LIFE-CHANGING: Evolutionary Biology Expert Discovers 1 Secret-Trigger That Helps You Lose 44 lbs

LIFE-CHANGING: Evolutionary Biology Expert Discovers 1 Secret-Trigger That Helps You Lose 44 lbs

Big Food Doesn’t Want You To Know About This

Isn’t that quite the before and after? 

That’s Virginia Kastilio. She’s recognized by Inc Magazine as 1 of 26 Entrepreneurial Women to Change the World.

Within 90 days, she was able to melt away nearly 26 lbs! Without starving herself. Or vigorous exercise.

She studied nutrition from Evolutionary Biology Expert Eric Edmeades.

After 10 years studying the Hadza Bushmen tribe in Africa, Eric stumbled upon a new fat release trigger no one seemed to have heard of before.

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke, Wayne tried it out:

Wayne lost 27 pounds after 13 weeks. And lost a total of 37 pounds shortly after.

Jacqueline Giurleo tried this new fat-release trigger too:

And one participant in Eric’s program, Rolf, saw these outstanding results:

Rolf lost nearly 25 lbs in 3 months with Eric’s help.

I was stunned. 

Hi, I’m Vishen Lakhiani. Founder of Mindvalley.

I’ve seen some impressive systems over the years but I have to admit I was skeptical of these results.

They seemed a little too good to be true…

Despite my skepticism, I watched Eric defend his ideas on stage claiming he can help get anyone to see similar results. 

If you’re struggling with your weight…YOU TOO could lose 44lbs in his 90-day experience. Without starving yourself or rigorous exercise. Thanks to this 1 secret trigger.

The crowd was floored. People were going nuts.

Members were gossiping amongst each other. It all seemed fake to them.

But, Eric knew he could prove them wrong.

He wanted to show people that this 1 secret trigger does exist. And that it’s the key to helping release any fat gain.

The key that helps lose 44 lbs over a 90-day experience.

Now, if you wouldn’t want to lose that much weight so fast, don’t worry. 

You’ll soon see how Eric’s trigger contains a built-in safety catch that naturally self-regulates. 

But before we show you how, let’s talk about how Eric made this possible.

How Eric Made This Discovery

I first met Eric at the Transformational Leadership Council. An exclusive group of America’s top coaches and authors. 

At the time, I was running a business with over 300 employees and raising a family; eating healthy and exercising were the last things on my mind.

That’s why I gained over 20 pounds during the previous year.

And as the founder of Mindvalley, I was ashamed. Especially since it’s my mission to help other people live healthy and extraordinary lives!

But my priority at that moment was to grow the company. And, like so many people, the pounds creeped up on me. 

I was a new member when I showed up to the event. And I noticed there was this one guy called Eric. Everyone loved him.

And people in the group were raving about how Eric changed their lives. 

I saw people greeting each other and going, “Oh my God!   You’ve changed so much! Look at how much weight you’ve dropped!”

It turns out Eric was a member of this group. And he had experimented with this ‘Fat Release Trigger’ on it’s members. 

On the last night of the mastermind, I actually saw Eric get an award from this group for the change he had brought.

And this was no ordinary group of people. These were America’s top teachers, authors, and coaches. 

But just like me, they weren’t paying attention to their bodies or they had simply given up. 

Because like so many people, they’d been lied to and misled by the diet industry and the Big Food companies for decades. 

I went directly to Eric and asked what was going on. 

He explained that for 10 years, he periodically living and studying the Hadza. A tribe of modern hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, South Africa. 

Hunting with them. Understanding their way of life. 

Eric says that in the process of his research, he noticed something fascinating about the Hadza people. 

The men and women were remarkably healthy. Even as they entered old age.

bushman with an arrow

 Their posture is good. Their muscle definition is good. 

They’re healthy. 

But the curious thing was… 

Eric noticed the elder Hadza did NOT do any more exercise than their Western counterparts. 

These guys have never been to a gym in their life. 

And another thing he got from them is they follow their instincts and cravings based on what mother nature is providing. 

They don’t have to use willpower. They don’t think about what they should or shouldn’t eat. 

They eat what’s available to them. Because that’s what mother nature is providing at the time. 

And as the seasons change, the available food changes. 

So they change their habits accordingly.

That’s When He Discovered The Hadza’s ‘Fat Release Trigger’

“There’s no way this is possible!” he thought.

So he kept studying and studying their behavior. 

It was dangerous for him to spend that much time hunting with the tribe. 

But this information was just too good. So he took down a ton of notes and snuck off with all the juicy pages of info. 

As he shared his story with me, I kept thinking of my mission of helping people stay healthy and lose weight.

However, in the event’s bathroom, I took a quick glance at myself in the mirror. 

“Damn, I look like hell.” I thought to myself. 

It was 2 weeks after my 40th birthday and I just accepted it. 

I assumed my ‘dad-bod’ was normal. 

I assumed losing my hair, graying, and having a double chin was normal. 

And realized that I needed to fix my own weight problems before I could help others.

Looking back at his notes, I knew I had to do something with this.

So I Put It To The Test

Eric had already seen amazing results putting this New Fat Release Trigger to use. 

So I asked Eric. “How can I be part of this program? I really want to experience this..” 

And Eric signed me up for the next class he was doing.

Notice how my face looks here. (You’ll understand why in a moment.)

The Fat Release Trigger was pretty simple. Eric had spent years doing all the research we needed.

And after years of blood, sweat, tears…trial, and error…

…Eric had created the perfect combination of ancient nutritional wisdom and behavioral change dynamics. 

This was all necessary to give this Fat Release Trigger a try.

And I tried it on myself first. 

This is what I looked like after 9 weeks. I dropped from 22% body fat to 15% body fat.

My face completely transformed.

The extra fat I had started burning away as if my body just didn’t want it anymore. 

I felt as if the fat was just melting off me.

Now you’re probably wondering…

…How Does the Fat Release Trigger Work?

As Eric watched the Hazda live through different seasons, he began to notice patterns 

In one season, they’re eating a lot of root vegetables and ripening fruits on trees. In that season, he saw their bodies behave a certain way. 

Their pancreas was processing all that sugar.

But when they moved out of that season into spring.

Where there aren’t root vegetables so available, and there’s no fruit on the trees

Their pancreas changes jobs. 

Now Eric didn’t learn that from them. He saw the behavior in them. And when he started doing the research, he found the pancreas handles both of those two jobs. 

But the average person in America doesn’t let their pancreas do those two jobs.

Most people live in a constant carb-processing world.

 where their pancreas only ever does one job. 

But what Eric began to recognize is…

cavemen surviving winter

Because we evolved to survive and thrive through specific seasons….

We’ve gained certain body functions we can turn on and off. Regardless of what day it is on the calendar.

For example…

 There’s a season that’s really good for gaining weight.  And there’s a season that’s really good for losing weight.

And when you learn how to trigger those seasons interanlly you can achieve your health goals.

A nice way to think about it is when you are in fall mode…

What you’re doing is convincing your body that winter is coming.

So you’ll want to store fat in fall mode. Your body knows to store fat.
When you flip into spring mode, your body knows to release weight.

And I began to recognize that using this Fat Release Trigger. You can flip your body into different modes.

You can decide…

 “I’m going to put my body into spring mode.” and BOOM you drop weight.

So  before we get into some of the techniques to flip the Fat Release Trigger…

….I first have to educate you….

Or rather uneducate you….

On some of the lies Big Food has programmed into you since you were a child…

 with their billion-dollar marketing budgets.

…Exercise is NOT the Solution to Weight Loss

The first myth is exercise being a good solution to weight loss. 

This is a really serious and dangerous myth.

In order to understand it…

Let’s go back to its origins.

Where a bunch of soft drink companies recognized that people were getting afraid of calories… and didn’t want to keep buying their drinks.

So they decided to create campaigns that said no, no, no. You can keep sucking back on our calories…

As long as you run fast enough and far enough.

That’s where the myth came from. 

And the trouble is, like with any good myth,.

It’s just the slightest bit true. 

In theory, if you burned enough calories, you could lose weight.

But in practice, it’s not an effective method.

For one, most people are malnourished from eating over-processed junk foods to begin with.

And then they try to run away from the calories…

…and end up causing themselves all kinds of health consequences.

In a recent study popularized by Vox. Scientists found that as much as 80-90% of your body weight is determined by the food you eat.

Not exercise.

In fact, check out this graph. 

This graphic shows a fascinating occurrence.

If you weigh 200 pounds and you want to lose weight…

And started jogging for 60 minutes, four times per week…

Guess how much weight you would lose after 30 days?

When I asked that, most people said. Maybe you’ll lose 30lbs or 40lbs.

Turns out, you will lose only about 5 pounds.

That’s negligible.

That’s how ineffective exercise is as a means of losing weight.

But the reason we believe that is because big food companies led by Coca-Cola and Nestle pushed the exercise myth….

Because they want you eating as much of their crap as you can.

STOP!!! Please Do NOT Exercise

For many people intensive exercise is stressful.

And stress creates cortisol, which causes you to retain weight.

So in a total ironic twist, here you are trying to out run those calories…
But what you’re really doing is raising cortisol levels to keep fat on longer.

One of the things I’ve found in my food activism work is that many food companies do the following:

They basically add sugar to make you eat more. And then, they suggest that the solution to you putting on fat is to exercise.

Then they publish studies saying that, no no no no. Sugar has nothing to do with weight gain.

It’s all about exercise. 

On the front page of Google, there’s a study that says, “No correlation found between sugar and weight gain.” 

But guess who funds the study?
If you scroll all the way down below, you will see that the very study is funded by,

Get this…

Pepsi-Co and Weight Watchers.

Both those companies in cahoots. Saying…

Eat more of our horrible, poisonous sugar-laden products…

And then spend money joining this vigorous exercise program that doesn’t actually work.
Both of them in cahoots.

This Is Why Obesity is On the Rise

If you look at the statistics, diabetes is on the rise.

Obesity is on the rise.

Or Dia-besity as Dr. Mark Hyman calls it. The combination of the two.

It’s a broken system and billion-dollar companies are incentivized to keep you clueless.

And it’s all at the root of food.

I don’t think the food industry intended to do this. 

They just intended to boost their profits, but the side effect is we get sick. 

Diets Don’t Work 

And there’s another insidious lie that’s caused so much stress and pain for people.

The diet industry….

In one study, only 1% of people who actually go on a diet, see results….

One percent. 

But if people go through so much pain and spend so much money to go on a diet. …

Why don’t diets work?

Eric says it’s because they start with an immediately bad idea…

Then follow up with a bunch of more bad ideas.

It starts with the idea that you need to make some changes for a short period of time. Right?

You go on a diet. It’s a temporary thing.

Well right off the bat, that’s an incredibly bad foundation for actually changing somebody’s health. 

Then on top of that, they do things like tell you to buy a bunch of expensive supplements…

Count your calories…

Or you need to exercise your way through the process.

Myth after myth after myth.

And here’s why they really don’t work.

They damage your self-esteem. They give you a bunch of impossible results to follow. 

Then ask you to use your willpower to follow them. And then by day three or day four, you’re snacking.

You’re cheating a little bit here and there.

And then your self-esteem is down a little bit.

Then you have guilt or resentment. And go for sugar. 

And the cycle begins. Or continues for most.

The diet industry is based on an incredibly bad idea followed by bad science.

Most of which was funded by the food industry in the first place.

I was skeptical when I first heard this.

So I decided to research and found one interesting article.

A scientist had researched the results of the hit TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’.

What he found is that the people who get on the Biggest Loser. 

Go through these vigorous diets and they lose weight at the end.

But within a few months, They put back on that weight. 

80% of them regained most of the body weight that they’d lost.

Calories Don’t Matter 

Calories are false accounting. 

The kind of accounting that’ll make a company go broke. 

Food companies treat calories like they’re a thing. 

No. It’s a measurement. 

A calorie that you gain from trans fats…

…is different from a calorie you might gain from saturated fats…

Which is different from the calories we might gain from sugar. 

There’s all these different types of calories. 

 Yet what most people don’t realize is that food doesn’t just give us nutrients, energy, fiber….

It also communicates with us. 

Food sends out messages to your body.
So you can eat a very low-calorie thing. But if it’s carbohydrate-based, it’s communicating with you to store fat.

One calorie tells your body to store fat.

The other calorie says to release fat.
So counting calories is completely useless. 

I had difficulty believing this because I was brainwashed to believe that counting calories was a thing.

I even had apps on my phone to help me count calories.

Then when Eric suggested that it was all made up, I decided to interview a couple of America’s top Health Experts. 

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof validated it. 

Calories don’t exist.
JJ Virgin. Another top American Nutritionist said it’s absolute rubbish.

Just stop counting calories. 

What I can tell you, with all the transformations on this page, 

nobody gives a damn about calories and people get astounding results. 

The next time you see an app or book saying you need to count calories or keep track of them. 

Just throw that one out. They Immediately don’t understand and are not going to get you results. 

The Worse You Feel, The More You Eat

Everybody knows you are what you eat. 

The food we eat makes up our physical body. 

But the thing most people don’t recognize is your food is also your mood.. 

People will go eat something cause they think it’ll make them feel better…

It might… for four minutes…

But then it will make you feel worse. 

And that’s how the food corporations make their money. 

Because when you feel worse, you’ll eat more of that food.

And the cycle continues.

So it’s important to remember. Yes, we eat food for nutrition and energy…

But we also eat food for our sense of happiness and wellbeing. 

The question is, are you eating for short-term happiness? Or long-term?

That’s where Behavioral Change Dynamics comes in. 

Behavioral change dynamics is designed to change your relationship with food. 

So you stop craving and unbrainwash yourself from the programming implanted into you from the time you were a child.

To stop eating things that make food companies wealthy, but actually make you sicker.

We’re going to teach you some of the techniques in a moment. 

But first, I want to address some of you who might have given up on your health. 

As there are 5 common questions I get.

1)I’ve failed at diets before. How is this different?

I get upset when people say that to me. And not to them. 

I get upset at the fact that they’ve been let down again and again. 

Thousands of people have done Eric’s program from all over the world. 

And every single time he hears, “I had given up. I had promised I’d never do another one. I am so glad I gave this one a chance. It works.” 

Don’t worry.

Even if you have a slow metabolism. Even if you’ve struggled to lose weight all your life. Or even if just want to drop lots of fat before a big wedding or event coming up.

The New Fat Release Trigger helps handle that.

Take Gerald for example.

In his 60s, he was someone who struggled with a slow metabolism and sugar addiction all his life. He’s an easy weight gainer.

However, when he tried this New Fat Release Trigger, his metabolism got so fast. Now he has gained food freedom for the rest of his life!

Look at Gerald go down from 228 pounds to 178 pounds within 10.5 months:

And there’s also Gerry, 57, who was overweight most of her life. She too had a slow metabolism.

Once she followed the New Fat Release Trigger, she was able to release almost 22 pounds and 14 inches overall.

And her Neurological Pain went away within one week! 

Talk about a transformation!

2) Do I have to take supplements or some kind of ancillary food product? 

If you decide to go deeper, Eric discusses what kind of supplements you might need. 

But we are not here to sell.

And in truth, if you follow the program, you won’t need any. In fact most clients, when surveyed, found that they had saved over $500 a year. And that adds up over a lifetime. 

3) Is this going to involve a lot of exercise? 

No. From week one, you’re told please not do a lot of exercise.

Eric will tell people they can do a limited amount of intentional movement if they want. But there’s no requirement to exercise.

4) Is this going to be hard and restrictive? Because I don’t know if I have the discipline. 

A lot of people ask this. 

You may have done a program in the past that has damaged your self-esteem.

Giving you a set of rules. 

Rules you can’t possibly follow. 

You start to slip a little bit here and there. Then damage your self-esteem. 

Eric’s program is constructed on the basis of incremental lifestyle transformation. 

It’s a key principle of behavioral change dynamics called Minimum Opportunities to Fail. 

You’re making small incremental changes. 

If you try to just go straight to the end, it’s going to be tough. 

But week one, week two, builds you up using really interesting psychology. 

So changing your habits becomes so natural and so easy. 

And everyone is doing this as a community. 

5) I’m a vegetarian. Does this apply to me? 

Eric’s program is comprised of two things. 

Nutritional education and behavioral transformation. 

People can take or leave what they want from the nutritional piece. 

So for example he might recommend that there’s a certain type of protein that you can get from eggs. But if you don’t want to eat eggs, you don’t have to.

The behavioral change aspect of it. The psychology part will work for anybody who’s trying to change their relationship with food. 

Hence why Eric has many vegetarian clients. 

Your Body WANTS to Be Healthy

A health transformation is based on the idea that your body wants to be healthy. 

What may be happening is your environment is making health difficult for you. 

Overstressed work, mold in the house, that kind of stuff. 

So our job is to make sure we create the best possible environment around us to be healthy. 

Imagine you and I are going to go on a long drive together. 

We take the car in and make sure it’s got the right gas. It’s got the right oil. It’s got the right brake fluid. 

Making sure all its needs are being met so we don’t break down on the way. 

That’s how we need to look at our bodies. 

If we want our bodies to operate optimally. 

We’ve got to give it all its needs. 

Today you’re going to learn the 8 physical needs of the body. 

Pay attention as they are in order of priority and urgency first. 

Need #1 – Air 

So of course the number 1 need of the body is air. 

Now it’s not actually air, it’s oxygen. 

So a lot of people go, “Wait, why do you need to tell me that I’m breathing?”
The problem is, most of us are breathing in a way that generates stress. 

We’re breathing in a way that prey animals breathe. 

Quietly, shallow, in the top of our lungs. 

Breathing that way is called Prey Breathing so predators can’t hear you. 

And what you really need to do at least several times a day….

Is a form of breathing that causes you to fill your entire lungs. 

5×5 breathing (I’ll get there in a moment) or Wim Hof breathing. 

Any number of those deep breathing exercises.

Because when you breathe deeply like that….

You tell every cell in your body that you are safe. 

And you reduce your cortisol production. 

It’s not just about the oxygen. 

It’s about what you’re communicating to the body. 

Need #2 – Water 

Again, most people are like, “Yeah, but I drink enough” 

Yeah, but they’re drinking things like coffee, coke, milk. 

None of which are water. 

We need to take water into our body to be hydrated. 

We are mostly water. Our brain is mostly water. 

Your bodies use water as a communication method. It’s an electrolyte. 

We need to communicate with electrical signals. 

We need to be well hydrated. 

We need water to speak. 

What kind of water? The wet kind. 

You might not want to be drinking out a dirty tap.
Just make sure it’s as natural as possible. Mineral water. Glacial. Run off. Or tap water in countries with a good filtration system. 

Need #3 – Sleep 

People always go, what about food? When’s food going to come? 

Well, wait a minute. You can live without air for a few minutes. 

You can live without water for a couple of days. 

But you can live without food for weeks. 

Just ask the C.I.A. about sleep. If they want to get some information from you…
Just deny you sleep for three days. It’s way better than waterboarding. 

You’ve got to have sleep. All the science is clear on this.

Sleep is imperative to mental health. 

Sleep is imperative to weight loss.

You lose weight while you sleep. 

You literally breathe the fat out while you are sleeping. 

So if you’re not sleeping properly, you’re causing all kinds of issues. 

On top of that, your body does cellular repair. 

It does the repair work while you are asleep. 

So it’s really important for your mind and body that you get enough sleep. 

How do we do that?

  • We make sure that we’re in a nice dark room. 
  • Maybe not cool temperature. 
  • We turn off our screens two hours before we go to bed 
  • And a few more ideas coming up

Need #4 – Fuel 

Now most of us are getting plenty of fuel. 

We’re just getting the wrong kind. 

So it’s a matter of improving the quality of fuel we’re putting in. 

And using the ‘Fat Release Trigger’ to switch your engine. 

Let me explain. 

You can eat sugar and your body can burn it. 

You can eat fat and your body can burn it. 

You can eat protein and your body can burn it. 

We can turn all those things into energy.  We’ve evolved to do that. 

But when we live predominantly on sugar, like most people do…

Their moods will be up and down. 

Their blood sugar will be up and down. 

Their immune system will be up and down. 

It’s not an ideal way to live. 

So what we want to do is make sure that we’re putting in really good quality fats…

And that we live a lifestyle that trains our body to be able to burn both fat and sugar. 

The problem is, most people are stuck in a single mode.

So when we talk about the 4th need, it’s not only improving the quality of the fuel that we take in. 

It’s also a matter of flipping the ‘Fat Release Trigger’ so that we burn the right fuel. 

Need #5 – Physical Movement  

Now this may seem obvious. We have to move. 

If you don’t use it, you lose it. 

You’ve got to move to keep your muscle density. 

Strength training is important for:

  • Improved Muscle density 
  • Improved Metabolic Health
  • Improved Immune Response 
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health 

You have to make sure your heart and lungs are good. 

And you need flexibility. 

What is getting old if not just simply losing flexibility? 

But here’s the thing most people don’t understand about movement. 

You have a heart and you have a diaphragm. 

Those are pumps. And they pump oxygen basically around your system through blood. Because it’s urgent that you do that. 

You can only survive minutes without it. 

But lymphatic fluid is not urgent. It’s only important. 

You must circulate your lymphatic fluid around your body. 

But because it’s not urgent, we don’t have a pump. 

Our movement is the pump. 

We need to move our bodies around to move lymphatic fluid around because lymph cleans our cells. 

So movement is important for more than just physical fitness. 

It’s also important for cleansing the body. 

Need #6 – Sunlight 

I don’t know what happened in 1962 when suddenly the sun became evil. 

Actually, I know exactly what happened. 

Some sunblock manufacturing company decided that they could frighten the hell out of us about the sun. 

And cause us to lather ourselves up with their sunscreen. 

Let me be very clear. If you are a light-skinned person you may well burn. 

It’s dangerous for you to get too much sun. 

But if you’re not going outside often, you are not going to get enough sun. 

We have got to have sunlight. Why? 

Because it’s incredibly good for your immune system. 

It helps you create Vitamin D. 

And much of the research that came out after COVID says…

the people who are far more likely to pass away from COVID were massively vitamin D deficient. 

So Vitamin D is incredibly important.

Yet it’s not something you can readily eat to take in.

It’s something your body makes. 

And you make it through exposing yourself to the sun. 

Need #7 – Non-Energy Nutrients 

So we eat food for fuel, right?

We also eat fuel for building blocks. 

There are 13 essential vitamins that we have to get. (Actually 16 depending on how you measure the minerals that you need)

Then there are 20 amino acids that we need. 

11 of those amino acids we can make ourselves. 

But we can’t make the other nine. 

We need to eat them. 

Here’s what happens if you get this wrong…

Let’s say we put somebody on the perfect diet. 

All the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and everything else they need. 

But we removed the Vitamin-C. 

They will still get skin sores. They will develop scurvy. And they will die because they were missing that one really important vitamin. 

So it’s really important that we get those non-energy nutrients. 

Need #8 – Physical Touch & Community

The research on this is really clear. 

We know that if you take an infant away from their parents…

And they don’t get a lot of connection. 

There are all kinds of “failure-to-thrive” issues that come up. 

But the study that really put Eric onto this was Chimpanzees. 

You know how they’re always picking at each other’s backs? 

They are only allowed to do that to a chimp that’s equal or greater in social rank to them. 

So the lowest ranking Chimpanzees in the troop do not get that affection. 

They do not get that connection and they live the shortest lives. 

It’s sort of a Darwinian way of making sure they don’t pass on their bad genes. 

So it’s really important for us that we have a strong community around us and that we get enough physical touch in our lives. 

Holding hands. Hugs. And other physical touch. 

Just go back to the African Proverb.

“If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together.” 

Now let me explain what it means to…

Flip the ‘Fat Release Trigger’ From Sugar Burning to Fat Burning 

One of the things I noticed from Eric’s program was the way my body operated had changed. 

I had flipped my engine from a sugar-burning engine to a fat-burning engine. 

Eric explains one way to think of it is that these are two different fuel sources. 

Sugar is a hot, fast-burning fuel source. 

You eat some sugar, you instantly feel good, and you’ve got a peak of energy. 

But when that energy is gone, it’s gone. 

To run a marathon, for example, it takes something like 1700 calories. 

And the average person holds about 2,500 calories worth of sugar in their blood. Blood sugar. 

That’s why at about 17 miles into the marathon, they hit the wall. 

They can’t run any further because they’re sugar burning. 

Nowadays, the ultra marathoners have all figured this out. 

You can run on fat. 

You train your body to burn fat rather than sugar and you can run multiple marathons in a row. 

Because you’re getting the energy from your existing fat stores. 

Now while we have 2,500 calories of blood sugar. 

We have around 250,000 calories of fat on our bodies at all times. 

The way to think of it is like your fat is a long-term deposit. 

It’s put there for a rainy day. So sometimes your body needs to be convinced.

Almost like the bank manager needs to be convinced to let you get the long-term deposit out. 

Your body’s a bit like, “Well I’ve been storing this fat for the winter. I need to hold onto it a while. And you need to convince me that winter is not coming and that I’m allowed to use this energy.”

When you do, you’re able to get this smooth running energy. 

Suddenly sleep is better. 

There’s no crash at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 

You are retraining your body to burn fat rather than sugar. 

So the extra fat that you have around starts burning away. 

Just check out these pictures across several weeks.

“I was a foodie and I loved food and ate to feel good. Emotional eater

The honesty in Eric’s YouTube videos. I connected to that. The Expose of the Food Industry by Eric was definitely an Aha moment. There was no going back after that.

I lost 25 pounds of weight. Went off all my medications. Have amazing energy levels. Looking great and got me new clothes.” 

Patricia lost an incredible 40lbs (18kg) and she’s just 4lbs shy of her high school weight.

And you too can block fat gain and lose lots of weight in just a few months’ time.

Just like Madilyn Lee Smith. Not only did she lose 20lbs (9kg), she found her acne had cleared up and her energy levels went through the roof!

Imagine being able to fit into that suit or dress you haven’t worn in years. Or what it’d be like to look slim and fit in all your new pictures.

Why Do We Have 2 Fuel Sources? 

Eric says we have two fuel sources because our ancestors had to live through different seasons. 

Like we talked about before. If you have a season where there’s a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods.

Root vegetables, berries, honey, that sort of stuff. 

The body’s going to say, 

“Well, I’ve got this sugar. It’s readily available.” 

So the pancreas says, “Let’s produce insulin. And we’re going to take that sugar, and we’re going to have instant access to it.”

So you’re eating it and you’re burning it. 

Eating it. Burning it. 

But if you eat more than you can burn… Then what’s your body do? 

Well it says, I’ll store some. 

And that’s good timing because if there’s a lot of root vegetables and berries on the trees, what do we know is coming next? 



So it’s really good timing that our body learned this trick. 

So we burn the sugar we can. 

But the extra sugar we store in our muscles as glycogen. 

And we store in our bodies as fat. 

And so if we continue eating those foods, we continue triggering fat gain. 

But when the winter is over and we’ve survived it.


Our bodies want to put the fat down. 

Annelea  released 33lbs (15kg) of excess weight

It wants to release it. Why does it want to carry this weight around? 

Your body wants to flip the ‘Fat Release Trigger’…

So you can switch from sugar burning mode. To fat burning mode. And finally burn the winter fat off. 

Once you start understanding these things. It becomes so easy to stay in shape. 

You keep energy high and keep cravings at bay so you don’t put on weight again. 

The ‘Fat Release Trigger’ can help make all your weight loss dreams come true.

And don’t worry…

Eric told me something else that really helped: 

Your Weight Problems Are NOT Your Fault

When he first said this I was confused; of course it was my fault. 

I ate the food. I let this happen. 

But then he explained it to me…

The food manufacturers are only interested in profits…

….and they increase those profits by reducing the cost of producing food and manipulating people to eat as much food as possible. 

When I dug deeper into the research behind sugar, I found out some shocking news.

There are wealthy scientists who are part of the Big Food Inner Circle. Coca-Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo, Weight-Watchers. 

And they fund a great deal of the studies and experiments saying that sugar has nothing to do with weight gain. 

The scientist’s legacy and livelihood depend upon funding from Big Food. 

And guess what? 

They’ve been brainwashing us since we were kids. Lies. Deceit. Spreading this misinformation all over the world. 

Boosting their profits at the price of our sickness. 

Yet thanks to Eric’s work and risk-taking, you can now experience the benefits of the New Fat Release Trigger.

You’re one the first of the public to hear this great news.

In fact, one of the things Eric said that really stuck with me is…

People Don’t Fail Diets. Diets Fail People.

You’ll never need another weight loss plan again.


When Eric found out about this New Fat Release Trigger, we had to develop some way for people to get access .

His research led Eric to the discovery of this ONE simple system. 

The system makes the New Fat Release Trigger accessible to anyone. 

And can help you lose 44 pounds over a 90-day experience.

Just imagine this…

…never experiencing a yoyo diet again. This is your forever diet solution (because this isn’t a diet).

You’ll only see slimmer days from now on.

But you better hurry, because we can only promise this very special price for today only.

Imagine if you were able to get access before the current sale shuts down?

You could fit into those jeans you haven’t worn in years.

You could eat some of your favorite foods again…

…and not have to worry about your weight.

And you’ll just be a happier, skinnier you!

But why do we want to produce this program?

I Want Others to Experience Similar Success

For the record…

I am not doing this for the money.

We just want to help people lose weight like I did. 

It’s Eric’s life’s purpose as a nutrition-focused evolutionary biology expert.

Every single diet out there – Atkins… keto… vegan…

…and I’ve done every workout craze like CrossFit, Zumba, Orange Theory…

…But none of them worked long-term for me. 

We needed to come up with something that works for the rest of my life.

And for YOUR entire life.

Soon you too can see weight loss results. That you’ve never seen before.

No need to starve yourself. Or limit how much to eat.

No need for exercise. And forget about calories.

Just imagine seeing your slimmer self in the mirror.


What Exactly Is This System?

It’s called WILDFIT

And it helps give your body the jump start needed to send the New Fat Release Trigger signals to your body. 

Helping flip your body from a sugar-burning engine to a fat-burning machine for incredible energy and incredible health,

Preventing continual fat gain.

And telling the body it’s finally safe to release the weight. 

This helps make your body a fat-burning furnace.

The WILDFIT program flips your body into “spring mode”. Making it safe to drop the weight. 

After my transformation, we got over 100 people at Mindvalley to try it.  

The results just utterly blew our minds. 

Over 90% of participants saw results on WILDFIT

..and the best part?

You don’t need to exercise to achieve these results.

Check out these three women. 

This woman, Norah, tried WILDFIT and achieved 30lbs weight release and 24 inches reduced around her body.

This woman, Elizabeth Matheson, who used WILDFIT

…also dropped 30 pounds and was taken off high blood pressure medication. Her bloodwork came back her best ever.

This super mom of six may just hold the record for the highest weight loss from WILDFIT.

Released 65lbs in 90 days. All while homeschooling her six children.

What I’ve learned after studying Eric’s findings is:

Photo by Kersti Niglas

“The WILDFIT Program Eric discovered is revolutionary. It’s not easy but it’s simple. And you have the fastest weight loss results without starving or following a complicated exercise plan. No side effects too. Highly recommended.”

Say goodbye to exhausting exercises…to such restrictive diets…

…and say hello to a happier, easier weight of losing weight.

But you might be wondering how you get your hands on this system.

It’s simple!


It’s the World’s First No-Diet Diet

WILDFIT is a 90-Day program that draws on evolutionary medicine, behavioral psychology, and nutrition anthropology to permanently reform your relationship with food, and transform how you feel and look.

We’re not going to tell you to starve. 

We’re not going to tell you to diet 

We’re not going to tell you to count calories.

We’re not going to tell you to exercise.  

It’s the most freeing weight loss program in the world. 

And what it does, is help reprogram you to release unhealthy food habits and cravings…

And then replace them with nourishing habits that draw you to the right food for the human body. 

Effortlessly and without struggle.

What’s the by-product? A lifetime of optimal weight and health.

Diane Shepherd said, “I am so inspired by the process. Thanks to Eric and the WILDFIT program, I lost 20 pounds. I am so excited! This is really happening!”

And then there’s Pushpa.

Pushpa says, “I feel at least 20 years younger, as I have soooooo much more energy. Eric just blew my mind!!!! 

I have released 50 pounds and feel absolutely amazing. I am 53 years old and was suffering from constant migraines, acidity, aches & pains and was in bad shape before the program…

All those health issues just seemed to vanish – feel so blessed to have found WILDFIT.”

By the end of 90 days, you may experience a profound transformation in body fat composition, overall weight, skin quality, and general health.

And you’ll definitely notice the change in your relationship with food.

Every day, for 10 to 20 minutes, new WILDFIT students will take a fascinating deep-dive through a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials which provide the exact steps you need to take every single day.

The course is designed in such a way that willpower and motivation won’t be necessary and as long as you follow Eric’s instructions, progress will happen.

Imagine being able to enjoy all the food you love. And not having to exercise…

…to achieve your dream body.

Wearing that swimsuit or trunks on the beach with total confidence.

Because you’re in the best shape of your life.

So losing all this weight fast is great and all…


Is There a Risk of Gaining All the Weight Back?

Brynmore was a yoyo dieter all his life. And he used all the different diets and workout crazes out there.

Nothing would keep his weight down forever.

However, when he took part in WILDFIT’s tests, Brynmore dropped 33 pounds in 90 days:

And he’s now living a vibrant, happy, and healthy life and sleeping the best he has in years!

Calvenn Starre, 40s, was the guy that wore a t-shirt at the pool. 

From start to finish on WILDFIT, Calveen released 28.6 pounds and 17.5 inches. 

His picture really puts things into perspective.

Cecilia, 38, another one of WILDFIT’s testers wrote to us after her weight loss:

“Thanks to the program I released 15 pounds. I now have tools to avoid eating emotionally and learned how to cook and really enjoy healthy natural food! Thank you Eric, all the coaches, and the tribe, I am so happy with my results.”

Here’s a picture of Cecilia’s progress:

If you’re a typical yoyo dieter, you can finally see what it’s like to keep the weight off…

…for good.

Now, you’re probably asking…

What’s Inside the WILDFIT Program?

Part One is all about discovering what the body truly needs.

The first two weeks are the foundation of our future healthy selves. At this stage, we won’t be making any changes or cutting anything out – but rather learning about food and our relationship with it.

This is a crucial part of the process and is where most restrictive diets fall short.

We will also learn about the six human hungers and simple ways to neutralize them. The result is that cravings start subsiding and before long, we realize the usual foods that used to “pull you in” no longer do.

Part Two is when the real magic kicks in as you allow your natural human diet to take over.

For the next 7 weeks, we’ll make gentle, natural changes to our diet. 

Through weekly videos and group coaching sessions, we’ll learn how to make these positive changes in tiny, effortless increments.

By letting the body decide what it needs and making changes to accommodate it, we’re actually allowing the natural human diet to gently take over our lifestyle. 

Suddenly, we’ll realize there’s a day and night difference between what we used to eat and what we are eating now. And there’s absolutely no struggle involved.

During this phase, you’re also likely to see major results like better sleep, increased energy and vitality, improved focus, fewer mood swings, weight correction, and an overall increase in happiness levels.

Again, we’ll have weekly live coaching sessions, and of course access to an entire community going through the exact same journey.

Part Three is all about Releasing Weight Rapidly And Keeping It Off

This phase of the program is all about making sure the changes we just made stay with us for life. 

It’s about making WILDFIT the most desired lifestyle for the rest of our life.

We will learn how to work with seasonal changes in our life and how to use seasonality to deeply integrate the principles of WILDFIT into our life.

And there will be a tribe where we can raise all our concerns and special situations. 

The idea is to equip us with all the tools we need to handle any unique problems that life may throw at us at some point in the future.

We will continue getting better and better results during this phase and our health has only one way to go: UP.

Now considering all of this and more is covered in a complete coaching program over three months, 

And you’re receiving the exact same, in fact, more in-depth, training that Eric used to exclusively share with his high-end business clients.

And considering the efficacy of the transformation, you’re about to undertake…

It’s probably safe to say that this program is pretty expensive. 

Eric’s private one-on-one clients pay upwards of thousands of dollars to receive this system.  

If you were to get this mentorship through him directly… that would be the price. 

Yet Eric and I believe that anyone who wants to improve their health forever should be able to afford too. 

So don’t worry about the price, we’ll get there in a second….

But before we do, I need to make sure you’re aware of something. You’re not just receiving WILDFIT with all the benefits I spoke about included.

This program is coming with an incredible bonus.

New students that enroll today, get 18 LIVE Coaching Sessions with Eric and his team of certified WILDFIT Coaches. 

That’s at least one with your coach every week, and additional calls at strategic points throughout the program.

That’s more than $2000 worth of coaching just there.

But that’s not all…

When you join today, you’ll also get access to a vast library of bonus videos and extended Q&A sessions with Eric himself. 

These take you deeper into a variety of topics not elaborated on in the main program – including Travel Tips, Dairy, Stress, Alcohol, Fasting, and much more (we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself).

Now, this entire package working directly with Eric is as high as 5-figures. 

But like I said, it’s not going to be expensive. It’s not going to be $5,000. 

Or even $2,500. In fact…

I’m going to tear that price into shreds for you. 

And then, I’m going to tear those shreds into smaller shreds.

So hang on a second because I’m still not quite done. 

When you sign up today, you don’t just get the WILDFIT program, you’ll also get access to the WILDFIT Tribe, hosted on Mindvalley’s platform.

The tribe is a community of people just like you, all going through the course together. 

And we’ve consistently had feedback from our students that this support network has been an invaluable resource throughout their WILDFIT journey.

To total it all up. Today you’ll be getting Eric Edmeades’ WILDFIT Program, 18 Live Coaching Sessions with Eric and his team, the bonus video library, and membership to the WILDFIT Tribe.

All for a one-time special price just for today, as a thank you for reading this page. 

So you can finally gain food freedom and create the health, weight, and figure you’ve always wanted and be in control for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is click here to claim this discount today.

Now I want you to understand, 

You don’t have to SAY YES right now.  

Because I know you’re about to experience some literally life-changing results with everything I just mentioned…. 

I’ve got no hesitation in offering you a 15-day risk-free trial…

That means you can explore the program, and if for any reason, you feel it’s not for you, no problem. You don’t even have to contact us.

We’re so confident you’ll like what you see, we even have a one-click refund. 

Just click one button at any time during your trial for a full refund. 

No email, no phone calls, no hassle. 

One of the best things is that once you’ve paid, there’s no sitting around. 

Your Mindvalley account will be created instantly and you’ll have full access to your WILDFIT program.

You’ll have the platform. The community. The technology. 

Watch it on Apple TV… 

Watch on our iPad App. iPhone App, or Android App on your phone

Watch it on Mindvalley home on your desktop as well

Listen to it when you’re on the road. 

We’ve made everything so it’s available in your hands in less than 2 minutes from right now. 

So you can get immediate access to start your health transformation today.

It’s all 100% risk-free. 

When you order right now. 

All you need to do is just click here to get started instantly.

Also before you go. 

Please understand that I can promise that this very special offer on the price is for today only. 

If you leave this page and decide to get this tomorrow…

You’ll be sorry to find out that you’ll have to pay full price on our website. 

I know this program works. 

And so do the tens of thousands of Mindvalley students who have made life-changing transformations simply by taking the very program included in this one-time special offer.

What Are People Saying About WILDFIT?

“WILDFIT has changed my relationship with food. I’ve lost 13 pounds and I can finally fit into all my clothes! It wasn’t just a 3 month program. It was education for a lifetime. 

– Maria Spark, Lithuania

“Thanks to this program, I’ve lost 18 kilos. My skin has cleared up and I’m happy with the way I look and feel. I don’t have the urge to snack on anything throughout the day.”

– Jhanav Lakhiani

“I am down 22 pounds and there aren’t really even words to express my gratitude. Over the last 90 days I met a version of myself I haven’t experienced in over 3 years…disciplined, committed, clear, unwavering, and confident. 


– Jolie Dawn, Kauai, United States

Gareth Davies was always known as the ‘big tech guy’ in the Mindvalley office. After dropping 50.7lbs (23kg), Gareth is now just known as the ‘tall tech guy.’ 😉

“Weight decreased 22 pounds between March 20 and June 15, 2021. Saying ‘Thank you’ seems too small for this GREAT GIFT.”

– Sandra Scheer

With all these raving reviews, you know that…

Eric Did All This Hard Work Because He Cares

He understands what it’s like to have weight problems.

What it’s like to have his weight go up and down all his life.

And now that he has the perfect weight loss formula, he wants as many people out there to get their hands on WILDFIT.

Eric just wants to help people lose weight…

…just like how others lost 44 pounds in 90 days.

Now if you’re still on the fence…

What Do You Have To Lose?

You have 2 choices.

Choice #1…you decide WILDFIT isn’t for you.

That’s fine.

You can leave this page and go on with your life. And stay in the same shape you’re in right now. Stay at the same weight.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Or…choice #2…you can take control of your life and sign up for WILDFIT

…and drop 44 pounds in 90 days.

The choice is yours! If you’re ready to lose all that weight today, click the button below and get WILDFIT!

All I really ask is when you achieve that transformation of yours…

Is to just get in touch. Leave a comment on my Instagram or tag me in a post. Leave a story on our stories platform.

Let me know that we helped you make a change. Because this is what Mindvalley and WILDFIT are really made for. 

So it’s up to you, carry on as you have been…

Or get WILDFIT for life. Right now.

Completely risk-free.

My name is Vishen. This is Mindvalley. And I cannot wait for you to take action and finally achieve the health that you deserve.

Just click here to get started now.
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