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Remember when you wanted to be an astronaut?

A firefighter, or a model?

Your imagination free, your perspective without boundary, and your vision grand. A child not yet capable of understanding, or even conceptualizing, limitations.

You were going to conquer the world, this was certain.

How to get what you want in life, was not yet of your concern. Because you honestly knew, it didn’t matter how, one day it would all come to be.

Losing The Life You Wanted

So, what happened?


Fear happened.

When we are young and free, before a lifetime of responsibility is bestowed upon us, we have not yet learned what it means to be afraid.

We act without hesitation, in a direct correlation to that which we desire.

Then, we are taught.

We are taught to build walls, metaphorical limits to our existence, and we do so in a rather maze-like fashion. Leaving us lost within ourselves and slowly letting go of our vision.

This maze eventually becomes entirely too difficult to navigate, and the effort required to do so begins to appear as if it will never match the reward.

And as we begin to question ourselves, our fears grow ever stronger, our walls ever taller.

Spiraling out of control until we find ourselves here, adults so blinded by our own fears that we freeze in a pursuit of our dreams. Sitting inside an unsolvable maze and questioning yourself, how to get what you want in life?

Making The Life You Want

How do you ask for something you want?

“How do I make the life I want?”

A great question, and one which many of us are actively in pursuit of trying to adequately respond to.

But first, let us ask ourselves this —  Why are you currently living a life that is anything different from the one which you want to be living?

The first step in how to get what you want in life, is in fact an initiation of this exact process. Questioning the reasons as to why you do not feel like you are already there.

Break through the barriers and reconnect with your inner child. Let your imagination flow, and release yourself from this idea of limitations.

Come to terms with your desires

Come to terms with your desires.

Forget what society, or anyone else, thinks and honestly ask yourself who you would be if no one ever told you how to live.

Become very, very clear on what you want in life.

Once here, acknowledge the limiting fears which stood in your way for what they are, certainly. But choose to actively move forward in an opposition of their essence.

Ask yourself, “How badly do I want it?”

Harness the power of these desires, and use them to initiate a process of manifesting.

Also, ask the universe! Ask for guidance and support.

How Do You Ask For Something You Want?

How do you make the life you want?

“Okay, but how exactly do I do this?” you might be wondering.

Truth is, you are already asking.

The universe is a part of you, as you are a part of it. Somewhere deep down, you know exactly what you want, and so the universe also knows.

Still, forming an actual question, one composed of goals and specific desires, and finding the courage within yourself to explicitly request such a reality, is an incredibly powerful thing.

So ask the universe, some entity or energy of grander essence then yourself, to help guide you along a path of your own becoming. But again, and most importantly, the one entity you should be asking how to get what you want, is yourself.

Reflect inward, and ask yourself what you feel you should be doing. Then, ask yourself to actually try.

Acknowledge the sensation that builds within you as you do this, and embrace it. For at your core, underneath these walls and fears, exists a truly limitless potential.

Becoming limitless

Limitless. A place which you are perhaps ready to be, free from the looming walls of limitation, but aren’t sure where exactly to begin.

Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program specializes in exactly this, helping you to acknowledge and break down old barriers and manifest new and empowering ways of thinking.

A task which may initially seem quite daunting and scary, but try to take a deep breath, and trust the process.

Stress not, and let ‘what you want’ be loosely defined

Trust the process.

Do your best not to stress out too much about how exactly it unfolds.

Focus on your goal, and on the factors which you are actually capable of controlling in a pursuit of its manifestation. Those which you are not, let be.

Do what you can, staying active in your pursuits, but let’s not set things into stone, so to speak.

By letting go of when and how, you show that you believe that it is already yours. Because only he who is certain of the outcome can afford to wait.
— Sylvia Salow

Establish goals that provide direction, yet actively avoid becoming too attached to the exact nature by which those goals become something manifested.

3 Steps To Getting Everything You Want

Be patient, knowing that you will get thereThis process of how to get what you want in life is not something that will happen overnight.

Isolate your vision, ask for it, and then go out and get it!

1. Take action

Getting everything you want in life requires action.

It is up to you, and you alone, to take this action.

2. Stay positive and let go

As you do, do your best to maintain a positive attitude. Focus on the progress, and let go of your resistance to change.

Let go also of your desire for control, and just be.

3. Be yourself

Just be.

Return to simply being yourself. Become a kid again, holding no fear. Embody the mindset of that kid, that one who wanted to be an astronaut.

Fully embrace your own vision and pursue its becoming without hesitation or reserve.

How to get what you want in life, is a question which you already have the answers to. You need only to focus on returning to yourself, and watch as life slowly becomes all you could have ever dreamed of.

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Can you think of a time in your life when you wound up with exactly what you wanted, after too long without it? Simply by finally asserting that it was what you wanted, and then by taking action in the direction of its becoming? Share these stories with us in the comments below, as we would love to hear about your journey toward becoming limitless.



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