Top 20 Abundance Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity

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Abundance affirmations
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Highlights: These abundance affirmations are specifically designed to harness the power of wealth and greatness. Energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon will show you how.

Sometimes all it takes to give yourself a boost is a meaningful mantra or abundance affirmations. 

From the poetic and musical chants of Hindu worship to power phrases you mutter before an important task, they can create the change you need. Many people use them as a tool when learning how to manifest money, wealth, health…you name it.

Having your own abundance mantras practiced can not only increase your prosperity but also rewire your brain to focus on the brighter side of everything that comes your way. 

Like prayers or commands, they are charged with energy, and you can easily incorporate them into your abundance manifestation practice.

What Are Abundance Affirmations?

Abundance affirmations are short, powerful positive statements that you can use to consciously be in control of your thoughts. They are specifically designed to harness the power of the law of attraction (as well as positive thinking), to call prosperity, wealth, and financial gain into your life.

Abundance is more personal and subjective. Abundance is a large quantity of something — something you have so much of that it’s overflowing.

You could have an abundance of money. But you could also have an abundance of love, values, or friends. 

Abundance is the opposite of lack. It is an outpouring of bounty. In short, it’s the feeling of plenitude, wholesomeness, or fulfillment.

What’s the science behind abundance affirmations?

You might wonder how abundance affirmations work. And you may think it’s woo woo, but it’s actually all related to the neuroplasticity of the human brain. Simply put, these reinforcing statements can be used as a tool to rewire your brain in order to completely shift your perspective of life from lack to prosperity.

According to the self-affirmation theory, developed by social psychologist Claude Steele at Stanford University, people can maintain self-integrity and high efficacy by affirming their core values and beliefs in a positive way. 

So, we can basically choose how to define ourselves by instilling positive values into our subconscious minds through the practice of affirmations.

How to Use Abundance Affirmations

Just like negative self-talk, abundance affirmations stick with repetition. So choose up to three positive reinforcement phrases at a time and customize them to your unique life circumstances.

One tip to keep in mind when working with affirmations is clearing up your abundance blocks before you want to instill more beneficial beliefs into your subconscious mind. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The best times to use positive affirmation are at the beginning and end of your day. Try repeating them before you get out of bed in the morning or while you’re brushing your teeth at night. 
  • As long as you repeat your affirmations at the same time each day, they’ll soon become a habit. They can now become part of your everyday self-love practice.
  • How many times should you repeat your chosen phrases? As many times as you like, for sure. But keep this in mind: quality over quantity. If you just mindlessly repeat your affirmation without stopping to really dwell on what it is you’re saying, they won’t be nearly as effective.
  • See, sense, and feel into your affirmations. For example, visualize yourself with the ideal partner you desire to have. How do you feel in that scenario? What does it look like for you?
  • Be specific on what you want to manifest with your statements. Give the energy you’re instilling in your subconscious mind a clear direction. It will make it more powerful.
  • Combine them with meditation. Meditation is, of course, not necessary but adds a great touch to the positive affirmations and will make them all the more powerful.

The more thought you give to them, the greater the chance of their manifestation. You must really feel these positive affirmations as you say them, or else they will simply be meaningless words you mutter.

Soon enough, the affirmations will begin to take hold in your life. And the results will amaze you.

Lofty questions — another take on abundance affirmations

Christie Marie Sheldon, who’s also the trainer of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Quest, emphasizes the importance of truly believing in the affirmations we tell ourselves. A lot of people could mindlessly repeat statements that have no meaning, emotion, or intention, and don’t make them tick.

For this reason, Christie recommends using the power of lofty questions when you feel like affirmations don’t stick to you. Lofty questions are those questions starting with “why” that make your subconscious mind focus on finding the answers.

Take, for example, the following questions Christie recommends asking yourself:

  • Why do I have more than enough money to pay my bills, save some money, and have some left over to have some fun with?
  • Why is my life so amazing? It exceeds all my expectations.
  • Why does the Universe give me more than enough help that I’ve ever thought possible?

Do they stir up more emotion in you? Do the results seem more feasible? This is a twist to affirmations that you find hard to believe in, no matter how much you’d like to.

The Universe loves you so much that it always responds to your questions.

— Christie Marie Sheldon, trainer of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Quest
Christie Marie Sheldon on abundance affirmations
Christie Marie Sheldon, trainer of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Quest

How to write abundance affirmations

Before diving into prosperity affirmations recommendations, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’d like to craft your own positive statements.

  1. Identify negative beliefs. What beliefs do you have that are currently holding you back? See if you can identify any recurring negative thoughts or beliefs and write them down.
  1. Challenge the negative beliefs. Write down values that counteract the negative belief. This will be the foundation of your new affirmation.
  1. Write in the present tense. Make your statements positive, in the present tense, and in the first person.
  1. Keep it short. The shorter and more concise your affirmation is, the more powerful it will be.
  1. Give it impact. An effective affirmation is impactful. Fill it with positive, beautiful language that inspires you.

Also, remember to:

  1. Be thankful.
  2. Dream big.
  3. Say ‘no’ to excuses.
  4. Know your potential.
  5. Commit to living your dreams.
  6. Crave more.

The great thing about personalizing your affirmation ritual is that you might give it more meaning and importance. When you know you can choose exactly what kind of outcome you want from them, the practice can get creative and fun. Remember that the more emotion you pour into the process, the better the results will show up to be more exciting.

Girl writing down abundance affirmations

20 Abundance Affirmations for Wealth and Prosperity

With a little bit of effort and willingness, your life can be transformed into an abundance of not only fulfillment and meaning but also prosperity.

Here are a handful of great affirmations for abundance to get you started:

  1. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
  2. I am surrounded by wealth.
  3. I deserve prosperity.
  4. My success is necessary.
  5. I live an abundant life.
  6. My dreams are coming true.
  7. I believe there is enough money for everyone.
  8. I live in financial prosperity.
  9. I’m living with an abundance mindset.
  10. I continuously manifest abundance.
  11. My affirmations for financial abundance support me.
  12. I am grateful to be surrounded by wealth.
  13. I am capable of success.
  14. My creativity brings me abundance.
  15. Everything I desire is already on its way to me.
  16. More and more prosperity flows into my life.
  17. I choose the path of wealth and prosperity and walk it every day.
  18. I have full trust in my affirmations for money abundance.
  19. Wealth is mine.
  20. I’m growing abundantly every day.

Pick and choose your positive statements every day and notice how your inner dialogue changes after planting your favorite ones into your subconscious. Your mind becomes a canvas where the colors of your affirmations will fill up the blank space in any way you choose. 

Discover Your Abundant Self

Using affirmations for abundance is not about the practice itself but the connection you start forming with the energy force of the Universe. 

Did you know that anything you’ve ever dreamed of can actually knock at your door and be welcome into your life? If you want to find out the best ways to live in that kind of reality, Mindvalley is the place for you.

By joining the Unlimited Abundance Quest, you will learn the best way to create your best life. And Christie Marie Sheldon guides you through the whole process. Using the affirmations for abundance is a simple tool that propels you on your journey, but there’s so much more to come.

According to Christie, creating the life you desire it’s all about connecting to the vibration of the things you want the most.

You have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in.

— Christie Marie Sheldon, trainer of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Quest

Your dream life is waiting for you. Welcome in.

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Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor is a former content writer for Mindvalley and a psychology enthusiast. From clinical experience working with both children and adults, she's now in the process of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in the IFS method and family constellation therapy.
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Alexandra Tudor

Alexandra Tudor is a former content writer for Mindvalley and a psychology enthusiast. From clinical experience working with both children and adults, she's now in the process of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in the IFS method and family constellation therapy.
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Christie Marie Sheldon is the trainer of Mindvalley’s Unlimited Abundance Quest. A fully realized intuitive life coach and author, she is the #1 in-demand author at Mindvalley and she’s committed to using her gift to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations and manifest their ideal realities.

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