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Mind The Most Important Thing In Life – A Revelation From My “Yoda”

The Most Important Thing In Life – A Revelation From My “Yoda”

In the video above, I introduce the man I call my “Yoda with an Indian accent”: Srikumar Rao. This brilliant teacher will remind you of the most important thing in life. And this is not your career or your status. Not even your family or friends.

About The Video

What do schools really need to teach people? What life is really about.

Srikumar Rao found the missing program in the major business schools and decided to introduce it there himself.

For many years, he taught this course called “Creativity and Personal Mastery” at Columbia Business School to help MBA students discover their passion and show them how to live deeply fulfilling lives

His course became one of the most popular, consistently oversubscribed courses and soon migrated to other schools, such as London Business School and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Now, he offers his teachings privately and at Mindvalley too with his Quest for Personal Mastery.

In this week’s free Masterclass, Srikumar reminds us how so many of us are missing the point in life. And how this keeps us from being truly happy and fulfilled.

We identify ourselves too much with our careers, our status, our house, our spouse, or whatever else we think we need in order to be happy.

But none of this is true, says Srikumar.

In reality, all of these things are just vehicles. And if life knocks us down, we all have the ability to tap into extreme resilience.

How To Put Yourself in an Accelerated Cycle of Growth
By Vishen Lakhiani

By the end of this Masterclass, you will walk away with the tools and techniques you need to automate your personal growth and unlock your extraordinary potential.

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So what is life really about?

Evolving your soul. Srikumar will teach you the mind hacks you need.

What do you think the most important lesson in life is?

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Written by
Srikumar Rao