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3 Foundations To Succeed In Health Coaching

3 Foundations To Succeed In Health Coaching

If we weren’t focused enough on improving our health and well-being before the pandemic started, we sure are now!

Nowadays, more and more people understand the crucial importance of health for living better lives. They are understanding that health and well-being are the foundational elements to living a wealthy and happy life.

And this is creating a growing demand for health coaches, making health coaching a trending new niche for coaches.

But, contrary to what most may think, health coaching is not only about having a better diet and nutrition. It’s also about taking care of our client’s mental and emotional balance.

Here are the 3 foundations you need to become a successful health coach:

1. Be A Great Health Coach

Needless to say, to be a successful health coach, you need a solid health coaching methodology that creates consistent results for your clients.

You need to understand the science and psychology behind nutrition and be able to customize your coaching to each client to meet their needs. 

You must hone your active listening skills, empathizing, and providing helpful feedback. But above all, you have to stay on top of health and nutrition trends, and constantly learn new techniques and tools to keep your methodology updated.

World-class health coaches are always updating their techniques with the most recent data on diets, nutrition, exercises, and habit changes, and so should you.

And remember – you can only take your clients as deep as you go yourself.

Inspire and motivate your clients by being their reference. Serve as their lifestyle model and try your health mechanisms on yourself first.

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2. Know What To Offer

So you’ve approached potential clients, you’ve offered them a free preliminary 20-minute session to understand their needs, and you think they’d be a perfect fit for you.

What’s next?

You have to know what type of packages you will be offering when the time for enrollment comes.

A few questions you can ask yourself as a starting point are these:

  • Do you want to work with clients individually or in groups? Face to face or online?
  • How long are your sessions going to be? Less than an hour or more like 90 minutes?
  • How many clients do you want to work with each month?

Unlike some other coaching niches, it’s almost impossible to create lasting transformation in health coaching with only one session. So make sure you offer long-term coaching packages to ensure there’s enough time to coach your clients through their journey and create results.

And then there’s pricing. 

Let me put it out there and say there’s no “right” way of pricing your coaching packages

Prices will always be changing according to your expertise, authority, and offer. So don’t stress over having the perfect or most attractive price from the get-go. 

You can start by benchmarking your competitors or defining your hourly rate, and then move from there.

3. Be More Than A One-Time Success

Your success as a health coach or any business relies on 2 elements: your reputation and your skills.

Build a powerful reputation from the start by giving your clients the best service they could even dream about. One happy client will most likely go around giving your name, and that’s how you get a loyal client list.

The other element is honing your coaching skills. As a coach, whether it’s health coaching or any coaching niche for that matter, we must continuously improve and keep honing our skills to create better results for our clients.

Although all 3 of these pillars are fundamental to get successful results, make sure you invest enough time and effort in becoming the great health coach you want to be to inspire and guide your clients.

Once this foundation is set, all the other pieces will fall into place easily and you’ll be building your thriving health coaching business in no time.