50 Self-Esteem Boosting Affirmations for Teens

50 Self-Esteem Boosting Affirmations for Teens


Teens are under a lot of pressure and it can really take a toll on their self-esteem. These affirmations offer a powerful self-confidence boost.

Teens are usually under a lot of pressure these days.

And it’s easy for the stresses of everyday life to erode their self-confidence. They often have to deal with unrealistic expectations set for them, thoughtless comments, and conflicting messages.

But they can counter it – with self-love affirmations for teens.

Everyone can benefit from a healthy dose of self-love every day, but for a teen, it might be even more beneficial.

Through excellent self-care, being true to your values, and using affirmations for teen self-esteem, you can create the self-talk that helps you cope with difficult situations and challenging behaviors of others.

So, we’ve put together a list of 50 affirmations for teens to offer a powerful self-confidence boost.

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What Is a Positive Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are positive thoughts and statements that we tell ourselves to raise our self-esteem and boost our confidence.

These statements are affirmative, uplifting, and often offer a concrete declaration of how we wish to view the world, ourselves, or our circumstances. 

Using positive affirmations can build a circle of positive energy and attract positive outcomes. The trick is in finding the positive affirmation that works best for you.

How do you write a positive affirmation?

Looking to create your own positive affirmation? Great idea!

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Identify negative beliefs. What beliefs do you have that are currently holding you back? See if you can identify any recurring negative thoughts or beliefs and write them down.
  2. Challenge the negative beliefs. Next, challenge the negative beliefs you’ve identified by writing down something that counteracts the negative belief. This will be the foundation of your new affirmation.
  3. Write in the present tense. Make your affirmation positive, in the present tense, and in the first person.
  4. Keep it short. The shorter and more concise your affirmation is, the more powerful it will be.
  5. Give it impact. An effective affirmation is impactful. Fill it with positive, beautiful language that inspires you.

What are the best affirmations?

There are many, many different types of affirmations. But time and again, we encounter affirmations that include the following:

  1. I can
  2. I will
  3. I’m my own superhero
  4. I am purpose and love
  5. I’m in charge of how I feel, and I choose to be happy today

The list is literally endless. But you get the point.

So, how do we put these affirmations to use?

How to Use Affirmations

Just like negative self-talk, positive affirmations “stick” with repetition.

Choose up to three self-esteem affirmations at a time and customize them to your personal life circumstances.

The best times to use positive affirmation are at the beginning and end of your day. Try repeating your affirmations before you get out of bed in the morning, or while you’re brushing your teeth at night.

As long as you repeat your affirmations at the same time each day, they’ll soon become a habit. 

How many times should you repeat your affirmations? As many times as you like! But keep this in mind: quality over quantity.

If you just mindlessly repeat your affirmation without stopping to really dwell on what it is you’re saying, they won’t be nearly as effective.

Instead, say each affirmation slowly and with intention. Think about what the affirmation means and let the positive emotions fill you up like a balloon.

Soon enough, the affirmations will begin to take hold in your life.

And the results will amaze you.

How To Use Affirmations

50 Affirmations for Teen Self-Esteem

So, without further ado, here are 50 affirmations for teens: 

1. The more I like myself, the more others will like me.

2. I am becoming better with each day.

3. I am happy to be here.

4. I have people who care about me and will help me if I need it.

5. I will ask for help if I need it.

6. I am always learning more about who I am and what matters to me.

7. I understand that my actions become habits so I will try to do the right thing.

8. I love and respect my family for all they do for me.

9. I am an intelligent being, but I don’t know everything.

10. I am proud to represent the values that matter to me and my community.

11. I love myself.

12. I feel lucky to have the opportunities that I do.

13.  My dreams are achievable.

14. The only people who may be judging me, are the people who are most afraid of being judged.

15. In 5 years it is not going to matter what I wore today.

16. In 15 years the only thing that will remain is what I have learned.

17. My first love will probably not be my only love, and I’m ok with that.

18. People can be mean, but it only reflects the kind of person they are.

19.  I am happy. Who else am I trying to please?

20. I accept and love the way I look without comparing myself to others.

21.  A six-pack does not need to be standard. In either form.

22. I am completely unique and therefore, there are no rules to what I am and am not.

23. I give myself permission to do what is best for me.

24. I admit that I may not always know what is best for me, so I am open to advice from people who I respect.

25. I do not need drugs or alcohol to have fun.

26. I do not need to share every personal detail with my entire social network.

27. I am responsible with my technology.

28. My opinion matters.

29. I acknowledge that sometimes it is not appropriate to voice my opinion.

30. I care about what is going on in the world.

31. I can say no, and no will mean no.

32. I stand up for myself because I matter.

33. I love myself unconditionally.

34. I see the beauty in stopping to appreciate my blessings.

35. I am not in a race, there is plenty of time.

36. Reputation is important, but it is not defining.

37. My friends are not always right.

38. I am not lost, I’m still creating myself.

39. When there is a bump in the road, I keep going.

40. If someone is trying to bring me down, it means I am above them.

41. I have all the tools to be successful.

42. Though times may be difficult, they will eventually get better.

43. I do not regret yesterday and I am excited for tomorrow.

44. This is only the beginning.

45. I will do better next time.

46. I haven’t even seen what I am capable of yet.

47. I will savor my youth.

48. I do not wish for age but instead experiences and knowledge.

49. I will do today what I will appreciate tomorrow.

50. I begin my day by affirming the positive and end my day with gratitude.

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