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Mind What Is The Lowest IQ Ever Recorded In Human History?

What Is The Lowest IQ Ever Recorded In Human History?

There’s a lot of discussions today about what IQ scores mean and what IQ tests measure, but many people are still not quite sure what these numbers entail.

If you’ve ever wondered what is the highest or lowest IQ ever recorded, we’ve got you covered.

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  1. What’s measured on an IQ test?
  2. What is the lowest IQ you can get?
  3. What does an IQ of 75 mean?
  4. What’s the highest IQ attainable?

Let’s begin!

What’s Measured On An IQ Test?

What is intelligence? It’s a difficult question to answer. Many have tried, without much success.

A few researchers developed theories of human intelligence that have stood the test of time. One of those theories belongs to Charles Spearman and his theory of generalized intelligence.

Generalized intelligence, or the “g factor,” is what’s primarily measured on IQ tests.

How does IQ work?

Standardized cognitive tests give us an individual’s IQ score, or intelligence quotient. It gauges how well an individual can use information and logic to make predictions or answer questions.

IQ tests are a relative test, not an absolute one. Simply put: IQ tests do not measure intelligence the way a ruler measures height, but rather the way a race measures speed.

So, what’s the available range of IQ scores? What’s the highest and lowest IQ ever recorded?

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What Is The Lowest IQ Score?

The lowest IQ score is 0/200, but nobody in recorded history has officially scored 0. Any result below 75 points is an indicator of some form of mental or cognitive impairment.

Having a high or low IQ may shed some light on your ability to solve certain types of problems. However, it’s important to remember that IQ tests only measure a very narrow set of traits.

Average IQ on most tests is 100. Anything below 100 is a lower than average score. And anything above 100 is an above average score.

Is there such a thing as the lowest IQ ever? Well, this is tricky territory. Generally speaking, like we said, IQ scores ranging below 75 points are often held by those with some form of mental or cognitive impairment.  

Can a person have an IQ of 0?

In theory, yes. But has someone actually obtained this score? Well, no.

IQ scores in this range are difficult to determine, as people with mental impairments and disabilities typically aren’t asked or required to complete IQ tests.

No one has officially scored 0 on an IQ test, even if that result is theoretically attainable.

What Does An IQ Of 75 Mean?

Cognitive impairment is associated an IQ score of 75 or below.

Years ago, mental disability was determined by scores in this range. Today, we have much more sophisticated methods of diagnosing disability.

What does it mean to have a borderline IQ?

According to experts, a low score is an IQ of 70 or below. Borderline IQ, also called borderline intellectual functioning, is someone with an IQ between 70 – 85 points.

Why is this called borderline IQ? Because it is on the borderline of criteria for the diagnosis of intellectual disabilities.

What’s The Highest IQ Attainable?

We’ve explored the range of lower IQ, but what about high IQ? What’s the highest score ever attained?

Most of today’s standardized IQ tests have an average score set at 100. A genius is someone with a score of 140 and above. Studies show that about 68% of people score somewhere between 85 – 115.

What was Einstein’s IQ?

Most experts believe that Einstein’s IQ score ranged between 160 – 190 points. 

However, measuring his IQ is tricky. Why? Because he never actually took an IQ test in his lifetime!

The final word

What’s most important to remember that IQ scores are not indicative of success in today’s world. What matters more is your willingness to learn.

Learning is a superpower. And learning is not a spectator sport.

Jim Kwik, Author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain Program

With enough study and training, you can raise your IQ score. These numbers aren’t fixed.

Keep in mind that IQ scores only measure a very narrow set of cognitive skills. And we’re only just beginning to understand about the true power of the brain through multiple forms of intelligence.

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Written by
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