3 Families Share the Remarkable Changes They Experienced While Being on Mindvalley’s WILDFIT Quest

3 Families Share the Remarkable Changes They Experienced While Being on Mindvalley’s WILDFIT Quest


Vishen and some Mindvalley employees took the WILDFIT Quest. Learn about their experience and how it went beyond losing fat and reshaping their body.

Vishen Lakhiani, along with several Mindvalley employees and their partners, took the 90-day WILDFIT Quest. This was their experience. It went beyond just losing fat and reshaping the body…

How to Adopt a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Vishen, founder of Mindvalley, got invited to join Eric Edmeades’ WILDFIT Program in March of 2016.

Vishen had just turned 40 and knew that his health and physique were decent but nowhere close to where he’d hoped he’d be. The results he experienced under WILDFIT were so transformative, he asked Eric to bring the program to the Mindvalley platform.

3,000 people have now taken our WILDFIT Quest, including 120 Mindvalley employees and their significant others.

In this video, Vishen, Jason, Crystal, and Gareth, all of whom work at Mindvalley share what they experienced. The stories here are remarkable. Gareth for example dropped 51 pounds and saw his life change dramatically. 

And this was done purely by changing their behavior and attitudes toward food. No exercise.

Many health and fitness trends work against — instead of with — the biology and psychology of human beings.

Watch the video to hear:

  • (1:11) — How WILDFIT permanently shifted three families’ attitudes on aging, nutrition, and fitness:
  • (4:48) — Why WILDFIT can help all of your family members (including kids) adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle;
  • (6:35) — How the special structure of this Quest supports your continued progress towards your health and fitness goals.

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