Jim Kwik On How To Improve Your Memory So You can Speak On Stage Without Notes

The poets of the ancient Greek theaters did not rely on notes and digital devices to remember their poetry. They had a simple technique to memorize their words and easily recall them when standing in front of their crowd.

Even though most people don’t know about this technique anymore, it is so impactful that we still refer to it in our language as a form of speech without being aware of it.

Jim Kwik, the foremost expert in memory improvement shares this powerful tool in the above video and explains how the human mind attaches pictures to facts forming new memories.

Jim has started out as a child with learning difficulties due to an accident. Today, he trains Hollywood stars and multi-millionaires on how they can enhance their brain performance in order to live an extraordinary life.

Watch this video above and learn how he prepares for his keynote speeches.

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How would you apply this technique to other areas of your life? Share it with us in a comment!

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