healing

This is where you start seeing big changes. Because even if you change course by just 2 degrees, at first you’re close to the old path you were on, but after a month to several months, your old path will seem further and further away from you as you continue going along your new direction.

The more you go down your new path, the farther you are from your old path.

4. It’s Not About Immediate Change

That’s why it’s so powerful.

Instead of looking at your current position and bringing about immediate change, it’s about looking at the underlying momentum.

energy healing

After the healing, it may seem like not much has changed. The world will still look the same. But if you wait, you’ll end up in a completely different place.

Which direction would you like to take? Share it with us in a comment below.

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