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How to Use the Power of Visualization

by Mindvalley January 10, 2018

The power of visualization works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. The idea is to visualize an image in your head; by consistent visualization of this image, it will be attracted to you.

You already do this, probably without realizing you do it! Whenever you focus on what might go wrong, things will go wrong and serve to reinforce a tendency to focus on what might go wrong… because it has, in the past, over and over!

But you can also take that immense creative power and use it for your benefit.

By keeping the idea of what you want on your mind, you will be more likely to do what it takes to make that dream a reality. You will also be more attuned to opportunities and the right people when you give your mind a powerful visual command.

The Power of  Visualization

What makes visualization so powerful?

How can using visualization to create your reality possibly happen?

the Power of Visualization

You may have heard people say, “I can’t imagine (riding a 100 miles on my bike, performing on stage, painting a mural, etc. etc.). They are never, ever going to achieve these things because they are not capable of imagining themselves achieving them.

Everything that was ever created or achieved first started as an idea in someone’s mind. Usually in response to some need or some desire, an idea took hold and the person began focusing mental energy on it. The idea built on itself as the mental energy became infused with emotions. This created a massive desire and the person’s mind went into overdrive looking for ways to marry the vision with physical reality.

Ideas of “how” and “when” were generated based on that initial visualization… and this snowballed until… the chair you’re sitting on was designed built; the keyboard on your computer was designed and built; the music on your iPod was written, rehearsed and recorded; your favorite perfume or cologne was crafted…

Every idea you put on paper or read contains a mental image that is a composite of pictures, feelings, imagined sensory experiences, etc. In fact, your mind is creating images right now based on what you are reading here. Right now, you are visualizing!

In fact, you visualize when you worry. We’re all pretty good at that one, aren’t we? You can take that mental ability to visualize the worst case scenario and transform it into a powerful manifesting tool. Once you learn to put the power of visualization to work, you are able to create whatever you desire.

Think about this in terms of your body – every single physical action you take is generated in your mind. Step to the left. Stand up. Pick up a fork. Rub your nose. Before you do any physical action there’s a split-second image in your mind – which may be conscious or subconscious – that signals the body to take a specific action (not ‘step left and wiggle your pinky toe’ – just ‘step left’).

It’s the same with things you want to attract into your life.

The key to success in any venture is creating a mental image of what you want. Elite athletes do this all the time – they visualize themselves flawlessly executing a complex, difficult and strenuous physical action, and this vision of perfection actually has physical consequences. And you can do it too. Here are some essentials for powerful visualizations:

1. Be in love with what you want

You won’t get positive results if you’re not really excited about what you desire. Your emotions are the driving force behind your visualization! Don’t be ho-hum about it. Give your goals your passion. But… don’t become too attached to the outcome because something even better might manifest, in unexpected ways!

the Power of Visualization want

2. Visualize often, for short intense bursts

If you can hold your image for as little as half a minute, you are creating a powerful attraction. (Longer than that is really difficult unless you’re an experienced meditator who is able to shut down the mental chatter). Visualize often and gradually build up to longer, more detailed visualizations.

3. Make your image as detailed as possible

Being too vague is going to give you vague results. It’s okay to be specific with what you want!

4. Believe

This is essential. Don’t put pressure on yourself to believe, especially if it’s a huge dream that has you overwhelmed. Just take the attitude of play, like a little kid. Kids believe 100% in the monsters under the bed. They also believe 100% that they are princesses or pirates.

Have fun with it, and while you’re in that mental movie, immerse yourself in it and believe in it. When you’re not visualizing, and you’ve got any doubts whatsoever, FORGET about thinking of your dream. Let it sink in via your imagination first.

5. Reinforce your images with Tapping and Affirmations

This opens you up to accepting the images in your subconscious mind, where the real “magic” of manifestation occurs as your mind receives a command to seek out what you imagine.

The rule is simple: whatever you can conceive, you can achieve. Follow the steps above, and you’ll come up with and attract amazing ways to make your dreams happen.

Do you believe that you need to work hard to be successful?

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